All Saints Day and All Souls Day

Jude Missa

Every November, the Catholic Church is celebrating the feast of the All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2. However, in this generation, many are confused about the two events and sadly, most people celebrate it by wearing scary costumes instead of celebrating it in the proper and holy way.

What is All Saints Day? 

All Saints Day is a solemn Holiday that was dedicated to the Saints have attained in Heaven. All Saints mean all the Saints in heaven who are recognized by the Church and those who are known only to God. They might be some of the people we know including our beloved departed ones who are already  in Heaven. These saints are praying for us in Heaven and they are closer to God. 

What is All Souls Day? 

The All Souls Day is a commemoration of all the faithful departed who are currently in Purgatory. On this day, we visit the tomb of our departed beloved ones or family member. We must pray for their souls to end their suffering in Purgatory and be with our savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Why do some people celebrate it by wearing nightmarish creatures such as Frankenstein and the devil? 

Because of lack of Catholic education. People celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes without knowing the meaning of “Hallow”. Hallow means “Holy”, if you pray the “Our Father”, you will encounter this word. If you are now aware that is not right to wear these costumes during All Saints Day and All Souls Day, please stop wearing and celebrating the Halloween in the party. Pray to the Saints that they will help us in our everyday challenges in our life and for other people, so we can be a better person and pray for the souls who are still in purgatory so they can finally go to Heaven.

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