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I always wanted to be in. To be in nowadays, as a modernist, is to accuse Christ of anything. Anything at all. And I , someone who has found immortality has found youth, through witchcraft, and filthy wealth as my lasting inheritance. My name is not important for you but I would sure be remembered by those who somehow, for any reason at all, like the modernists, in order to attack Christ, will endeavor to remember. I am the young rich man who has approached Christ and told Him that I follow the commandments. And yet, what did He do, he even insulted me by saying that the rich will have a hard time passing through the eye of the needle. Goodness, after following all the commandments, this is all I would get. For some, Jesus, the rabbi may be such a gentle person but even more than 2,000 years ago, all I have in my recollection is the pain of being rejected. For how would you feel if someone tells you to leave all your riches behind in order that I could follow Him.

No mystery about but it just a given, n=2 for Tango, the world-famous ballroom dance which started from the streets of Buenos Aires. It is believed to have started in the tambo, or the gathering of poor people from the slums near the silvery Rio Plata where they made music and dance and thus, in the tambo developed the Tango. It would help much the Filipino reader to consider the native broom which was taken from the gathering of tambo reeds and binding them together.

In 1948, a series of apparitions was alleged to have taken place in the Carmel Community in Lipa, Batangas by Our Lady, identifying herself as the Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace to Sister Teresita Lat Castillo, a 21-year-old Carmelite postulant. Sister Teresing as she is commonly called escaped from her home of convenience where she was being groomed to be pianist by her well-to-do parents to join the Carmelite community in Lipa.

Have it occurred to you to ask something amazing. Cyrus is not from the twelve tribes of Israel? He is not even a Jew nor a Samaritan?, so why did the biblical prophets spoke about him? Why would the Lord even rouse him as a conqueror after His own heart’s desire? Why did he become the rapacious bird from the east who would subdue nations?

There are many reports of alleged flights which were lost while travelling in mid-air but we want to report on two very distinct flights. This is because they seem to manifest the truth about the presence of wormholes in the mysterious air space which we refer to as the atmosphere.

I was taken aback when I heard the grand plans. It reminded me of the great plans of establishing the Banahaw Cable Car system in the area usually visited by pilgrims from all over the world. Known not only as the Psychic Center not only of Asia but the whole world, the Banahaw mountain range particularly Tierra Santa (Holy Land) up to the Kalbaryo (Calvary), is always visited by people who thirst for spirituality; and seek amulets and the power to effect healing.

It was in Karel Capek’s “Rossum's Universal Robots”, that the word robot was first used. And also in this play, the question on how the robot’s raised consciousness was likely to affect it’s creator: mankind. Today, we are experiencing the damning existence of that question and the phenomena of robots even seemingly more intelligent than anyone of us.

Deutoronomy 7:16: “Devour then all these peoples whom Yahweh your God delivers to you. Show them no pity, do not serve their gods, for otherwise, you shall be snared.”

There are so many accounts of unidentified flying objects (UFO) now called UFVs (Unidentified Flying Vehicles), but in our studies let us consider one of the most controversial ones; one which involved a high-ranking naval officer that one which involved Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd of the United States Navy.

Whenever Mohammed was confronted by throngs of unbelievers who doubt his prophetic claims, he would say that he was just sent to warn the people and not to perform miracles. There were even times that he would ask the provocateurs to wait and yet nothing ever happens. One can’t blame the Jews and Christians especially in Yathrib (Medina) because they knew the fact that real prophets can really perform miracles as recorded in their writings and oral traditions.

In recent years, the rise of the information age and the internet has brought forth renewed attention to a scientific hypothesis rooted in strict biblical fundamentalism from the early 19th century. The notion of a flat earth, fueled by the widespread use of social media, has gained immense popularity on platforms like Youtube, attracting hundreds of millions of views and giving rise to a fervent fascination with conspiracy theories. Although the concept of a flat earth may seem unfamiliar and peculiar to many, it originated in the 1830s as the brainchild of a quack doctor named Parallax.

Juan Luna's magnificent masterpiece "Hymen, oh Hyménée!" has resurfaced to the public and is now being exhibited at the Ayala Museum after 132 years. Luna thrived during a golden period of artistic success from 1884 to 1889, a mere 25 years after the publication of Charles Darwin's groundbreaking scientific treatise "The Origin of Species" which postulated the theory of evolution by natural selection. Later, we will try to see how the concept of multiverse plays within the Mystery of God’s Creation.

The reason why I chose the topic is that after watching the movie Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Marvel, I realized that it might be a good idea to discuss where all this madness is coming from. Obviously how it penetrated popular culture, film, comics, video games etc. Another interesting movie in a multiverse setting is Spiderman No Way Home also by Marvel, but for now we will focus on Dr. Strange. Later, we will try to see how the concept of multiverse plays within the Mystery of God’s Creation.

About The Doubting Thomas

Present day social media is full of podcasts, documentaries, panel discussions, debates on the different aspects of modernism. The internet surfer whose aim is to find the Truth will, at the current rate, find the waves tempestous enough for a ride. This platform channel will try to allow the reader some thinking time to seperate the truth from the false, as they are now expertly dissolved us in the formula: Truth + False = Trolls. Essay readings from this channel will allow the Doubting Thomas in us to consider the possible evidence at hand before assuming credence. It is hoped that the clearwater revival of said topics will allow all murky sediments to settle and allow the truth-seekers to see what more is in the water. Is it the water from the jaws of the Dragon or part of a sacramental immersion into Jordan, hoping that the journey will not end in the Dead Sea.

The Sanhedrin was the forum for the pharisees, who believed in the resurrection and in angels, and the saducees, who are akin to new theories and philosophies. All beliefs and philosophies concerning God and His creation are allowed to be expressed here.
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