The Three Christmas Masses

Jude Missa

During Christmas, the Holy Catholic Church celebrates Three Masses for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It goes back at least to the 6th Century when the Church started celebrating three masses to emphasize the different parts of the Nativity – the Angel’s Mass, the Shepherd’s Mass and the King’s Mass.


The Angel’s mass was celebrated during midnight. According to the tradition, our Lord Jesus Christ was born in midnight. This Mass recalls the announcement of the Angel’s to the shepherds that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. That is why it’s called “The Angel’s Mass”.


The Shepherd’s Mass was celebrated at the dawn. It recalls the shepherds travel in haste to find the new born Christ. It was called the Shepherd’s Mass because it highlights the role of the Shepherds in proclaiming the good news of the birth of our Lord.


The King’s Mass was celebrated during the day. This Mass rejoices the coming of our Lord, our King, the King of Kings. It invites us to worship Him.
As a Catholic, we are obliged to attend the Holy Mass, to adore our Lord during the day of His Birth.

Merry Christmas to Everyone! God Bless!


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