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The Kennedy Dilemma


Diabolical brotherhood or sinister groups can initiate radical changes in stable governments. 1st example: U.S.A. The Kennedy Assasination.


As far as I see it, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was planned by the communists. In 1963, Kennedy wanted the invasion of Cuba and the Bay of Pigs invasion was already underway. There was a strong rivalry between the U.S.S.R. as represented by Nikita Khrushchev and the U.S. by John Kennedy. Kennedy had to be assassinated because world leadership was already starting to be dominated by the U.S.


It’s sad to see that the investigation of the Kennedy assassination focused on the communist when in fact, it was the handiwork of businessmen up for grabs in profiteering from the spills of war of the Cuban invasion materialized. About $70 billion was cancelled by Kennedy and this hurt the Bush machinery so much. Moreover, JFK promised the return of American servicemen fighting in Vietnam on Christmas of 1963 which meant that the American businessmen earning from armaments production from said war will simply lose its earnings. Kennedy must be assassinated and/or replaced in order that business would be as usual.


JFK although known to be a Catholic led a bohemian lifestyle which catered to the diabolical. Three of his girlfriends nearly Jane Manefield, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marilyn Monroe were high priestesses of the Church of Satan as initiated by Anton La Voy, himself. His friends Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. were all related to the MAFIA. Kennedy himself relished this company in spite of their ties with the criminal underworld. Kennedy himself is involved in nude booze parties which included the white House pool. Sammy Davis Jr. himself is a High Priest of Satan while Kennedy shared Marilyn Monroe with his brother Robert, who was also assassinated after him and likewise asked the MAFIA girlfriend of Frank Sinatra to become his. Relating himself to MAFIA and the Church of Satan, JFK was asking for it.


Robert Kennedy himself accused Lyndon Baines Johnson why he had his brother killed. Caroline Kennedy upon the death of Jacqueline Kennedy divulged tapes wherein the former first lady assured LBJ as the one responsible for JFK’s death.

JFK was an Illuminatus by inheritance, but his presidency seems to be not in keeping with the Illuminati plans of war and world domination, that is why interested people were lured to plan his death.

But we say: 

That just as the 800-page Warren Commission (more than a thousand with appendixes) Report says it was a conspiracy, we believe the same to be true. However, this report although already overdue in being made public for some good reasons (i.e. some of those implicated may still be alive or are still in power) has already given a great clue: a conspiracy, indeed. 

More than what is already revealed above, JFK would not just be a communist target, for he has already given the Communists some headway by cancelling the Cuban invasion and planning to end American involvement in the Vietnam War. The plan of the frustrated Illuminati and Freemasonry did not fare well in Kennedy’s hand, for they are always instigating wars and the profit from such endeavors. Athou, JFK is still enjoying much of the world’s pleasures as an Illuminatus, he still wanted to become a good American President. Moreover, while enjoying his role as the most legitimately powerful man in the world as U.S. president, he still wanted the golden fleece, the greatest power in the MAFIA underworld. The King of Moriah at that time, Aristotle Onassis of course, would not want to share it with him, and so he must be neutralized. Therefore, from the Communists to the Illuminati down to the Mafiosi, these diabolical leaders all wanted his head and so the conspiracy was indeed conceived. Seven days before Kennedy’s assassination, he has promised to divulge a group of people who would like to enslave the Americans. He promised that as long as he is president, he will not allow them to do so. He was threatening them and therefore, he had to be eliminated. Regretfully, although the three teams sent by Bush to Miami were failed by the MAFIA, they succeeded in Dallas and eventually, JFK’s widow, Jacqueline Kennedy had to marry Aristotle Onassis, the King of Mafia’s Moriah and owner of the golden fleece.

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Communion in the Hand


It has been written that receiving the Eucharist by the hand is one of the signs that the church is on its way to apostasy. Catholic dogma teaches the Real Presence of Christ in the Bread that is consecrated during mass and the soul of the devout is given countless blessings whenever he receives the Eucharist.


Historically, speaking as far as we see back in time, communion in the hand had been practiced in the church as early as the fourth century or even as early as the time of our earliest church fathers. As far as we see it, no irreverence is made by the faithful if he receives the sacrament by his hand. Although it is said that only consecrated hands should touch the Sacred Bread, there are indeed exceptional times when lay people are allowed to touch it especially when the church is under persecution.


It is sad to see that so much ado had been raised concerning communion in the hand. Martin Luther and the other Protestant theologians are correct in trying to do away with such superstition. The bread in the mass is only a memorial feast as requested by Jesus Christ. In our modern world no such hassle is necessary since the species being used are simply bread and nothing else. Transubstantation is therefore only a Catholic superstition.


The Herodians are blinded by their addiction to the sciences and arts. The zeal of the faithful dictates that if the Lord said it and so it shall be! A mystery does not need any explanation.


