Is The Holy Mass A Holy Meal?

Jude Missa

In our generation, most of us attend the New Mass or the Novus Ordo Mass that was codified by Pope Paul VI in 1969 under the Vatican II Council. Some priests teach the faithful that the Holy Mass is a Holy Meal or Sacred Banquet because it has a table, bread and wine. And some meal or banquet has dancing because a mass is a celebration. It also reenacts the Last Supper of our Lord together with His Apostles which our Lord said “Do this for a commemoration of me.” But why was the first mass before the Novus Ordo Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass or the Tridentine Mass did not have any table and did not look like a Meal? Even the Mass before the codification of the Tridentine Mass also had no table. Let’s answer these frequently asked questions one by one.

1. Some priests and people express that the PURPOSE of the Novus Ordo Mass is to bring back the first century mass, including the Last Supper. Is this true?

It is true that some part of the Mass in the first century is a meal and Banquet. This happened in the time of the first Pope, Saint Peter and the apostles. The Mass has a Ritual and a Sacrificial Meal.

2. If this is true, why previous centuries’ Holy Mass including the Tridentine Mass does not look like a meal?

During the time of the Apostles, some faithful forgot the original symbol of the Mass, when they selfishly eat and get drunk which abused the Holy Mass. That is why St. Paul the Apostle rebuked the Corinthians:

“Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord.”
– 1 Corinthians 11:27

To stop these abuses in the Holy Mass, Saint Peter together with apostles, removed the meal but the sacrifice, ritual, the Consecration of the Bread and wine and the Holy Communion remains. This is where the Apostolic Mass began, with singing the Psalms and Sanctus. These are the reasons why the previous version of the Mass before the Novus Ordo Mass does not look like a Meal.

3. How does the Holy Mass today become a meal or Sacred Banquet if the Apostles removed the meal during the first century Mass?

The Mass as a meal is one of the teachings of the Protestants, which the heretic Martin Luther created. And when you say a meal, it has to be happy. These are the types of the Protestant Mass which tempted many people ever since, because some Protestant Masses are according to the latest trend. Under the Vatican II Council, the Holy Mass changed to a mass which is very similar to the protestants because six of Protestant Ministers help Pope Paul VI revised our Holy Mass. That’s why some churches put liturgical dance, rock band instruments, clapping or somethings that very entertaining to the people. At the time of the Apostles, when people abuse the Holy Mass, the people forget that the Holy Mass origin is not only the Last Supper but also the Passion of our Lord, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the cross. That is why it also called “The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass”. By His sacrifice, we are saved. So, we must make our sacrifice during the Holy Mass for our Lord. May be the mass is boring for some of us who lived in these modern times but this is our sacrifice. Sadly, because of the entertainment type or parts of the Mass, it makes the people forget the true symbol of the Holy Mass again.

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