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This format tackles controversial issues regarding things that could affect the faith and fate of mankind. Borrowing from the Philippine cultural tradition of duplohan, balagtasan, and the like; Sanhedrin would like to be the site where opposing and similar ideas may be ventilated and rendered as: Scribe, Pharisee, Saducee, Zealot and Herodian.


The common knowledge or information circulating concerning something of vital importance.


The shared knowledge or belief system of religious sectarian or denominational positions which project their own bigoted stance on the matter.


The shared artistic sophistication and scientific sophistry which project the present pleasure of humanity.


The revolutionary expression of rage and disatisfaction of some people concerning the matter at hand.


The seemingly beneficial stance of occult and technologically covert diabolical systems.


The stance of the few who recognize the mesianic role of Jesus as King of the Jews: circumcised gentiles or Jewish converts to the real and beautiful practice of Good Christianity.

Sanhedrin Sermo Articles

It seems that feminism, or what was known before as women’s liberation movement has finally found its niche in American society.

It seems that the Catholic Church is lagging in its bid to modernize itself and be more relevant to the world particularly in the assignment of women clergy compared with other Christian Churches.

It seems that Erich von Däniken, George Tsouakalos and other outer space alien theorists a preponderance of evidence for extraterrestial or actual contacts from different world civilzations.

It would seem that miracles wrought by God concerning the Eucharist is wrath expressed in the violation of His Real Presence and His Holiness.

It seems that priesthood in the Catholic church continues to be subverted.

It seems that for someone who is attracted to Islam there is a need to defer conversion.

It seems that being a man's being gay or being addressed as wife, concubine or female sex partner is part of human culture and civilization.

It seems that new WOKE (world order key element) psychology starts teaching children their rights for them to be more creative in the exercise of their rights as they grow older.

It seems that many Catholic are forced into following the reforms of Vatican Council II and therefore because Catholic clergy are expected to follow their bishops there is no other way but for the Catholic Church to update itself. Why not, perhaps this is for its own good?

The Placement of the Qibla and the Kaaba may prove some alterations in Islam

The alleged archeological locations of the temple presents a controversy in Judaism

Diabolical brotherhood or sinister groups can initiate radical changes in stable governments. 1st example: U.S.A. The Kennedy Assasination.

The Sanhedrin was the forum for the pharisees, who believed in the resurrection and in angels, and the saducees, who are akin to new theories and philosophies. All beliefs and philosophies concerning God and His creation are allowed to be expressed here.

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