And yet the Jews see Herod as a usurper! Jesus Christ may not be the Messiah yet for the Jews themselves, God’s original chosen people are still waiting for their Savior. Jew or Catholic, the zeal of one’s faith is the seal of his salvation. Let the people of the Book unite under one true Messiah.

But we dare say: 

That though we may be in agreement with some premises mentioned, the truth, the good and beautiful about this sacrament is not only meant as a Memorial that our King orders for His wisdom necessitates its goodness for the devout faithful. Otherwise, He would not have given the instructions. It is for us the Perpetual Sacrifice which sanctifies mankind. His object of salvation and take any attempt to undermine or diminish its greatness as coming from His Adversary, the devil. 

We therefore stop right away in arguing Its Truth through the many miracles made through Its Goodness but rather quote Its Beauty through the saints, e.g. re its conversion during consecration thus. 

“It is not man that causes the things offered to become the Body and the Blood of Christ, but He who was crucified for us, Christ Himself. The priest is in the role of Christ pronounces these words, but their power and grace are God’s. This is my Body, he says, the word transforms the things offered.” – St John Chrysostom 

“Be convinced that it is not what nature has formed, but what the blessing has consecrated. The power of the blessing prevails over that of nature because by the blessing nature itself is changed… Could not Christ’s word which can make from nothing what did not exist, change existing things into what they are not before? It is no less a feat to give things their original nature than to change their nature.” – St. Ambrose 

We are just men, we only need two witness especially coming from the Communion of Saints’ but in fact, the Lord does not need any witnessing. He is the Word and the Truth less we forget. But we know that from the modernist, who is clouded by the smoke of Satan no such logic will prevail as he shuns anything supernatural, blinded to the fact, that the devil who deceived him is in itself supernatural. 

And since we are satisfied that It indeed is the Body of Christ, why should we allow unholiness to touch it? The Protestant theologians precisely would only consider the presence of bread and wine and not the Real Presence. It is obvious who has inspired their teaching so as to contradict His very Word and Witness. 

We just want to remind our fellow Catholics not to fall into such trap of the human mind of the to see is to believe kind. Rather believe and you will see as to paraphrase St. Anselm. 

The focus of the faithful should be on the veracity of the words that define what is held by the priest, “Body of Christ” and not the touch of what is being given. If familiarity indeed breeds contempt so would the touch of bread do the same to someone too weak to trust His word or too proud to convince himself that he is worthy to touch his King. 

The Vatican II illicit orders to remove the communion railings were in fact, attempts to lessen the reverence given to King’s Real Presence as people now just line up standing because kneeling was made impossible. 

In the Philippines, communion in the hand was introduced by French, German and Benelux missionaries who were sent to undermine the Filipino devotion to the Sacred Host. 

During those times there was an attempt to build a global Christian center atop one of the Pinatubo mountains (range). The very provinces where communion in the hand was being introduced namely Pampanga, Bataan and Zambales were greatly affected by lahar flow and ashfall when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. The eruption not only caused worldwide atmospheric status but hastened also the removal of Clark Air Base which was being renegotiated by the shameless Americans to even a period of ten more years much to the disgust of the Corazon Aquino administration. Mysterious indeed are the handiworks of God.

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The Militant Catholic


It is a tradition of a devout Catholic to follow the pastoral guidance of the Pope, for in fact, as Vicar of Christ and speaking as the Spiritual father of the Church, he is infallible.


As far as I see it, the Holy Office of the Pope is the most influential factor in the life of a Catholic faithful and in such exercise, is perceived as infallible. The ontology of such claim rests in the fact that, although being a mortal being, it is possible that his being a mere imperfect being as a man is supplied by Christ Himself who appointed him as Vicar and by the Holy Spirit with sufficient wisdom to be infallible. Such a possibility is also necessary because the Godhead can not possibly abandon the church He established to be prevailed upon by heresy or any teaching coming from the gates of hell. The guidance of the Pope is therefore deemed infallible.


It’s sad to see that although the ontology seems to be logically true, the syllogism may fail in form and substance. We are speaking here about pastoral leadership, or the manner by which a shepherd leads his flock on the way to religious fulfillment. It is therefore by way of a wise shepherd to explore or shorten and more comfortable route for his flock so that they can easily enjoy the pleasures of a greener pasture or the comforts of their corral. The shepherding suggested by the Vatican II is dependent on the confidences of his flock.


And yes, by confidence it means the pleasure of the mystical body itself. Performance of the leader should not be dependent anymore on some traditional legacy. As can be proven historically, a King of Israel does not have to come from the House of David to perform better as a King. David himself did not qualify to build the Temple of God, but Herod as recognized by Imperial Rome, which is legally-recognized authority was able to do so even under Roman rule. Even Christ recognized as a Messiah was not able to build a temple and even used temple built by Herod a faithful Jew should.


And yet the Jews see Herod as a usurper! Jesus Christ may not be the Messiah yet for the Jews themselves, God’s original chosen people are still waiting for their Savior. Jew or Catholic, the zeal of one’s faith is the seal of his salvation. Let the people of the Book unite under one true Messiah.

