The Kennedy Dilemma

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Diabolical brotherhood or sinister groups can initiate radical changes in stable governments. 1st example: U.S.A. The Kennedy Assasination.


Diabolical brotherhood or sinister groups can initiate radical changes in stable governments. 1st example: U.S.A. The Kennedy Assasination.


As far as I see it, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was planned by the communists. In 1963, Kennedy wanted the invasion of Cuba and the Bay of Pigs invasion was already underway. There was a strong rivalry between the U.S.S.R. as represented by Nikita Khrushchev and the U.S. by John Kennedy. Kennedy had to be assassinated because world leadership was already starting to be dominated by the U.S.


It’s sad to see that the investigation of the Kennedy assassination focused on the communist when in fact, it was the handiwork of businessmen up for grabs in profiteering from the spills of war of the Cuban invasion materialized. About $70 billion was cancelled by Kennedy and this hurt the Bush machinery so much. Moreover, JFK promised the return of American servicemen fighting in Vietnam on Christmas of 1963 which meant that the American businessmen earning from armaments production from said war will simply lose its earnings. Kennedy must be assassinated and/or replaced in order that business would be as usual.


JFK although known to be a Catholic led a bohemian lifestyle which catered to the diabolical. Three of his girlfriends nearly Jane Manefield, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marilyn Monroe were high priestesses of the Church of Satan as initiated by Anton La Voy, himself. His friends Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. were all related to the MAFIA. Kennedy himself relished this company in spite of their ties with the criminal underworld. Kennedy himself is involved in nude booze parties which included the white House pool. Sammy Davis Jr. himself is a High Priest of Satan while Kennedy shared Marilyn Monroe with his brother Robert, who was also assassinated after him and likewise asked the MAFIA girlfriend of Frank Sinatra to become his. Relating himself to MAFIA and the Church of Satan, JFK was asking for it.


Robert Kennedy himself accused Lyndon Baines Johnson why he had his brother killed. Caroline Kennedy upon the death of Jacqueline Kennedy divulged tapes wherein the former first lady assured LBJ as the one responsible for JFK’s death.

JFK was an Illuminatus by inheritance, but his presidency seems to be not in keeping with the Illuminati plans of war and world domination, that is why interested people were lured to plan his death.

But we say: 

That just as the 800-page Warren Commission (more than a thousand with appendixes) Report says it was a conspiracy, we believe the same to be true. However, this report although already overdue in being made public for some good reasons (i.e. some of those implicated may still be alive or are still in power) has already given a great clue: a conspiracy, indeed. 

More than what is already revealed above, JFK would not just be a communist target, for he has already given the Communists some headway by cancelling the Cuban invasion and planning to end American involvement in the Vietnam War. The plan of the frustrated Illuminati and Freemasonry did not fare well in Kennedy’s hand, for they are always instigating wars and the profit from such endeavors. Athou, JFK is still enjoying much of the world’s pleasures as an Illuminatus, he still wanted to become a good American President. Moreover, while enjoying his role as the most legitimately powerful man in the world as U.S. president, he still wanted the golden fleece, the greatest power in the MAFIA underworld. The King of Moriah at that time, Aristotle Onassis of course, would not want to share it with him, and so he must be neutralized. Therefore, from the Communists to the Illuminati down to the Mafiosi, these diabolical leaders all wanted his head and so the conspiracy was indeed conceived. Seven days before Kennedy’s assassination, he has promised to divulge a group of people who would like to enslave the Americans. He promised that as long as he is president, he will not allow them to do so. He was threatening them and therefore, he had to be eliminated. Regretfully, although the three teams sent by Bush to Miami were failed by the MAFIA, they succeeded in Dallas and eventually, JFK’s widow, Jacqueline Kennedy had to marry Aristotle Onassis, the King of Mafia’s Moriah and owner of the golden fleece.

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