Defending the Sacred Tradition Part 2 – The Modernism and Pope St. Pius X

Jude Missa

Over the past centuries, the Catholic Church has remained faithful to Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition. When the Protestanism rose, the Council of Trent made a counter-reformation. It was strengthened by St.Pope Pius V by making the church more disciplined and uniting it by promulgating the Tridentine Mass. Then, over the course of the twentieth century, many things changed and the modern day came. That is where modernism comes into being.

Modernism may be a good evolution for the mankind but it has a side of evil which the Catholic Church faced during the 20th Century. And modernism also enters the church that affects some of the clergy. The effects of Modernism made a change in the church like the modern music that slowly enters the Holy Mass while the Gregorian Chant slowly fades in different churches. It also makes the Holy Mass look like an orchestra rather than a Holy Sacrifice and some musicians after they played their part will have a chat to each other that bothers the Mass. The the priest will have to wait the music to finish before he continues his activities in the Holy Mass. But what evil does the modernism have? There are good in modernism such as automobiles, because will not have to walk or ride a horse in days or years. Telephones are also good because you don’t have to send a messenger to a far away land and received it after one or two years. Films and music to entertain us if we want to relax. But the evil of modernism that we talk about is against the faith of God. Why it is against the faith of God? Simple, modernism teaches us to love and accept other religions, including those who worshipped false Gods, accepting the teaching of the Protestantism and believe the scientific theory as truth. And mostly, as Protestanism spread and accept modernism, they make the people happy and enjoy while worshipping in God in their which they make fun the Sacred Tradition of having a Holy Sacrifice during the Mass. Many people joined the protestantism because they want to feel good and happy instead of making a sacrifice for God during the Holy Mass. This is what the evil of modernism has, it will cause heresy, danger to the faith and poison to the church. 

The previous Popes may be against Modernism, but there no major act against it. Until one Pope faces the Modernism without hesitation. And that is Pope St. Pius X. When he was elected a Pope in 1903, he fought modernism inside the church as it slowly enters the church. His motto is “To restore all things to Christ”. He restored the Gregorian Chant and brought back the glory of the Holy Mass. He encouraged people to often receive Holy Communion instead receiving it once a year. Because the teaching of protestantism and modernism has spread all over the world, he ordered all the churches around the world to have Catechism to spread the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the apostles and the Catholic Church. Even he acquired enemies and critics, he still faces it and fight the evil of modernism with courage because of his love to God. 

Sadly, his great battle against the evil of modernism was forgotten when the Vatican II Council began, which it embraces modernism and had more concern to protestants that brings heresy instead of the Catholic Faith that has the truth. Let us pray to St. Pius X and to the Blessed Virgin Mary to help us to defend the Sacred Tradition of the Church and asked them to pray for us to God.

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