Bishop Takes Pawn

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

I must confess that I got carried away. In my last essay, I was calling for us to support a guerilla warfare. But yes, I was mistaken there was no need for that. Not yet. You see, they have installed the diabolical mechanism for a one world religion. This is only half of the masterplan. Apparently, the one world government is not yet in place. They are still mulling about it. Who’s gonna start it? The Illuminati and their Freemasons? The Communists and their minions? Or both?

But thanks to them, too. Through the Vatican II, the St. Gallen Mafia, the Rainbow Coalition Cardinals, the Iscariotal bishops, the ecumenical periti, the modernist philosophers and teachers, the Pachemama fornicators, the Sodomite clergy and laity, and the perish parish; everything in now in place. The Alta Vendita is sold-out even through web outlets.

Only the finishing touches. Bishop takes pawn.

When mankind through disobedience sold its collective soul to the devil, the pawn stars were shocked by the seemingly impossible redemption plan. What is so valuable about mankind that it still needs such redemption? The fallen angels were puzzled. It is a mystery unfathomable such that it had to bring about the only canon of the church of Satan, ( I mean only one of the sects) Anatole France’s The Revolt of the Angels. And worst, mankind does not even value his redemption for which the Most Precious Blood of Christ had to pay for. So, this is the man you valued so much! Too much ado about nothing!

But the pawn stars of hell are wrong. Man is equipped with a conscience. All that God has to do is to restart this conscience, or even reboot it. Billy Gates might find the gate shut to his face.

And God has given mankind memory. Steve Jobs might lose this one job. All mankind has to do is to recall who created him. Definitely, it’s not Nebro, the rebel or even Saklas, the alleged creator of Adam and Eve. Impertinent impostors!

And since the disloyal bishops listened to the spirit of Vatican II, they have lost their ability to act as good shepherds. Paul VI, the Flower of flowers has admitted that Vatican II is not theological and therefore not dogmatically infallible. It is simply a pastoral council which dreamt of continuous inflorescence. Such inflorescence has in fact made the militant church so effeminate such that gay men thrive therein. However, the diabolical plan to muster all mankind as pawns is therefore, not anymore possible as there are loyal knights fighting it out with the hordes and minions. There are also the loyal pawns or troopers fighting with them, too.

But the traitorous bishops need assurance, too, and are therefore familiar with the kinds they can manipulate so that their redemption may be nullified. Hence, I give here the different pawns which they can easily push around and handle:

The Sodomite Pawns 

The sodomite pawns are part of the hedonistic group which advances the LGBTQI+ community. They are tolerated in church because of them increasing number and influence. The gay college of cardinals and the gay chanceries are in support of these pawns because they also provide the following for their lost leadership.

The Herodian Pawns 

These are the builder pawns who follow cardinals and bishops who are seen as great church influencers in the manner that they build on the hinges of modernism. As extreme ecumenism practitioners, they build bridges between religions of great following to secure vestiges of global peace and harmony. You may be surprised that they allow concelebrations between Catholics and other faiths as evidence of brotherhoods practicing peace efforts. However, the simple fact remains, their cavorting with other religions is prostitution of the Faith.

The Zealot Pawns 

These are revolutionary or radical pawns who are attuned to opposing or destroying Catholic establishments. These mean men and woeful women flourish in questioning what is already an orderly tradition in the church for the sake of contradicting something which makes them confused or uncomfortable. They are more oriented to exercising their rights even at the expense of trampling on the rights of others. They do not want any responsibility except those which can give them leverage of some temporal recognition and/or power.

The Pharisee Pawns 

These are the pawns which are easily subjected to obedience by their bishops. They blindly obey the demands of the bishops because they believe they are the true successors of the Apostles and as such can only be doing God’s will. Discounting the possibility of tyrannical or traitorous tendencies in them, they do not see the fact that they are actually disobedient to Jesus Christ, the King and Head of the Mystical Body, the Church.