But we dare say: 

That the fallibility in question is not just a matter of logic nor form or substance. A sound pastoral leadership should be theologically and therefore dogmatically sound. The infallibility of the church is in the doctrine and not on any person. Popes are only instruments, as they are just vicars of the Immutable God. Church dogma or doctrine does not change following the whims of someone leading or those following. Pastoral leadership must depend on God’s teaching because He is The Way. A militant Catholic must not only be militant but also vigilant because God works in mysterious ways and comes like a Thief in the night. The comforts of the flock are subordinate to their safety and there is no other truth than a good shepherd should find other than those of the Good Shepherd because He is the Truth. A good pastoral leader and a good follower (who knows His Voice) no longer looks for another light because the Good Shepherd is the Light. 

There is no shorter or safer route towards the Truth for the narrow and uneasy path of via crucis had already been designated. The Militant Catholic today does not to follow the pope even if he appears to be a good pastoral leader. Truth is never a popularity game and therefore the ballots cast influenced by the St. Gallen Mafia do not count for a vigilant Catholic. Conciliar fathers who imitated Solomon, despite their wisdom, prostituted their faith by tending to pagan and anti-Christian rituals and programs, in the name of ecumenism, should not be followed in their examples. And so it is the pleasure of the mystical body to eliminate the essential sacrifice of the mass to simply transform it into a feast? By God, how could John Paul II make the Code of Cannon Law too relaxed so that other sexual perversions are no longer defined such perverts in the church can now go Scot-free to continue victimizing members of the flock? 

[Please compare 1917 (Pius X) against the 1983 revision] John XXIII violated the instruction of the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, when he opened the sealed Secret of Fatima in 1960 only to pronounce the visionaries of Fatima as doomsday prophets (who may affect the Vatican II Council opening negatively) and tasked the same secret to be kept in oblivion selfishly claiming that it does not refer in anyway to his papacy. 

Francis, having been elected pope through the intervention of the Sankt Gallen Mafia is the implementor of this group’s agenda that is why he conveniently saying that his papacy is focused on being pastoral and not theological. Goodness! Can the shepherding of the Pope even depart from being theological. So, this must be the reason for his pronouncements which undermine belief in the existence of hell (which is part of the Fatima secrets and celibacy and sympathetic to immoral arts. Paul IV himself said that the Vatican II does not claim to pronounce any dogmatic claim but a pastoral orientation to update the church (aggiornamento). Therefore, its pronouncements clearly can be fallible and not binding to any devout catholic. In fact, we can witness that he himself is fallible by handing himself to Satan. This anathema he did to himself when he violated canon law by removing the offices of subdeacon, acolyte, exorcist and porter. In fact also he made himself witness against Vatican II when he said that “through some crack (which first described as mysterious) the smoke of Satan entered the church.” There was no mystery here since he and John XXIII are instrumental in inviting the following protestants as consultants: 1 from the Reformed Community of Taize, 2 Lutherans, 2 Anglicans and 1 Methodist. Small wonder that the practice of ecumenism is abused and the liturgy of the church is radically changed. It was this instance of modernist attack that St. Pius X had been struggling to be avoided in his short but glorious papacy. 

Alright, we may set aside the damning third secret of Fatima but can the Holy Mother be wrong when she prophesied in La Sallette that the papal throne or the highest office of the church will be reached by evil? This is the crisis in the church that we have written in our first installment so we are asked as members of the militant church to be vigilant enough o discern wrong teaching from that which is sound and to really engage the enemy which has entered within. 

They were in a hurry, these modern barbarians, to declare the conciliar fathers as saints so that what they say and do can be considered as good, true and beautiful. And yet for their antiphon they have called on Lucifer, their morning star as the father of Jesus. How blasphemous. 

We would rather stick to our Morning Star, the real Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Can you join us please.

In Factum Others

The Crisis in the Church


It has been written that the reform made by the Vatican II has led to a crisis within the church.


As far as I can see it there is no real crisis within the church today. The changes within the church are inevitable because we live in a modern world. The doomsday prophecies made in the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary seem to be happening only in the minds of pessimistic Catholics. In fact, John XXIII himself alluded to the visionaries of Fatima as “doomsday prophets” and that their predictions do not in anyway refer to his pontificate. Paul VI simply implemented aggiornamento or the updating of the church and although has brought about the winds of change within the church, there is no crisis, which came along especially an apostacy that could be claimed from the top.


It is sad to see that the church which finally opened itself to modern reforms is being challenged by some religious thinkers who are simply traditionalists. Actually what happened was that Vatican II simply paved the way to a pleasant ecumenical exchange between the Catholic church and the other churches for a more harmonious relationship. No less than John Paul II has implemented what Paul VI and his liturgist, Annibale Bugnini, and theologian, Augustin Bea have started. There is indeed a fresh air within the church as the novus ordo priesthood is evolving and the new theology is being practiced. The church has definitely become more responsive to the modern needs of mankind. It does not anymore condemn married priests as those who are remarried nor does it pass judgement on those who are gay or those who have practiced abortion. Today, there is greater active lay participation and even the women are becoming more welcome.


