Compensatory Mechanisms Among Students

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

“An unexamined life is not worth living” said Socrates and with such life tenet he was able to influence the greatest minds of antiquity, his student Plato, and in turn Plato’s student Aristotle. But whatever time to start examining one’s life than the earliest possible time as when one is still a student and embarking on a long life’s journey into meaning.

But sadly the world sulks in useless depression and anxiety wrought by lies and deception and the poor student can only vacillate between what is true and false, for truth is so slandered, and falsehood richly-ornamented that he first settles for the stance suggested by internet trolls. Truth + False = Trolls.

The poor student nowadays can help feeling insecure about what is true especially if he is from the public school. He may be told that it doesn’t matter if he studies or not because he will pass anyway as accordingly this was the directive from above. It must have been God who proclaimed this wonderful fortune. And yet some principled teachers resist, a la Socrates, and tell them otherwise, that if they don’t study the only consequence, is failure. So, these wise guys still would like a life full of examinations to make it worth passing.
Then the simple sweet lemon occurs in the juvenile mind. Well yes, maybe I won’t pass at least my “vacacion grande” was undisturbed. Or, what the heck, I’m still young and I can go back to more serious study later. Or the sour groping later comes. Okay, I didn’t pass but who needs to be enslaved like that by these cruel teachers. Or why do I have, to study, even college graduates can’t find jobs anyway. Diskarte lang!

Or substitution and/or sublimation can come in handy. “If I continued my studies seriously, I won’t be having a boyfriend/girlfriend like him/her. I needed the time to win him/her.” At least, “I’m now a better basketball/volleyball player and could now be a varsity player.” or at least, “I have a grand time with my family. We are now closer than before.” or “I have learned this great skill; I can now find a real job.”

But even worse is the projection for someone really lazy in studying or even accomplishing modules, “It’s those modules, it’s impossible to answer them.” or “It’s the lack of signals, how could I possibly research using the internet?” Even if there is some grain of truth in these arguments, they were not unsurmountable in accordance with Filipino’s ability to find means. Project the problem on the internet.

Yet the worst projections are those that blame only the teachers for having done nothing at all. And there was a reverse projection which came from some authorities which said concerning honors, “Why are we going to give honors as recognition when in fact, we know that it’s the guardians or the parents answering the module questions!” Now, this is simply unjust because I have observed so many students having sleepless nights so that they can comply completing their modules and added homeworks and researches. Again, this is what is wrong with those “armchair generals” who had never been exposed to the public education system and were simply taken up “Deux ex Machina”.

But speaking of projections, the worst is yet to come with the GAD inculcations in place. We know that we should not discriminate against gay or lesbian teacher applicants and now that they are in place, they persistently suggest their own “lifestyles” into their students causing them more frequent problems of sexual identity which was close to nil during our student days.

And now we have orders and instructions to respect the rights of the child even demeaning and subverting school rules and regulations including the rights of other children who are found to be the problems because they are straight. Take for instance, the school uniform, it used to be that the school was really a respectable place to be within. But since cross-dressing was allowed and uniform became anyform then the closest solution is not to have any uniform imposed and therefore, the schools especially the public ones, become easier security risks. Even cubicles are already risky places to enter because anytime a stronger person or group can attack a defenseless child.

In the U.S., this tragicomedy is starting to be felt. Even the urinals which would spend less water are now starting to be forbidden so that the practice of gender equality is better practiced. Hui! Who are we kidding. This is just another business strategy with more costing for comic commodities: water, ceramics, cubicle fixtures, etc.

The problem with “women trapped in men’s bodies” are that they are stronger because they have the evil mind trapped in adamant bodies and the problem with “men trapped in feminine bodies” is that they have the adamant mind trapped in evil bodies or both. It’s just that the malice is enkindled faster in a propitiously predatory environment.

But having said that the Chinese makers of loud whorely make-ups will be earning more with their lead-induced colors. The Nephilim would surely enjoy seeing men partake of the cosmetology they taught the daughters of man. The clothing to be worn may be scant but colored enough to induce perversion and the parties will be gothic and devil-inspired.

And the demons will have their heyday in schools which used to venerate God. All the teachers who will try to put on some order will be mobbed and humiliated for trampling the rights of students. The principal will be inutile as the parents threaten her administration as a tyrannical one. Those who are straight will be harassed and bashed as crooked while the evil teachers who teach perversion will be regarded as champions and real protectors of human rights. It will be a matter of rights and rights till nothing is left and the only direction is down as in anarchy.

Yes, this is my projection of how these great projections. This great deception is working against our very children. This should have been the work of the greatest educators in our midst. But despite their doctorates and masterals, they have been infiltrated because the value systems are all set aside.
Now, before it becomes ominously late they are putting back good manners and right conduct. So, let us have some scenarios:

1. Pupil A: Bakla ka ba?/Tibo ka ba?
Pupil B: Oo, e ano ngayon sa iyo? Ma’am o binabastos ako porke bakla ako/tibo ako!

2. Pupil A: Ma’am ayoko po tumabi sa kanya, hinahalikan po ako. Ang bastos niya.
Pupil B: E, ano expression ‘yon ng pagmamahal, di ba Titser.
Titser: Oo nga naman. Na-appreciate ka nga, e. Huwag mo naman siyang bastusin.
Pupil A: O sige po kayo ang magpahalik na may kasama pang pagdila. Sino po ba ang talagang bastos.

3. Gay Teacher to Pupil A: Bading ka ba?
Pupil A: Opo, gay po ako.
Gay Teacher: Sabi ko na nga ba, eh ang cute mo. Ang saya-saya.
Gay Teacher to Pupil B: E, ikaw ba, gay ka?
Pupil B: Hindi po kaya.
Gay Teacher: Hmmp. Sabi ko nga ba, eh. Sayang, ang saya-saya sana. Try mo minsan ha.
Pupil B: Ayoko po, ayaw po ng parents ko.
Gay Teacher: Aba, bawal yan. Katawan mo ‘yan walang sinumang dapat magdikta sa iyo kung sino ka o ano ka.

And so you see, projection has many intensities. Even a child can learn projection easily from adults. Even a simple query may be interpreted as a kind of intrusion and therefore oppression. A student must learn not to ask, just tolerate and be the one losing in the end. Seemingly meaningless gestures of innocence find new meanings as children are exposed to more perverse habits. A French kiss would still be innocent? And yes, there is the gentle evil way of perversion. A promise of more gaiety or pleasure inculcates an aberrant behavior while a prohibitive stance coming from the parents is already a violation of the child’s rights.

The judges of Athens, the most civil and democratic city state society as a Greek republic, basked in their rights. Using said rights, they have conspired to have Socrates, the greatest philosopher at that time to be adjudged as someone poisoning the minds of the youth. As a philosopher, he has developed the question and answer Socratic method for the truth to come out. Unfortunately, his quest for the truth with his students touched in the fringes of spirituality. Socrates must have been telling his students that were, which has been introduced by Dionysus and his supernatural followers: satyrs, sirens, nymphs, and maenads is of bad influence when taken excessively. Of course, the merry-makers of Athens wouldn’t like that because Athens unlike Sparta love lavish parties. Therefore, Socrates had to drink the hemlock. Be careful teachers, a projection may be made against you. But Socrates believed in the examined life and he was right. Plato was there right among his students.

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