The Crisis in the Church

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It has been written that the reform made by the Vatican II has led to a crisis within the church.


It has been written that the reform made by the Vatican II has led to a crisis within the church.


As far as I can see it there is no real crisis within the church today. The changes within the church are inevitable because we live in a modern world. The doomsday prophecies made in the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary seem to be happening only in the minds of pessimistic Catholics. In fact, John XXIII himself alluded to the visionaries of Fatima as “doomsday prophets” and that their predictions do not in anyway refer to his pontificate. Paul VI simply implemented aggiornamento or the updating of the church and although has brought about the winds of change within the church, there is no crisis, which came along especially an apostacy that could be claimed from the top.


It is sad to see that the church which finally opened itself to modern reforms is being challenged by some religious thinkers who are simply traditionalists. Actually what happened was that Vatican II simply paved the way to a pleasant ecumenical exchange between the Catholic church and the other churches for a more harmonious relationship. No less than John Paul II has implemented what Paul VI and his liturgist, Annibale Bugnini, and theologian, Augustin Bea have started. There is indeed a fresh air within the church as the novus ordo priesthood is evolving and the new theology is being practiced. The church has definitely become more responsive to the modern needs of mankind. It does not anymore condemn married priests as those who are remarried nor does it pass judgement on those who are gay or those who have practiced abortion. Today, there is greater active lay participation and even the women are becoming more welcome.


The new liturgy instituted by Cardinal Bugnini and commissioned by Paul VI is more relevant to the people as new art forms adorn the novus ordo missal. There is no more varied music and even interpretation dance and theatre even during mass. Even church architecture conformed to ritual changes such that even the bothersome communion railings are abolished. Even the statues of St. Michael the Archangel is no longer relevant to guard churches since Paul VI has even abolished the office of the exorcist.


But the Roman curia has evolved into a curious Roman circus of sorts with queers, mafiosi bankers, and gays hold sway and paint the way. The city of seven hills is reverting to paganism and Viaticannus, the hill of divining is being resurrected! We should rebel against this wickedness and apostasy!

But we dare say: 

Not even apostasy launched from the top or the hierarchy or for that matter, as we quote, even the gates of Hades can not prevail over the church that Christ has founded. 

Yes, indeed there is an apostasy growing into a monstrous size day by day. On the third secret of Fatima, Silvio Cardinal Oddi said “It has nothing to do with Gorbachev (any contemporary leader). The Blessed Virgin Mother was alerting us against apostasy in the Church.” And on the same subject, the Dominican Mario Luigi Cardinal Ciappi has this to say, “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the church will begin at the top.” 

Disobeying the wishes of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as quoted by Sor Lucia Dos Santos, John XXIII read the contents before 1960 and simply dismissed it as a doomsday prophecy which does not concern his pontificate. He did not want his eager momentum on Vatican II to die a natural death because of a supernatural caution. Modernism indeed abhors any supernatural interference because humanity is it’s new god. Paul’s aggrionamento is the church’s prescription to suicide. He would even admit that by “some crack of smoke of Satan” has entered the church. So much for fresh air. No wonder the mass which is the perpetual sacrifice was simply made into a “feast” presided over by a novus ordo priest and even a farce at that, when theatricals and modern music are employed. Augustin Bea’s novus ordo theology of extreme ecumenism and conscience over dogma has made even popes appear silly. Now, they remove the St. Michael statues and allow Pachamama, the earth goddess to be installed within sacred grounds. They even have to poison Pope John Paul I because of so much love for the blood money laundered in banks. 

Watch out as Pope Francis continues to implement the Freemasonry-Illuminati master plan of Alta Vendita, the marching orders for those who want to destroy the church. 

The first agendum will be to allow divorced and civilly remarried men to receive the sacred host. This would mean that Christ who is actually present in the Eucharist is being turned over again to sinful handlers. 

Second agendum could be the ordination of married men and women. This would mean that the Body of Christ is submitted for judgement by unworthy judges. 

Third agendum, would be the recognition of same sex union since the new concept of theology of conscience alone holds. This would definitely allow the mob to insult the Christ and open Him to torment and scourges. 

Then the agenda will be completed upon which a new church hierarchy will be pleasing to civil governance paving way to a one world religion of the Anti-Christ. This definitely will be the church’s crucifixion to please humanity. 

No wonder Pope Francis would not or could not answer dubias raised by some faithful priests. His silence is more eery than the silence of the lambs. No wonder too that the motto of the Godless French revolution has easily taken root within the Church. Liberty is present under the guise of synodality. Equality is present in subsidiarity. And of course, fraternity is collegiality. There is no such thing as a real pre-eminent pope sovereign among the college of cardinals of the Catholic (Universal) Church. He is only the Bishop of Rome. One among many, who can say mass not only for many but for all

The agenda will be easier to execute. With synodality regional decisions can be made by bishops putting forward the changes the Freemasons have painstakingly worked up in the church. With subsidiarity or the missions of local councils to higher decision-making will reinforce them. And at last with the collegial decision of cardinals of the Bishop of Rome could just give a ministerial approval. Humanity’s godless cause to place man in place of God is achieved using liberty, equality and fraternity.

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