The Saducee Pawns 

These are the Gnostic followers of the occult, animism and new age, pseudo scientific beliefs and many other doctrines which in fact, go against traditional Catholic teachings but are, in the name of ecumenism, welcomed into the church to prey on the laity. Therefore, they may teach Pachemama worship, reincarnation or even transmigration, false sciences and philosophies which are allowed to be incorporated, concelebrated and ritualized in the virtuoso stance of the novos ordo liturgy and other Vatican II aggiornamento. The sad thing is that the bishops allowing them are only after a greater following and therefore more coffer earnings. In fact, these evil rituals are allowed inside the church while the Tridentine Mass is
strictly prohibited!

The Protestant Pawns

Then again, in the name of ecumenism, protestant practices such as charismatic renewals and revivals, prosperity doctrine and anti-Eucharistic prayers are incorporated even to foster abominations such as homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia to acquire more membership and tolerance among business-minded protestants, hedonists and fornicators among others no longer need to kneel before the Eucharist which for them is ordinary bread. They have the gall to prohibit communion in tongue when in fact, it is the canonical method, and communion in the hand is but an exception.

The Bishop, like a Mafia Boss has now the power to be protected in his abuses by the Vatican II Pastoral ploy and at the same time to give unlawful protection to uncanonical religious practices all for the love of money. Indeed it boils to the same theme of selling the Truth for pieces of silver. In so doing, this syndicate boss has nullified Christ’s Sacrifice on the cross and therefore some men’s redemption from sin. Mankind now has all the reasons to forget His redemptive triumph on calvary and allow himself for all reasons available to stay “pawned” and displayed in Satan’s pawnshop. For what is in redemption, if he does not have the pleasures to enjoy. In fact, he is willing to fill up another contract with the devil for fame and fortune. These pawns who would like to be treated as King or Queens, even as bishops and/or knights have chosen to be pawns of the devil anew for the semblance of these powers.

A contract with the devil which nullifies salvation is not necessarily evidenced by the usual paper document. A contract with the devil is evidenced by the many evil ways the contractee manifested in his/her lifetime. Or perhaps, you are not familiar with the symbolism of Adolf Hitler’s broken cross (the swastika) or Queen Elizabeth’ a acclamation as Titular Head of the Church which she inherited from her adulterous father, Henry VIII. Or Cardinal Richelieu’s oppressive opulence and travesty. Or even of a musician knighted (an epitome of manliness) in spite of his horsey homosexuality. But evidence of such pact is easily seen in Robert Johnson’s life as one of the originators of Mississippi Delta blues. He was an unknown artist before that fateful night at the crossroad when he met Satan, disguised as beneficial voodoo god, Papa Legba and sold his soul for fame and fortune. Overnight likeMuddy Waters (nice choice of stage name, very telling!) his talent was duly recognized and became famous and momentarily rich before the devil took him. He influenced Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and yes, Led Zeppelin whose leader, Jimmy Page literally became a page to Satan’s ”knight” and later bishop. Aleister Crowley who stylized himself the “Beast” and stamped this character in his own style of magic, magick with a C.

In fact, Page even bought the Boleskine house near the Loch Ness which once belonged to Crowley. When this haunted house became the haunt of Led Zeppelin, Page wanted a pact of allegiance ritual. The other members, Robert Plant, John Bonham and Page performed it but John Paul Jones did not participate. Then the mishaps and accidents came after much success.

In this planned reunion, Kenneth Anger made contract with the remaining members for a 40-minute album, Lucifer Rising. Unfortunately, Page who was into so much heroin can only deliver a 20-minute product. There are stories that circulated around to the effect that Anger’s anger had made him curse Led Zeppelin such that all of them failed and died miserably. But anyway, Satan has already given them fame and fortune. It was payback time. Poor pawns they would have been redeemed except that they pawned themselves again! It’s indeed hard when those pawned and already redeemed are repossessed by the Devil’s Pawnshop.

Also concerning pawns, let us not forget the “Alta Vendita” pawns and the the communist pawns which have already infiltrated the church to become bishops. In fact, some homosexual cardinals may in fact be, a “queen” in “her” own right. There is no wondering anymore why many bishops are acting this way.

So much with high shops and pawn shops, let the shoppers beware, “caveat emptor”.

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