Is Latin the language of the devil?

Jude Missa

The famous Wizard movie “Harry Potter” is using the Latin language in their spells. The recent Marvel TV Series “WandaVision”, a witch is using the Latin language in her magic. Some holywood movies and series used this language by witches or any people who used magic. We know that witches using dark magic or spells to harm people, and their power is not from God but from the devil. So since they used the Latin Language, does it mean that it is the language of the devil? Many people think that this language is a dead language, and the reason why it is dead is because it is the evil language. But NO, the language is not evil nor it is the devil’s language.

Why do we say that Latin is not the language of the devil? The truth is that the devil hates this Language very much, and he will do what he can to destroy this language, make the people hate this language or make this language be forgotten.

Why does the devil hates this language so much? Let’s start with History. The Latin language was first used by the Roman People many centuries ago. During the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, Latin is one of the languages used in the inscription above the head of Our Lord on the Cross together with the Hebrew and Greek Language (the INRI). When most of the Jews did not accept Our Lord Jesus Christ, the gentiles like the Greeks and mostly the Romans accept ironically Our Lord. They repented and were baptized, that is why historically, many Christians are Greeks and were mostly Romans. In the fourth century, Christians in Rome adopted Latin and became the official language of the Church. The devil hates God, the devil hates Christ, the devil hates the Blessed Virgin Mary, the devil hates the Catholic Church and so its language. Which means that the devil hates the Latin Language.

And in 1570, The Tridentine Mass used the Latin language which the devil hates as the language of the mass. Now, if one says that the Latin is the language of the devil, this could mean that all the Roman people who speak this language are of the devil? What about the Roman saints who did good to other people, are they evil because of his language?

Remember, it is written, when Our Lord is living here on earth, the most beautiful faith and prayer that he heard is from a Roman Centurion; “Sir, I am not worthy to have you under my roof; just give the word and my servant will be cured.” (Matthew 8:8-9, The Jerusalem Bible). Most of people who accept our Lord are the Latin-speaking Romans, which is why the center of the Catholic Church is in Rome.

Before we execute our judgment or joke about it, we must think first. In order for us not to get on wrong side, we must investigate or research about these things. We have the internet, we have many resources. What if we heard people who attend the Traditional Mass? Ar we to judge them because you thought it’s the language of the devil? No, if we do that the devil will like it. And remember, the devil hates us and wants our soul to be damned. Latin language is not evil, Latin language as used in the perpetual sacrifice of the mass is Holy.

Lest we forget, the inclusion of many languages and dialects in Vatican II masses lessened the strong and pure attributes of Latin. It was in Vatican II that the attributes of the tower of Babel were reconstructed.

“Consumatum est!”

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