The Sacred Vessels and Items Used at Holy Mass

Jude Missa

During the Holy Mass, you will notice the items used by the Altar Servers, the Master of Ceremony and the Priest. These items are often called the Sacred Vessels. The Sacred Vessels are very important items to the Holy Mass, this Holds the Holy Eucharist like the paten and the chalice. These items has been used many centuries ago, including the items used in the first mass, the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ. Until it was used by the apostles and the next generation of priest. Here are the following items used during the Holy mass.

  1. Chalice – This where the wine poured and drink during the Holy Mass, this is where the wine becomes the Blood of Christ. The Chalice that often used in the mass was made from Gold and has a cross so the priest will notice where is the front the chalice.
  2. Purificator – It’s a white squared cloth that was put at the top of the chalice before and after the Holy Mass.
  3. Paten – Is small golden plate where the priest placed the Bread (the Host) during the Holy Mass. The paten was put at the top of the chalice and purificator before and after the Holy mass. There’s a large paten that was often used during the Holy Communion to avoid the Holy Eucharist falling in to the ground.
  4. Pall – It’s a white hard squared cloth that was placed at the top of the Paten and Host before the Holy Mass and was placed again at the top of the paten after the Holy Mass.
  5. Veil – It’s a large cloth that was placed at the top of the Pall. It covers the whole chalice before and after the Holy Mass.
  6. Corporal – It’s a large squared cloth where the host was placed during Holy Mass in the Altar. The Corporal was used to clean the Chalice.
  7. Burse – it’s a squared folder that was placed at the top of the Veil before and after the Holy Mass. Inside the burse is where the corporal was placed.
  8. Ciborium – A large gold container where many Host for the faithful was placed. The Ciborium was placed inside the tabernacle after the mass if there are remaining host inside.
  9. Cruets – It’s a two small cointainer of Water and Wine before the Consecration.
  10. Lavabo and Pitchel – Used in the Lavabo part of the Holy Mass where the Priest wash his hands during the Holy Mass.
  11. Aspersorium and Aspergillum – Used by the priest to blessed the Faithful, places and things with Holy Water.
  12. Monstrance – It’s a large container for the Holy Eucharist which used to bless. It was also used in Eucharistic Processions.
  13. Thurible – It’s a container of the incense with a hot charcoal.
  14. Incense Boat – A Small boat shape container that contains the incense.

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