What is Cathechism?

Jude Missa

Learning today has slowly expanded through the years. Back in the old days, not all people can read, write and learn academics. In order to teach the young believers, the Catholic Church started building schools. In our generation, we do not only learn from schools but also from the internet. Nowadays we no longer encounter the teachings of the Catholic Faith in schools as it was slowly removed because of “respect” to other religions such as the Protestants and Muslims. The protestants, on the other hand, are more active on teaching their false doctrines to schools. As a Catholic, we must learn more about our faith and the doctrines of the Church in order to defend our faith. Where we can learn about our faith and doctrine? We can learn it from the Church’s Catechism.

Catechism is a learning about Catholic Faith and Doctrines, including about God, the prayers, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints, the angels, the laws of the church and more. Let’s say the Catechism system has started when our Lord passed His teachings to His Apostles, and His apostles. through their own disciples, passed the teachings to the people throughout the centuries. When the protestants reformation and its false teachings spread in the middle of the 15th century, the Catholic Church and its current pope at that time, Saint Pope Pius V responded their counter reformation by creating the Roman Catechism (also called The Catechism of Pius V) together with the Tridentine Mass. The Roman Catechism was supervised by Three Cardinals, one of them is Saint Charles Borromeo. The Roman Catechism was divided in four parts:

  1. The Apostle’s Creed – The profession of faith.
  2. The Seven Sacraments
  3. The Ten Commandments (Decalogue)
  4. Prayers – Prayers that mostly prayed in the Catholic Church especially the “Lord’s prayer”

The Roman Catechism was only available for the Holy Orders, Priest and Bishops. Then on September 8, 1899, Pope Leo XIII recommended the Roman Catechism to all seminarians. When Saint Pius X become a pope, he signified that the Roman Catechism must be shared to the faithful all over the world. Catechism is not also about the Roman Catechism, the priest or the teacher who teach Catechism can also share different things in the Catholic Church, like the symbolism in the Priest’s Vestment, Sacred Vessels, the life saints, liturgical abuses that we must avoid and history. If you like to learn more about your faith, you can attend Catechism if there is available in your parish. Some Traditional Priestly Societies, teach Catechism after the Mass.

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