Short Stories
Episode One of Kitzune:The Outfoxing
Outfoxing the Jackal
by Icarus Leido

Synopsis: Egyptian father and son (Badawis) plan the Muslim Brotherhood’s plot to kill all the Christian residents in the Zeitoun area. Because of their intrinsic evil which made the son involve Japan as alibi for non-involvement, the Shinto pantheon of the gods send the Kitzune, Himari Tsumugi to slay the two jackals. However, the Virgin Mary’s apparitions on Zeitoun Church gather countless spectators foiling the sinister plot and further frustrating the Jackals’ plot.

Rushing Russia

by Ricardo B. de los Santos

Synopsis: Set in a big expanse of territory which would not qualify for an empire but about three continents, Russia seemed to have started from the descendants of the giants intermarrying with men of lesser stature. Legend or not, Russia seemed to be a race rushing to find its self-worth for its place in the world. From Kyiv to St. Petersburg from Tsaritsa to Stalingrad, a whirlpool of events will bring an interplay of characters from the holy Vladimir to the false Dmitrii and from Rasputin to Vladimir Putin. Likewise, what is considered to be the teaching of errors by Russia such as the modern pseudo-science of Marxist-Leninism to the occult teachings of Blavatsky’s spiritualism, will be discussed in a unique manner which approximates the mysticism of the likes of Ann Catherine Emmerich and their relevance to timely prophecies of our times, against the predictions of peasant starets. This novelette will walk you through the wanderings of the stannic and the wonder-workings of the Satanic and the different battles and wars of the Russian peoples and the holy alliances and holy synod from Constantinople to the Third Rome which belongs to Russia. Be in the heat of the race and avoid stumbling in any ideology, occult and free to choose or open to be imposed such as spiritism and communism.

Les Fraternités

by Ricardo B. de los Santos

Synopsis: This novelette explores the different Catholic prophecies concerned with the End of Times. Fr. Frank Caluag, endowed with a unique gift of the holy Spirit enables a select group of people to witness past and future events in the tradition of some mystics and seers. The priest interprets the visions or scenes such that historical and psychological insights are drawn to interpret the reality of said events, even if they presented in history in a different light. From the siblings from Bethany to the seers of La Salette and from the martyred Louis XVI to the Henry V, the French Monarch of prophecy, the author depicts a unique treatment of French history with the beating heart of the adjudged witch, St. Joan of Arc which survives the burning stake to the radioactive caldera hearth which is the burial site of Paris, the city of lights. Even as it links some legends, this novelette also pursues and explores the meaning of fraternities or brotherhoods in the light of its French applications and aptly putting them up, too, in the light of local events. Reading this novelette ensures one to explore the different Catholic tenets as evaluated in the light of other contemporary beliefs and cultures.

No Second Camelot

by Ricardo B. de los Santos

Synopsis: This novelette is set during the time of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy both adjudged as the most famous American couple. Shrouded in government-controlled secrecy, the Warren Commission report on the Kennedy assassination is still withheld from the American public tending to so many conjectures. The many mysteries attributed to this infamous event whitewashed from the very start, is given a new twist. How, for example, could seventeen vital witnesses of the case all die from mysterious deaths within a period of only one year. This too dauntless causation, according to this account can only be accountable with the presence of the supernatural and the organizations that abide by these powers consigned as principalities and sovereignties under the prince of the world. In this age when the Paraclete is starting to teach the complete truth, it is comforting to note that nothing can ever be hidden from the Omniscience of God. However, the author sees to it that mundane knowledge of the events, lend to the accessibility to better information and therefore, better deduction. How, for instance, could Lee Harvey Oswald fire three rounds of his alleged murder weapon within a period of six seconds. This would be a problem to expert phenomenologists especially if when fired from the sixth floor, it would cause the smell of gun fire and show gun smoke on the street below. Find out how the so many variables of coincidences interplay to build up a celebrated mystery which even started as early as the time of Nostradamus. Find out also, how two sacerdotal figures and another worldly character combine their strengths in trying to elucidate on the truth of this classic mystery.


by Ricardo B. de los Santos

Synopsis: Placed in a traditional Catholic formation house or seminary, the main characters struggle to understand the mystery of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, striving to unravel its thanksgiving aspect with its mission to expiate the sins of mankind. In their differentiated means, one a mystic aggrege and the other a scholastic missionary; one of Western orientation of the universal church and one of the eastern rite; they complement each other in providing useful information for the spiritual formation of young seminarians. They are joined by individuals of different calling but likewise attuned to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. This novelette probes into the frailties of human existence in face of the Outpouring of the paraclete in the end of times. Set also in the backdrop of dysfunctional family situations, the episodes try to explore why the satanists continue to attempt desecrating the sacred host, why different Eucharistic miracles occur within the universal church and why the Deep or Substitute church is trying to put an end to the Perpetual Sacrifice. From the earliest days in Coptic Egypt to the cutting-edge laboratories of biochemical analyses, the episodes define, analyze and give account of the miracles of the Sacred Host recognized by the Church and concludes on how it operates. This work also allows us to explore the possible workings of the Holy spirit to teach the complete truth, to Comfort the oppressed faithful and Advocate holiness against evil.


by Ricardo B. de los Santos

Synopsis: This novelette tells the story of China in a new light; its spirituality and the good and bad influences underlying its culture. Through flashbacks of historical readings presented as visions through a mystic traditional priest, the different characters give their incisive analyses of the nations sages of the arts of war, mythology and superstitions, with its array of gods and heroes from the building of the great wall to the last emperor. It represents the Forbidden City as the place of resident evils both flesh and spirit alike. Beginning with the first modern naval battle in Asian history, the episodes explore the rise of Mao Ze Dong along with his many covert blunders easily manipulated with maverick political ploys which victimized opposition, communist or otherwise; even betraying his very own mentor which he took to be rival for power, Li Da. Many Chinese secrets are revealed including the reasons for its sudden rise to power through the heroic stand of people who can see through the evils of communism like Zhou Ziyang, Deng Xiaoping, Yang Hongchang, Wei Jongshing and Liu Xiabo. And finally, this short novel warns of a China which continues to dream of world domination even if the COVID 19/PLA Virus has failed and backfired in its own backyard, Wuhan and its diabolical origins gleaned from its own writing system and tendency to commit human sacrifices, even if it is now using capitalism for its economic growth while it pursues communism for its world tyranny.

D.I. Demonyong Itim

by Ricardo B. de los Santos

Synopsis: This novel features: (1) China’s secret plots to conquer the Philippines and dominate the world; (2) continued occupation and interference of evil spirits in everyday lives of people without realizing their presence; (3) the devil’s continued destruction of the church until the last two popes before the Antichrist; (4) Sabah claim and conflict in the West Philippine Sea; (5) unforgivable influence of the devil in culture and art; (6) curse on the treasures that have been stolen similar to the Yamashita treasure; (7) Gaba, not karma, is the punishment for sin; (8) a modern world that is worse than the five cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in terms of in lewdness and trampling on holiness by new heresies; (9) dominance of lust in the name of love; the culture of the flesh that is associated of extermination of demons; the gender of the Devil; (10) the continuous spiritual combat until Armageddon.

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