The new liturgy instituted by Cardinal Bugnini and commissioned by Paul VI is more relevant to the people as new art forms adorn the novus ordo missal. There is no more varied music and even interpretation dance and theatre even during mass. Even church architecture conformed to ritual changes such that even the bothersome communion railings are abolished. Even the statues of St. Michael the Archangel is no longer relevant to guard churches since Paul VI has even abolished the office of the exorcist.


But the Roman curia has evolved into a curious Roman circus of sorts with queers, mafiosi bankers, and gays hold sway and paint the way. The city of seven hills is reverting to paganism and Viaticannus, the hill of divining is being resurrected! We should rebel against this wickedness and apostasy!

But we dare say: 

Not even apostasy launched from the top or the hierarchy or for that matter, as we quote, even the gates of Hades can not prevail over the church that Christ has founded. 

Yes, indeed there is an apostasy growing into a monstrous size day by day. On the third secret of Fatima, Silvio Cardinal Oddi said “It has nothing to do with Gorbachev (any contemporary leader). The Blessed Virgin Mother was alerting us against apostasy in the Church.” And on the same subject, the Dominican Mario Luigi Cardinal Ciappi has this to say, “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the church will begin at the top.” 

Disobeying the wishes of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as quoted by Sor Lucia Dos Santos, John XXIII read the contents before 1960 and simply dismissed it as a doomsday prophecy which does not concern his pontificate. He did not want his eager momentum on Vatican II to die a natural death because of a supernatural caution. Modernism indeed abhors any supernatural interference because humanity is it’s new god. Paul’s aggrionamento is the church’s prescription to suicide. He would even admit that by “some crack of smoke of Satan” has entered the church. So much for fresh air. No wonder the mass which is the perpetual sacrifice was simply made into a “feast” presided over by a novus ordo priest and even a farce at that, when theatricals and modern music are employed. Augustin Bea’s novus ordo theology of extreme ecumenism and conscience over dogma has made even popes appear silly. Now, they remove the St. Michael statues and allow Pachamama, the earth goddess to be installed within sacred grounds. They even have to poison Pope John Paul I because of so much love for the blood money laundered in banks. 

Watch out as Pope Francis continues to implement the Freemasonry-Illuminati master plan of Alta Vendita, the marching orders for those who want to destroy the church. 

The first agendum will be to allow divorced and civilly remarried men to receive the sacred host. This would mean that Christ who is actually present in the Eucharist is being turned over again to sinful handlers. 

Second agendum could be the ordination of married men and women. This would mean that the Body of Christ is submitted for judgement by unworthy judges. 

Third agendum, would be the recognition of same sex union since the new concept of theology of conscience alone holds. This would definitely allow the mob to insult the Christ and open Him to torment and scourges. 

Then the agenda will be completed upon which a new church hierarchy will be pleasing to civil governance paving way to a one world religion of the Anti-Christ. This definitely will be the church’s crucifixion to please humanity. 

No wonder Pope Francis would not or could not answer dubias raised by some faithful priests. His silence is more eery than the silence of the lambs. No wonder too that the motto of the Godless French revolution has easily taken root within the Church. Liberty is present under the guise of synodality. Equality is present in subsidiarity. And of course, fraternity is collegiality. There is no such thing as a real pre-eminent pope sovereign among the college of cardinals of the Catholic (Universal) Church. He is only the Bishop of Rome. One among many, who can say mass not only for many but for all

The agenda will be easier to execute. With synodality regional decisions can be made by bishops putting forward the changes the Freemasons have painstakingly worked up in the church. With subsidiarity or the missions of local councils to higher decision-making will reinforce them. And at last with the collegial decision of cardinals of the Bishop of Rome could just give a ministerial approval. Humanity’s godless cause to place man in place of God is achieved using liberty, equality and fraternity.

In Factum Marian Apparition Mariology

Third Secret of Fatima

Scribe: The common knowledge or information circulating concerning something of vital importance.

Pharisee: The shared knowledge or belief system of religious sectarian or denominational positions which project their own bigoted stance on the matter.

Saducee: The shared artistic sophistication and scientific sophistry which project the present pleasure of humanity.

Zealot: The revolutionary expression of rage and disatisfaction of some people concerning the matter at hand.

Herodian: The seemingly beneficial stance of occult and technologically covert diabolical systems.

Conclusion: The stance of the few who recognize the mesianic role of Jesus as King of the Jews: circumcised gentiles or Jewish converts to the real and beautiful practice of Good Christianity.

