The Guardian Angels and the Holy Mass

Jude Missa

During the threat of Covid19, most of us cannot attend the Holy Mass. Some of us attend the online Mass that the church provides for us and we make a spiritual communion. But what if you are sick or you have no internet connection and you are unable to attend the Holy Mass. And some of us are have no knowledge of the Spiritual Communion prayers. There is also another solution if we have a problem in attending the Holy Mass, by sending our Guardian to the Church on our behalf.

Our Guardian Angel is always on our side, protecting us and also, they are with us when we attend the Holy Mass, kneeling together before the Body of Christ, the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Many saints send their Guardian Angels on various errands when they were physically unable to do so such as praying at the church. 

One of the very known stories of sending the Guardian Angel is on the life of St. Padre Pio, when Father Alessio saw St. Padre Pio sitting alone with a rosary on his hand on the veranda, he thought it is the right opportunity to go over some mail with him. But when the priest put a question to him from a letter, the saint response that he is very busy and cannot answer a question. Father Alessio was confused because it obvious for him that St. Padre Pio is not busy. Until the saint told him that they are many guardian angels at that day and they are sending messages from his spiritual children. In this story, people are sending them to the Saint.

If we are unable to attend the Holy Mass physically, we can send our Guardian Angel to attend on our behalf. But remember, we cannot send them if we are lazy to attend or you just want to attend unimportant events that is conflict to the schedule of the Holy Mass. This is a very important sacrament that God gave us. It has the Body of Christ on the Blessed Sacrament, where we can unite with Him on the Holy Communion. If you can physically attend the mass, please do so.

Here is a prayer for sending your Guardian Angel to the Holy Mass that was dated from 1920s.

O Holy Angel at my side, go to Church for me, kneel in my place, at Holy Mass, where I desire to be. At Offertory, in my stead, take all
I am and own, and place it as a sacrifice upon the Altar Throne.

At Holy Consecration’s bell, adore with Seraph’s love, my Jesus hidden in the Host, come down from Heaven above. Then pray for those I dearly love, and those who cause me grief, that Jesus’ Blood may cleanse all hearts, and suffering souls relieve.

And when the priest Communion takes, oh, bring my Lord to me, that His sweet Heart may rest on mine, and I His temple be. pray that this Sacrifice Divine, may mankind’s sins efface; then bring me Jesus’ blessing home, the pledge of every grace. Amen.

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