Eucharist on the floor – What to do?

Jude Missa

The Holy Eucharist is very important sacrament to receive because this is the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of bread and wine. This Sacrament was first instituted in the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ where the twelve apostles are the first receiver of this sacrament in the world. Then the apostles followed the commandment of our Lord to do the Holy Mass in every nation under the church that our Lord Jesus Christ built, the Catholic Church. In the previous centuries, the Holy Eucharist must be taken with respect. It must be taken by tongue with the altar server holding a big plate under the receiver’s chin to avoid the Eucharist fall on the floor. But what if the Eucharist accidentally fall on the floor when we take it, what shall we do? Here are two steps on what to do when the Holy Eucharist fall on the floor.

1. Wait for the priest to retrieve it.

When you accidentally drop the Holy Eucharist on the floor while receiving it (and the Altar Server failed to save it), you must remain on the altar rail or where you are when receiving it. When the Priest gave you another Host, return to your chair and pray for forgiveness. Here, the priest retrieves it immediately and will put a the purificator (white cloth) on where the Sacred Host was dropped. Because some a small particle may remain on the floor and the cloth will remind the priest and the altar servers where it is to avoid stepping on it. Then they use a holy water to cleanse the floor.

2. Take the Eucharist using your tongue.

This practice is no longer used by most Catholics because the floor is dirty. But in the previous century, some faith and priest when they accidentally dropped the Sacred Host, they will use their tongue to get and eat the host. But this practice must no be used immediately because you must wait for the priest retrieve it. But, if the priest forgets to retrieve it and continue the Mass, you can take it using the tongue to avoid people stepping on it.

Why should we use the tongue to retrieve it, not our hands?
Because our hands are not consecrated to hold the Sacred Host. Only the priest can hold the Holy Eucharist. Some Catholics and priest under the teachings of Vatican II, think that holding the Sacred Host on your hand will avoid dropping the Sacred Host on the floor. But some small particles will remain in your hand which can be drop to the floor unnoticed. Remember, every small particle from the Host is still part of the Body of Christ.

But the priest is encouraging us to use our hands on taking the communion, what should we do?
Sadly, some priests no longer recognize the importance of the Sacred Host because of the Vatican II teachings. But you also have a freedom to use your tongue instead of your hand. There are some priests under Vatican II still use the Communion in the tongue.

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