The Four Ends of the Holy Mass

Jude Missa

The Holy Mass is the most important Sacrament that God gave to us. It is a sacrifice on the Calvary of our Lord Jesus Christ which re-presented to us every time the Holy Mass is celebrated. This is not only our Lord’s sacrifice, it is also a sacrifice for the Priest and for us, the Faithful.

The Holy Mass has Four Ends or Purposes:

1. ADORATION – The Holy Mass is an act of loving adoration to God. God is supreme good, beauty and love. God truly love us because He gave us only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ who sacrifice himself for us to save us from our sins. And the sacrifice of His Son is the only truly worthy gift we can offer Him in honor and adoration.

2. ATONEMENT – We, as sinners who offended God, through the sacrifice of the Mass, we apply the Blood of Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. We must atone from our sins and and pray that never to offend Him again.

3. THANKSGIVING – The Holy Mass is also a thanksgiving for God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We offer most efficiently our thanks praise for all many benefits or blessings that we received from God.

4. PETITION – The Holy Mass is a group of prayers and a powerful form of prayer. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, we are hoping to obtain the God’s grace for our petition or intentions.
The Holy Mass is not just a religious service or feast like what the protestants do or a meal like what some Catholics believed. The Mass is a holy sacrifice. That is why Priests who admonished the clapping of the hands during mass are in error because they are forgetting that it is a holy sacrifice.



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