When Nature Strikes, Who You Gonna Call?

Simon Fe Dolor

Every catholic is taught to pray to God, Mary, the angels and saints in times of great need. To make that plea and help to God’s special saints when nature strikes is an instinct for any devout catholic who knows his’ saints.

Living these days, whichever part of the world you may be, has been challenging for climate change has brought destruction to life and property. Typhoons or hurricanes has become stronger and frequent, storm surges, floodings, wildfires, earthquakes and other natural disasters has brought much stress and troubles to mankind. But every catholic is taught to pray to God, Mary, the angels and saints in times of great need. To make that plea and help to God’s special saints when nature strikes is an instinct for any devout catholic who knows his’ saints.

This article aims to make known and remind catholics and other christians on how in the Holy Catholic Church, God has given special graces on saints to help those in fear and experiencing natural disasters. It is wise to make a prayer for heaven hears a humble and pleading heart. Here are some of the saints that we can call when nature strikes:

St. Christopher. Patron saint on storms and good travels

A martyr in the 3rd century, he is venerated in several christian and catholic churches around the world. In his conversion, he devoted a life of service to God by carrying people on his back to cross a river. One day a child asked him to help to cross the river. He was so surprised that the child was so heavy it was difficult for him to carry and almost lost footing in the strong current by the river. It was the child Jesus, who after crossing revealed that he was heavy because he bears the weight of the world. He was martyred by means of arrow by Roman Emperor Decius for keeping his christian beliefs.

St. Medard. Patron saint for good weather

Bishop of Nyon, he was a well known and honored bishop in the 5th century in France. According to tradition, during his childhood an eagle hovered over him during rain. This is the reason he is believed to protect from good or bad weather from anyone who seeks his assistance.

St. Florian. Patron saint on Fires or Flooding

A holy roman army in the 3rd century, he leads the firefighting brigade other than his military duties. He was investigated by Rome for not enforcing the ban of practice of christian beliefs in his area. As part of the roman religion, he was ordered to sacrifice to the roman gods which he refused. Florian was sentenced to death, to be burned at the stake but he challenged without fear. He was instead executed by drowning in the Enns River with a millstone tied around his neck.

St. Emygdius. Patron saint on earthquakes

A christian bishop venerated in Europe in the 3rd century, a martyr killed during the persecution of Diocletian. He was a pagan who became a christian and was known to have cured many sick in need, tore down pagan altars and converted many to Christianity. Pope Marcellus I made him a bishop and was sent to Ascoli Piceno, a province in Italy. He performed more miracles on his way to Ascoli. The local governer Polymius called on Emygdius and asked him to worship Jupiter and other pagan gods but to no avail. He asked him to take his daughter as his bride, but converted her to christianity instead. The governor was enraged and had him decapitated. A violent earthquake happened in 1703, but Ascoli Pisceno was spared. The city attributed the great miracle to the saint and so he was then invoked against earthquakes. Other cities appointed him as patrons, and honored him by placing statues in his honor. c excess rain, storms, and floods affect us, nature can become the opposite and be extremely humid and dry. But heaven has St. Solange to the rescue.

St. Solange. Patron saint on drought.

A virgin and martyr shepherdess from Bourges, France in the 9th century. She was abducted by a son of a count taken by her beauty, however he struggled as the saint fought and fell from his horse while crossing a stream. He was enraged and beheaded her. According to tradition, she picked up her own head and went to the church of Saint-Martin until she dropped dead there. It became a habit to the locals to have a procession through Bourges to invoke her against drought. There was a field they call “Field of St. Solange.” For she had prayed there. Indeed there are saints ready to assist us when nature exceeds our limit. In our everyday lives we hope for the perfect weather, the right amount of sun or cold when we travel, or enough rain to water our crops and fields. For the storm frequently visited countries there’s St. Christopher. Even an assurance of a good weather for a special day we can ask in prayer ahead to St. Medard. Rainy seasons can flood that streets and driving can be a challenge, but there’s St. Florian. And we can still call him during summers when fire becomes frequent. If we stay focus we can pray to endure a sudden quake to St. Emygdius. We can call one or more of them, like during El Nino drought and heat , but St. Solange and St. Medard can extend a blessing for us to endure the days ahead.

Make it a habit to know more about our friends in heaven. As the Holy Bible says, ask and it shall be given. So lets ask, lets pray, seek help, have faith and believe.

So if nature strikes, you know who you gonna call?

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