Bishop Takes Castle

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

The oldest traditional defense strategy is simply castle keep. This is why in ancient times, the building of a city or at least a great town is preceded by the building of a fortress or a castle that would enclose the King’s court or palace..

In the game of chess therefore, the rook or the castle is an important piece to reckon with the ability of a chess player to use it in play would represent his defense plan of using it to defend the king or when in the offensive represent how he would use a conquered town or encampment to seal the fate of the King, the checkmate move.

But in the diabolical game plan of the Illuminati and its Freemason horde and of the Communist Party and its godless minions, the taking of the castle simply means to take over the church properties especially its cathedrals, basilicas and churches, and even the church’s seminaries.

The diabolical plan has indeed been able to take the bishop’s chanceries even before some remaining bishops can take the chance. How sad the story was of a young promising Archbishop whose experiences at the Vatican Council II had devastated his spirit so much. Either he actually asked that he be taken by the Lord already or that his heart couldn’t take it anymore such that shortly after coming back from the ill-fated council he died. According to Paul VI “by some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the church.”

Indeed, if one is loyal to the Traditional cause which defines the Tridentine, Latin or Traditional Mass to be the Perpetual Sacrifice, how could one take open instructions to change things in the archdiocese or diocese for the worst.

Slowly but surely, the Castle kept defense plan was compromised so that the hordes and minions can penetrate and destroy. The statues of St. Michael, protector of churches, was removed and assigned to oblivion. Then the battering ram was utilized, a table not different from the butcher’s table was installed, but only given some ornamentation to look more dignified. This will be the new altar because with this, the sacrificing priest will no longer be that. Henceforth, he will just be the president of a meeting, a gathering of men and women guised as pious and religious. Henceforth, he will just be the host to a meal of which value as a Sacrifice for the expiation of the sins of mankind is greatly diminished. The Liturgy laden with holiness necessary for the sanctification of men is watered down to lose much of its efficacy. Even with the offertory, the gifts offered were meant and defined for Sacrifice but the new offertory prayer was imported from the Jewish Seder ceremony of blessing meals; and therefore taken from a celebration of people who denied Jesus Christ’s messianic role and likewise, never recognized His Divine Nature. So how could the mass be still for the Sacrifice of the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world? Whereas in fact, as analyzed in the essay before this, it had even taken a visage of one proof of the Theory of Evolution, when its consecratory prayers underwent mutation several times for the pleasure of modern men? May God have mercy on the people.

And the onslaught of the battering ram continued in order to offend the King more. They spread the disinformation that communion may now only be taken legitimately, in the hand so that an atrocity can be made upon His Majesty. They have removed the communion rail in exchange for some silver and now people are rushed in the communion line so that they will no longer kneel and even say “Amen”, even “outlawing” the receiving of the sacred Sacrament using the mouth. Now that the rail is gone, they threaten the Grail. The part allotted for what is heavenly was evolved into something mundane, where the short-skirted lectors and collectors traverse and so-called eucharistic ministers jest and converse.

The pulpit, the gunnery of the fortress is silenced, rusting like the guns of Navarone and Corregidor where the militant priest need to launch his moral reform missiles on perhaps the cobwebs of spiders or the haunt of house lizards criticizing at the irreverence of the people. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. This is where once upon a time, the priest would remind the men to be more attentive and prompt to the Sunday Mass schedule than to the cockfight Kristos and pintakasis.

For the community prayer life had suffered greatly when it used to be the great moat which the hordes and minions could not cross for solemn and great were the novenas which are greatly sanctifying and so were the rosary prayers. Before, when it was time for angelus, even traffic temporarily stop till the bells announce that the prayers are finished. So much prayers had been done before if only to compare it now for there was the Legion of Mary, the Sodality, the Confraternity of the Twin Hearts and so many devotions.

And even the presence of parish organizations during the pre-conciliatory times debunk the claims of lack for inaction or unresponsiveness to the poor. There was the Catholic Women’s League, the Parish Charity, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Knights of Columbus, to name a few.

But Vatican II changed all that. It preferred the committees it has designed to further its evils. With the advent of Christian Liberation Theology, and “formation” of so-called Christian communities, the non-sacrificing priest became a facilitator, enabler, counselor, adviser and even “one of the boys” except that of being a priest.

And so the Singles for Christ was singled out to make the young unmarried look busy even when they are not doing anything of substance and the couples for Christ redoubled for socials which should keep up with the Joneses. The block rosary was blocked on the streets and participants were told just to attend in the church. The penetration of what have been good associations were completed. The small courses or cursillos as renewals of Catholic knowledge and virtues were systematically aborted. What remained where the “Comite de Festejos to deliberate on how Starlets can be invited and recombined with drag queens for the Santacruzan meant instead to earn more money aside from the other fund hair-raisers.

And the poor priest has lost his former dignity. Now the parish committees are there to tell him what to do and not what to do. The people were empowered by the Bishops to make sure that post-conciliar reforms are in place.

And behold even the seminaries were attacked and infiltrated. There shall be no more talk of St. Augustine, St. Bonaventure and other Doctors of the Church and especially the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. The miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ will not be taught as actual miracles but rather freak outcomes of natural phenomena. Jesus Christ‘s humanity will be exposed but His Divinity hidden. There will be discussions on Viktor Frankl, Søren Kierkegaard, Jean Paul Sartre, Immanuel Kant, and the Hegelian Dialectics which Karl Marx used for his Communist Utopia. The Creation account is a myth taken from earlier civilisations, or even the floods and not vice versa. No one should talk against evolution, that would be too traditional. No one should talk against Pachemama that would be too non-ecumenical. Aggiornamento! The updating of the Catholic Church. Therefore all traditional books and even old liturgical books should be set aside. We have now a new breed of priests: The novos ordo priest ready for the one world religion who are modern enough to be abreast with the times, but those breasts would not fit in the breastplate of integrity because they will just be priests in name only; not allowed to sacrifice but are trained to consume varieties of meals, in a feast.

For their generation, the old altar was removed as they are now irrelevant. The tabernacle is now set aside. Even the Adoration Chapel has now lost its purpose. For why should the faithful worship an ordinary bread? But I heard some knights are still fighting within the church, though many were placed in dungeons are suffering there.

Members of the Church militant, please support the remaining loyal knights! Join the Lord’s guerilla movement. If they have taken the cathedrals let’s meet these priests in small deserted chapels. This is not schism, I tell you. This is just keeping the Faith. Let us not allow the remaining part of the parish to still perish!

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