The Miracles of the Holy Eucharist

Jude Missa

The Holy Eucharist is the most important sacrament in the Catholic Church. It is the Body and Blood Christ in the form of the Bread and Wine. But some people do not believe that the consecrated bread and wine is not the Body and Blood of Christ. As the protestants taught that it is only a symbol that must not be adored or worshipped. Sadly, this teaching has entered the Catholic faith when the Vatican II started. This is why some Catholics treat the Holy Eucharist as a symbol only, which disrespects Our Lord by using the communion in the hand and by  not kneeling before the Holy Eucharist.

This is not only happening in the modern times, but it also happened in the previous centuries. During the ministry of the first Pope, Saint Peter and the other apostles, they celebrate the Holy Mass and consecrate the Bread and Wine. When some christians at that time eat and drunk during the Holy Mass, the Apostles made a reform of the Holy Mass so that the Christians will adore the Body and Blood of Christ in a proper way and avoid disrespecting our Lord. But some still does not believe the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. What proof can we give so these people will believe the real presence of our Lord? The answer has been given by our Lord himself, and that is a “Miracle”. What miracle are we talking about here? It is the Miracle of the Holy Eucharist, where the sacred host or the consecrated bread bleed or turn into a part of a human body.

One of the first known Eucharistic Miracle is from Pope Saint Gregory the great. During his Holy Mass, when he was about to give communion. A woman who baked the bread was one of the faithful. When its her turn to received a communion, she started to laugh because she thought it was ridiculous to think that the bread she baked was the Body of Christ. Pope St. Gregory, refused to give a communion to the woman and began to pray together with the people. He prays to God to show his grace to confirm their belief. After they prayed, the Pope saw the Holy Sacraments turned into a figure of a piece of flesh. When the woman witnessesed the miracle, she fell on her knees and repented. The Blessed Sacrament is now in Andechs, Germany. Many Eucharistic miracles happened in every parts of the world like in Siena, Italy on August 17, 1730, in Amsterdam, Holland on 1345 where the Eucharist was thrown into fire but miraculously is unscathed, in Tixtla Mexico on October 21, 2006 during a parish retreat where the consecrated host effused a reddish substance and the latest Eucharistic Miracle happened in Poland on Christmas Day, 2013 where the consecrated host accidentally fell on the floor during the communion. When the priest put the host in a container with water as prescribed by the rubrics, red stains appeared on the consecrated host.

This Eucharistic Miracles remind us that the Blessed Sacrament is truly the Body and Blood of Christ that we must give respect, adoration and love. We must take it using the tongue and kneel before it.


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