Topic #1

The Third Secret of Fatima


Those in the media and some in the hierarchy would say: The Third Secret of Fatima had already been divulged as early as the potinficate of John XXIII who is now a canonized saint. The manner by which it was kept hidden by the church hierarchy makes mankind wonder concerning its content. Especially, why has it been kept secret for so long or in fact if it indeed was revealed already, what are its real content?


Those who are established princes of the church and bishop would say: As far as we can see, the secret as already been unravelled. There is no need to sensationalize on its contents because the only reason for its being hidden is because in the 1960s such changes would have cause some uproar in some sectors of the church which are still sensitive to winds of change.


Those who are not happy with church affairs may say: Sad to say, the secret needs to be kept even up to this time because some in the church hierarchy are involved. The winds of change continue to blow and many revelations continue to shock members of the church.


The crimes committed by some clergymen are outrageous! The cardinals and bishops continue to perpetrate these crimes and even the Pope was derelict in his duty as shepherd of the flock. Perpetrators of crime against their fellow priests, women especially nuns and children who were grievously molested should pay for their crimes.

In Conclusion: The militant church member should be aware that there is a resident evil within the church and its influence must have reached the papal throne. In purifying the church which has become so worldly in its attempt to be relevant to modern times, the only possible way is to gradually be liberated from its fatal contagion by returning to its simple and positive origins.


Warriors of God

We may associate warriors as enlisted men, cavaliers, gladiators, and soldiers. But there are unlikely heroes and warriors in history, the saints. A number of them braved the impossible for the glory of God. Their life’s decisions may be insane for today’s knowing-all-but-lacks-wisdom world. 

Saint Augustine said that: “Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure: where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness”. This was the driving force for these warriors of God to have a clear trajectory of finding the kingdom of God. Let’s hear some examples why these warriors of God are very much worth emulating. 

The Power of Obedience 

Obedience may be the mother of all virtue, from the old testament, we can read how the patriarchs and prophets have so much trust in God. Abraham were asked by God to offer his only son. But he did obey. Moses was called by God to free his people from the bondage of Egypt. An almost impossible feat for our understanding, to be asked to demand a reigning power to release its slaves. But he did obey. St. Joseph, foster father to Our Lord Jesus heed the messages of God thru dreams and angels to protect and secure the Holy family from great dangers during the nativity of Jesus. He obeyed and acted fast. 

A good warrior will always follow order from the goodness of his superior. But to receive a message from God or a God-sent messenger is an entirely different level. Take the case of the children of Fatima, Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto with Lucia dos Santos, received the message of Fatima. The three of them have to carry the weight of these messages and put their family in great distress. It was months of anxious wait and judgement the children received from the people around them. 

The deafness of St. Joan of Arc was never a hindrance to follow a voice from heaven to save France and help France’s rightful heir be crowned. Her obedience was inspired, she may be an illiterate 13-year old French peasant girl, but that did not stop her to led an army at 18 to fulfill a message from heaven. 

Bernadette Soubirous was chosen by Our Lady to relay a message for a chapel to be built in Lourdes, France. She obeyed. She had to face humiliations and suspicions at the age of 14. A brave act for a message to be sent out of obedience. Saints Jacinta, Francisco, Lucia*, Joan and Bernadette just barely became teens and yet their obedience were extraordinary. Today’s generation may take it as something impossible and illogical to do. But the Holy Spirit knows the purity of intentions of these chosen children. God was with them. 

(*Lucia dos Santos is yet to be beatified or canonized, but this writer believe that she is with the other children of Fatima in heaven. Our Lady herself said that she would take the other two first, Jacinta and Francisco, a significant point that she would follow when the time comes.) 

Like a true warrior of God, they followed without hesitation, no complaints and no conditions. They accepted the instructions and braved to complete the mission. There were odds and the challenges were very personal. But they took action, that was obedience. 

Brave the Storm 

A good warrior will brave the storm and will never quit. 

In order not to quit one needs to be strong. To be strong means to be brave in order to face the storm and challenges in life’s battle. 

Most saints had shown courageous acts of charity and hope. We can write endless names of saints who bravely fought for their faith and for other people. Many martyrs died and fought emperors who persecuted early Christians. Missionaries, catechists and Christian converts were martyred in their countries for professing their faith. They breathe life in their journey and made a mark for their brave efforts for God. 

St. Ignatius of Loyola’s order of the Jesuits led the Counter-Reformation in the 16th century. He was a soldier who was injured and found the fire to serve God and do missionary work. His order of the Society of Jesus organized Catholic education and missionary work. Fellow Jesuits like St. Francis Xavier evangelized in unfamiliar countries like Japan and India. St. Peter Claver help alleviate the agony of slaves in Cartagena. His apostolate and care for the people were prominent and baptized approximately 300,000 slaves during his ministry. To face the tide against slavery during those times were surely not easy. St Peter Canisius, also a Jesuit, acted like a secret agent as he carry important documents from the Council of Trent. Messengers like Peter from the Catholic church were prevented by aggressive Protestant followers to have these important documents sent. And so he smuggle those decrees to be sent to all of bishops in Europe. 

