Covid19 and the Traditional Latin Mass

Jude Missa

In 2020, a virus called the Coronavirus 2019 or Covid19 has spread to the whole world and caused the sickness and death of many. The world has previously experienced similar pandemics in the past, such as the Bubonic Plague or the Black Death (1346-1353) and the Influenza A/H1N1 or the Spanish Flu (1918-1920). When the Covid-19 virus spread, businesses, schools and establishments closed down due to fear of getting this virus, including our own Catholic Church. Many faithful wanted to attend the Holy Mass or pray in the Church to seek and beg for help from God. But because the churches were closed, some tried to pray outside.

Some businesses and schools have already solved the problem to continue by using our latest technology, the internet and the social media. Many businesses continued their work and school continue their classes by using online meeting apps such as Zoom, Gmeet and Messenger. This is also followed by our Parish to have an online Mass. Many faithful questioned if the Online Mass is effective because they cannot receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. That’s why the church solve it by using the traditional Spiritual Communion prayer for those who can’t attend the Holy Mass or the Sacrament. 

The question is, in the previous pandemic, did the church have an online mass in 1346 or in 1918? How the people attend the Holy Mass? Simple answer, they still went to church and attend the Holy Mass despite of the threat of a virus that can kill them anytime. For us Catholics, attending the Holy Mass is very important because this is where we give adoration, give thanks, petition and love to God. It is also our sacrifice as our Lord Jesus Christ sacrifices His life to save us. 

While the Vatican commands churches to close down, some churches, especially the Traditional Priest Societies open their churches. The first one to do this is the Society of Saint Pius X where they received people to hear confessions and to celebrate the Holy Mass. Some of the SSPX Churches made a legal action so they can open their church for the faithful. Then this was followed by other Traditional Societies such as the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). During the pandemic and because the churches who celebrate Novus Ordo Mass closed their doors, those who celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass opens their door which makes more people discover this Holy Mass. The Mass that was celebrated by the previous Saints who were priests and was attended by the saints who were ordinary faithful. This is also the same Holy Mass that was attended by the people who experienced the Black Death and the Spanish Flu. This pandemic gives us suffering, but it is also making us discover the Holy Mass that gives strength in soul, but also in the body of the faithful. We also discover the true holy sacrifice that we must do during the Holy Mass. Even if we don’t understand the language, we understand how sacred the Holy Mass is. 

Sadly, the cardinals, including the Pope think this as a threat, so he restricts this Holy Mass so we, the faithful will no longer attend it. But even if they restrict it, we now know what grace we received when we attend the Traditional Latin Mass.

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