Full Battle Gear – Part 2: Espionage – Dancing With the Music

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

A good soldier of the militant church must also be ready to work as a spy for God’s army or to say the least be knowledgeable in intelligence work because intel is inferior to God’s wisdom. Hence, a devout Catholic should be in the world and out of the world at the same time. He must therefore be seen as a person living in the modern world with the essential trappings of heretical modernism.

Part 2: Espionage – Dancing With the Music
The reason why an ununiformed person can be summarily shot in war is because he is not protected by the Geneva Convention, or for that matter even before the Swiss accord, he is presumed either as a deserter or worse, a spy.
A spy is covertly in operation for his country and/or its armed forces against another nation and/or its militia. As such, he must not give a clue to his enemies about his real purpose or what he is actually doing as part of an operation. For such a dangerous posture it is only fair that he must be promptly neutralized to prevent any other damage or affliction that he must have presumably incurred.
A good soldier of the militant church must also be ready to work as a spy for God’s army or to say the least be knowledgeable in intelligence work because intel is inferior to God’s wisdom. Hence, a devout Catholic should be in the world and out of the world at the same time. He must therefore be seen as a person living in the modern world with the essential trappings of heretical modernism.
As such, he must be good enough to be a role model for others to follow the rebellion against Spiritus Mundi or the Prince of the World, who is no other than Satan. He must, therefore, be suave and debonair enough to be exempt from being neutralized but be dauntless and daring enough to speak so as to avert more damages to souls which should have been redeemed already on the cross.
It is along these lines that a spy guised as a dance instructor could obtain so much vital information around town or city by just dancing with the ladies who frequent the ballroom. Apropus a stranger just wanting some downtown good time could innocently be asking about the presence of drug trade, the extra-judicial killings viz a viz promotions, the political kingpins, and the presence of private armies from a nighttime Maritess to confess. Or if a matron volunteers the idea of her influence being the wife or lover of so and so, and the apple of the police chief, or even his mother, then you have the privilege of learning more. And one must be wise to get full attention, so that others can also have their chance of being a Marisol on call. Wisdom transcends time and space and so if Big Mama wants to dance the tango, and the DJ has it programmed, while others are going home, then dance the tango with her as others did when Francis was elected pope, in spite of what is playing. And so if Big Mama gets delighted that she can dance the favorite tango all night through, she will be willing to tell you everything till kingdom come especially with some sips of wine. Now, don’t get overworked, you will have enough to fill in a report till closing time only. Now don’t get too excited by going home with the informant, because that might mean you are over the work given to you which might mean that the work given to you is over.
Now with that parable I have given you a clue on how to espy. Sometimes, it’s as easy as just having some drinks. I would recall the USAR-CRG days when I wanted to discover the intentions of my unit commanders. I just made them drink as much as they would want to because it was our “Cinderella Liberty” tradition of being out after a successful operation. And then, I pretended to have been intoxicated and slept on my chair. Then I heard everything. They have volunteered because they would want to have some money in return. Someday that was why they were trying to manipulate me and change my mind on volunteerism in the group. There was only one voice which defended my stand for honor and dignity without any money to earn. And that is how, I purged my command from these parasites. Voluntas is not always of holy origin. Judas was a volunteer. But Rahab had a holy calling even if she were a prostitute. She helped the two spies to escape.
But I will not write here how I recognize counterspies. I would not divulge on my counterespionage suffice to say that the prayer to St. Michael is enough to intensify discernment weakened by human frailty. But perhaps issuing a warning concerning today’s Spiritual Warfare is in order. For today, mankind has cavorted more with the fallen angels and their cohorts more than the time of the Patriarch Noah such that what to be a basically true is now supplanted with falsity on all walks of life.
Upon the onset of the Information Age, mankind used to boast that each reality can now be checked using the Internet. But the entrance of virtual reality schemes have muddled every clarification possible. Today, what is true or false is relative to modernistic use. Thanks to the trolls, the alchemists of true and false info material.
Today, demons can easily associate with us through media and even personally as mankind welcomed aliens and nature spirits openly into their lives. Thanks to the church’s hearsay promotion of communion in the hand where attempts of desecration are easier, of the watering down of the sacred liturgy so as to make souls easier to waylay, the blunting toning down of the Roman Ritual so that possessed souls are harder to redeem and the removal of St. Michael from the churches so that the fallen angels can move around more freely. Such that the militant member of the church is confused where to engage the enemy first. In fact, his children are more inclined to have more devotion to their cellphones and computer monitors than to their family altars.
I would like to think of my brothers as counterspies in the sense that they share their meals and links with me and espy on what good I can share with them. But I’m disappointed on a brother to whom I gave an intel task and finds malice in some things I do. I was honoring some rescuers lately who took on our teaching advocacy and this brother asked what we were discussing. Matter of factly, as the brother asked was also late in coming and happened to hear what my wife ubiquitously would be focused on: dog stories. And it seemed that he was upset that the brother asked was only speaking on a discussion of the canine. But he had to leave because I asked drinks for us, especially the guest and he was surprised to hear this brother say that perhaps, we were discussing feline things this time.
Now, no matter how trivial, this really is a failure of intel. A fault which could have easily been overcome if he presented himself well so as to join the party rather than sulk with others for some sympathy. I have come to realize that he indeed needed time to meditate as he wondered over my actions that holy week.
Now, this is not trivial; the Commander of the Host is Lord of Sabbath and He does things unconventionally much to the consternation of the pharisees. He really does things to reveal the contents of one’s heart. It will be surprising for some to know that those who obeyed me and took part in my unconventional mode had all the time for meditation with me. Espionage makes use of the element of surprise! Now, I have all the reasons to suspend some operations as they do not trust my command.
As part of intel based on wisdom, St. Paul insisted he was a Roman citizen. He had all the right to be heard even as it infringes on the emperor’s claim to worship. He died with the dignity of a Roman. He was stoned to death. But St. Peter, based on the Quo Vadis? principle of forsaking Christ anew to survive, and entrenched on wisdom, but counterproven by a preponderance of evidence by Roman intel, he could not abandon Christ again and speaking of the fact that he is unworthy to die as his Master did, he was crucified on an inverted cross.
And to the regular soldier of Christ’s militia, commissioned to spy for the Kingdom of God we know that you cannot have the best of both worlds. You are not made to be a double agent, and you have only One True Master. But you will earn the citizenship of His Kingdom, the Best World there is in the afterlife. And mind you, it is transcending both time and space, for it is Life Eternal.

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