The order of Jesuits and its holy men and missionaries made sacrifices and endured the struggles to help strengthen the Catholic church and its members. A brave act of love for God to discover unfamiliar territories to preach and do missionary work and education. 

Jan Sobieski, King of Poland saved the whole of Europe from the possible defeat from the Ottomans in the great Battle of Vienna in 1683. It was a desperate situation as no help was coming for Vienna, but King Jan responded with the aid of prayer and pilgrimage to the shrine of Virgin of Czestochowa. He was quick to respond and swept down more than 300,000 Ottomans and successfuly won even with a smaller number of Polish army. Bravely led them to victory and humbly offering the victory to Our Lady. 

Like a true warrior of God, they acted without hesitation, no complaints and no conditions. They knew the odds but they knew the goal was for the greater glory of God. The Lord is with us as written in Deutronomy 31:6, “Do manfully and be of good heart: fear not, nor be ye dismayed at their sight: for the Lord thy God he himself is thy leader, and will not leave thee nor forsake thee.” 

Warrior of Love, Warrior of God 

A warrior always serves a master, a leader or a superior. Its loyalty, dedication and action serves a purpose. Its action comes from his innate kindness that is inspired. There were many saints who have great devotion to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They would even sacrifice their life to protect the Holy Eucharist. 

Take the case of St. Tarcisius, a young boy who offered to take the Holy Eucharist during the Christian persecution of Emperor Valerian. He was suspected by young Roman teens carrying something on his chest. He was stoned and beaten but he remained steadfast protecting the Eucharist to his death. 

San Pedro de Jesus Maldonado of Mexico dedicatedly performed his ministry despite the Christian persecution by his government. He was arrested from his hiding place and was beaten up and fractured his skull. The day before he was almost beaten to death he offered his life to end the Christian persecution but prayed he would be able to receive Communion before his death. San Pedro performed his duty with love and fervor like a true warrior of God. 

“Hear Mass daily; it will prosper the whole day. All your duties will be performed the better for it, and your soul will be stronger to bear its daily cross. The Mass is the most holy act of religion; you can do nothing that can give greater glory to God or be more profitable for your soul than to hear Mass both frequently and devoutly. It is the favorite devotion of the saints.”, a great reminder from St. Peter Julian Eymard. 

He founded the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. His advocacy was to encourage people to frequent Holy Communion. He started working with children in preparing them receive their First Holy Communion, and worked incessantly to bring back people non-practicing Catholics who have lost time to the devotion. St. Peter proved to many with his works and journey as a warrior of God. 

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta embraced the abandoned people. Her Missionaries of Charity took care and served the poorest of the poor. The neglected ones she embraced and dedicated her life to make sure that they feel the love of God. “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”, she said. She was a warrior with great love in her mission that her good deeds were known around the world. 

Just like any warrior, her struggles of realities in helping the poor were many. But her faith was steady, “Do not allow yourselves to be disheartened by any failure as long as you have done your best.”, said the saint. Just like any warrior in battle she fought like a true warrior of love. 

St. Roch, patron saint of plagues and contagious diseases, served many communities in Italy and other plague-stricken areas, curing them by making the sign of the cross. Before that he already gave away his fortune to those in need. The poor and the sick he gave his time and effort to serve and heal them with the grace of God. He was quick to serve even when he himself was stricken with the plague like a true warrior of love. 

Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends, (John 15:13). That is what St. Maximillan Kolbe did in the German death camp in Auschwitz during the Second World War. He was arrested but just like a true sheperd brought solace to his fellow inmates in prison. Until he offered to die in exchange of a stranger, offered the gift of life for another like a true warrior of love. 

Like a true warrior of God, they acted without hesitation, no complaints and no conditions. They spread the gospel of Our Lord with their comforting wisdom and words to their neighbor. St. Benedict once said, “No one should follow what he considers to be good for himself, but rather what seems good for another. Let them put Christ before all else; and may he lead us all to everlasting life.” Their actions and genuine resolutions were acts of a true warrior of love a warrior of God.


How much do we love a departed loved one?

We, Catholics has to be reminded of many things that we already know. 

Our body has a soul and upon death the soul will need to be purified in order to enter heaven. That soul will have to be cleansed in purgatory in order to make sure “… nothing unclean will enter (heaven),” (Revelations 21:27). And by purification it is by means of fire. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1031): The Church gives the name Purgatory to this final purification of the elect, which is entirely different from the punishment of the damned. 606  The Church formulated her doctrine of faith on Purgatory especially at the Councils of Florence and Trent. The tradition of the Church, by reference to certain texts of Scripture, speaks of a cleansing fire: 607. 

