The Catholic Charismatic Movement

Jude Missa

During the previous century and before Vatican II, the protestant become popular to people because of their modern approach, as the Catholic Church remains faithful to Traditions. When Vatican II Council started, many changes occurred to the church including the Holy Mass which becomes similar to the Protestants. Because this is the solution of the Vatican II Popes when modernism spread to the whole world. Even though a reform happened to the Church, the protestants still have their way to attract more people to join their false religion. This is when the Born-Again Christians was born. More popular music genre in their worship such as ballad and rock, Bible Studies and no more sacrifice such as kneeling when worshipping God, you can just raise your hand and sing along with the music. Some modernist priest tried to bring this method to the church such a Mass in TV where there is dancing and clapping, but some wants to remain its solemnity. But some faithful including lay ministers saw the methods of the Born-Again, they build an organization or movement for Catholics with protestant approach. They were called Catholic Charismatic Movement or Catholic Charismatic Renewal.


When the Catholic Charismatic Movement Began?

It began in 1967 when some Catholics for Duquesne University attend a protestant worship service. They claimed that have been baptized by the Holy Spirit. Then they gather on the university chapel where some students said that they also received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. In 1975, Pope Paul VI officialy welcome this movement. After that, many Catholics also formed their own Catholic Charismatic Movement such as Couples for Christ and the Feast of Bo Sanchez.

Why these Catholic started this Charismatic Movement?

Some Catholic Charismatic Movement believe that this modern or protestant approach will make the faithful Catholics remain in the church or renew their faith as Catholics.

What are the similarities of the Charismatic Movement and the Born-Again Christians?

The Charismatic Movement and Born-Again Christians have similar approach. They gather in a stadium or event hall to have their worship. Use popular music such as rock music which their worship becomes a concert.

What are their differences?

The Catholic Charismatic Movement remains faithful to the Catholic Church as they attend the Holy Mass, pray the rosary and also pray to the saints.

Is there a danger when you join the Charismatic Movement?

Sadly, yes. May be their goal is to bring back people to the Catholic faith, or those who have little faith will have a renewal. But their approach and methods are from the Protestants. This will affect the faithful’s attitude towards faith. For example, instead of making a sacrifice like kneeling in front of the Sacred Host in the Holy Mass, most people are avoiding to kneel. Just like the protestants, they are more focused on bible study and forgot to learn the oral teachings of the apostles and the first Christian fathers. They want to open more of themselves than the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints. Some examples are their sharing part where they share their life with Christ, and when you listen to them, they just tell you their life and no part which how Christ change or affect their life. Another danger is that there are people will use this movement for money which they called the Prosperity Doctrine. During a Charismatic Movement event, there are people will first talk about faith and after that, there’s a person who will go to stage and now talking about money and business. According to the American Protestant Leader, this charismatic movement helps the protestant increase their numbers. As their methods are similar, they can also easily sway to leave the Catholic faith.

We Catholics, in order to become faithful, we don’t need this method for us to heal from suffering or to strengthen our faith. All we need is God, all we need is to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to the saints to help us strenghten our faith to God, pray the Holy Rosary everyday. All we need is Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist during the Holy Mass, because he is the medicine for our body, mind and especially our soul.

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