Also “The fire of Purgatory is the same as the fire of Hell; the difference between them is that the fire of Purgatory is not everlasting,” said St. John Marie Vianney. A fire that cleanses and consumes. How blazing can a divine soul-purifying-fire can be compared to the material fire we know that can be extinguished here on earth. From the book Thirty Days’ Devotion to the Holy Souls, it was related by St. Peter Damian how even imperfections of saints need to be cleansed by the fire of purgatory. The book also revealed in one instance how a soul before his death, plead for prayer and offer a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from his fellow priest. He suffered for what seemed to be 30 years in the flames of purgatory, when in fact it was barely an hour of his demise. If a fire can actually purify a soul how painful can it be? Can you picture a dear friend or love one suffering from a raging fire at this very moment? They are surely asking for our prayers, to offer them Holy Mass for the repose of their souls. Just how much do we love a departed love one? 

The holy souls in purgatory cannot do acts of reparation for their sins. It’s being cleansed by the divine fire created by God out of His great love for us to purify us. The most loving Father has given us another chance to be worthy of heaven. 1030, All who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven. (CCC) 

Praying for the dead is encouraged by the church for it is written in the Book of 2 Maccabees 12:44-45, “For if he were not expecting that those who had fallen would rise again, it would have been superfluous and foolish to pray for the dead. But if he was looking to the splendid reward that is laid up for those who fall asleep in godliness, it was a holy and pious thought. Therefore, he made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sin.” 

A big dilemma for our Protestant brothers for they do not agree and do not believe in such offering. They removed the Book of Maccabees from the original 73 books of the Bible as they have only 66. But even St. Paul prayed for Onesiphorus who has died, 2 Timothy 1: 17-18. 

“Let us help and commemorate them. If Job’s sons were purified by their fathers sacrifices why would we doubt that our offerings for the dead bring them some consolation? Let us not hesitate to help those who have died and to offer our prayers for them.”, said  St. John Chrysostom. 

Thus, as devout Catholics it is our duty to assist the holy souls in purgatory in order for them to be delivered from the cleansing flames. There are many ways we can help the departed, especially our love ones. The flames is constantly blazing to purify their soul, thus to picture their condition is beyond words. It is a must for us, the living, to free them with our ways as taught by the church and the saints. 

Offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, a rosary prayer, a good deed, sprinkling holy water on the grave, and offering a prayer to the departed whenever we passed by a cemetery, a church or a vision from a dream will help alleviate the sufferings they have. These acts are part of tradition and taught to Catholics to aid the Church Suffering. It will quench their thirst for love and refresh their souls from the torture and pain they have to endure in purgatory. 

Just how much do we love a departed loved one? We love them. And we should free them and join Jesus and Mary with the Church Triumphant, the saints. We can only show our true love and how much we value their memory by always always making the effort to gather all the necessary available grace and sacrifices for the release of their holy souls. 

St. Margaret Mary once said: 

“If only you knew with what great longing these holy souls yearn for relief from their suffering. Ingratitude has never entered Heaven.”

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Defending the Sacred Tradition Part 4 – The Society of St. Pius X

These changes the results of liturgical abuses such as clown mass and pagan rituals enter the church including the Holy Mass. Some priest approves of faithful marrying other religion sect and convert to their religion. Some Priests are not wearing cassock and some nuns often removing their veils. Catechism is no longer available in most of the church today. This is what Archbishop Lefebvre warn us of disorder than becomes a danger to out faith. This is why Pope St. Pius V fixed when there’s a disorder in the church and this is why St. Pius X restore so we can once again worship Christ in the right manner and strengthen our faith. When Archbishop Lefebvre retired as Superior General of Holy Ghost Fathers, he was approached by young French seminarians who are traditionalist. 

Let me pause for a moment to make a note that is not affiliated to the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) or any Traditional Catholic Societies. But we have the same goal to spread and teach the readers about the Sacred Tradition including the Traditional Latin Mass.

When the young seminarians asked the archbishop to teach them according to the Tradition, he was hesitating at first because he is too old to guide them. But after a while, he was convinced because he thinks this is the sign from God. In 1970, he founded the Priestly Society of St. Pius X or SSPX with the permission of Bishop François Charrière, Bishop of Lausanne. It continues the Sacred Tradition, including the Traditional Latin Mass or the Tridentine Mass, which contradicts the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. SSPX becomes a center of controversy as they continue the Sacred Tradition, many people followed and attend their Holy Mass including those who have not agreed with the changes of Vatican II. Because of his old age, He decided to consecrate four bishops of the SSPX, though the Vatican doesn’t want him to continue to consecrate four Bishops. Pope John Paul II condemned this consecration and treat it as schismatic act and they were automatically excommunicated (But the Society of St. Pius X is not excommunicated, only Lefebvre, the archbishops who joined the consecration and the consecrated bishops) 

Did Archbishop Lefebvre and his four bishops commit a schismatic act? The answer is NO. Even though they did not follow the orders of the Pope, archbishop consecrates four bishops to continue the sacred tradition, Archbishop’s act was stated in the canon 1323 no. 4 of the 1983 Code Canon Law “a person who acted coerced by grave fear, even if only relatively grave, or due to necessity or grave inconvenience unless the act is intrinsically evil or tends to the harm of souls”. So, what does the canon stated “tends to the harm of souls?” The teachings of Vatican II are harm to our souls. That is why Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX choose not to follow its teachings. And since they followed the Canon Law, the excommunication of Archbishop Lefebvre and the four bishops are not official or effective. We are now currently living in the End Times and this is where we must strengthen our faith to God as Pope St. Pius V and Pope St. Pius X did in the past and do not be afraid. Because some clergy and ordinary faithful are already following the path that Archbishop Lefebvre started…

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Defending the Sacred Tradition Part 3 – The Vatican II Council and Archbishop Lefebvre

Before the Vatican II Council started, Pope John XXIII pointed Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre as one of the Central Preparatory Commission for the council. Archbishop Lefebvre has a good background and a record in the church. He is a defender of the Catholic Faith and the sacred tradition. He was assigned to draft and prepare the documents for the Second Vatican Council. But after the first session of the council, the drafts were rejected because the council wants to focus on reformation that gives more favor to modernism and for the protestants. Archbishop Lefebvre together with other bishops who rejected the reforms of the Vatican II Council organized a group called “Coetus Internationalis Patrum (International Group of Fathers)” to stop the reformation and to maintain the sacred tradition but ends in a failure. It also results that many clergy disagree with his views, including the Holy Ghost Fathers, a religious congregation where he is a superior general. He resigned as a superior general of the Holy Ghost Fathers because he refused to implement Vatican II Council inspired reforms. 

Why did Archbishop Lefebvre and other archbishops refuse the reformation of the Vatican II Council? Because it is dangerous to our faith. He predicted that this council inspired change will lead to disorder which we are now experiencing today, such as communion in the hand, different versions of the Mass in different places (which Pope St. Pius V changed), liturgical dances and removing the Holy Sacrifice as it slowly becomes an entertainment to the faith full. Second, it gains more favor to the protestants which resulted that our Holy Mass is now similar to the Protestants. Third is that the Council’s ecumenism is where other religions that did not institute by our Lord Jesus Christ is part of the Catholic Church including Paganism. This council inspired is a poison to our faith, and it is sad to see that those people who are not aware of this are now slowly drinking this poison. But God never abandoned us, He loves us very much and the Blessed Virgin Mary will continue to guide us… One year after the resignation of Archbishop Lefebvre from the Holy Ghost Fathers, he was approached by a group of Traditionalist of French Seminary.

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Defending the Sacred Tradition Part 2 – The Modernism and Pope St. Pius X

Modernism may be a good evolution for the mankind but it has a side of evil which the Catholic Church faced during the 20th Century. And modernism also enters the church that affects some of the clergy. The effects of Modernism made a change in the church like the modern music that slowly enters the Holy Mass while the Gregorian Chant slowly fades in different churches. It also makes the Holy Mass look like an orchestra rather than a Holy Sacrifice and some musicians after they played their part will have a chat to each other that bothers the Mass. The the priest will have to wait the music to finish before he continues his activities in the Holy Mass. But what evil does the modernism have? There are good in modernism such as automobiles, because will not have to walk or ride a horse in days or years. Telephones are also good because you don’t have to send a messenger to a far away land and received it after one or two years. Films and music to entertain us if we want to relax. But the evil of modernism that we talk about is against the faith of God. Why it is against the faith of God? Simple, modernism teaches us to love and accept other religions, including those who worshipped false Gods, accepting the teaching of the Protestantism and believe the scientific theory as truth. And mostly, as Protestanism spread and accept modernism, they make the people happy and enjoy while worshipping in God in their which they make fun the Sacred Tradition of having a Holy Sacrifice during the Mass. Many people joined the protestantism because they want to feel good and happy instead of making a sacrifice for God during the Holy Mass. This is what the evil of modernism has, it will cause heresy, danger to the faith and poison to the church. 

The previous Popes may be against Modernism, but there no major act against it. Until one Pope faces the Modernism without hesitation. And that is Pope St. Pius X. When he was elected a Pope in 1903, he fought modernism inside the church as it slowly enters the church. His motto is “To restore all things to Christ”. He restored the Gregorian Chant and brought back the glory of the Holy Mass. He encouraged people to often receive Holy Communion instead receiving it once a year. Because the teaching of protestantism and modernism has spread all over the world, he ordered all the churches around the world to have Catechism to spread the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the apostles and the Catholic Church. Even he acquired enemies and critics, he still faces it and fight the evil of modernism with courage because of his love to God. 

Sadly, his great battle against the evil of modernism was forgotten when the Vatican II Council began, which it embraces modernism and had more concern to protestants that brings heresy instead of the Catholic Faith that has the truth. Let us pray to St. Pius X and to the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us to defend the Sacred Tradition of the Church and asked them to pray for us to God.

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