Le Femme Fatale Church

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Sometime before his death Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, more popularly known as Benedict XVI was contemplating in the smoke of Satan that entered into the Church by some crack, as Paul VI, Giovanni Cardinal Montini observed. Why wouldn’t he know that crack, when in fact, if John XXIII was the architect, who else would engineer the illusions of Vatican II but him. Angelo Cardinal Roncalli was correct in tasking Montini with Vatican 11 because he was most effective in the gradual erosion of faith in the Catholic Church. Montini’s reforms in the spirit of Vatican II harnessed men like Augustin Cardinal Bea who pushed an extreme kind of ecumenism which prostituted Catholicism with other beliefs and Hanibale Cardinal Bugnini who effectively disgraced the Perpetual Sacrifice with a mutilated liturgy.

Benedict XVI’s resignation shorted the faithful who were confident how the German Shepherd guided his flock. Of course, the presence of a resistant curia and a rainbow coalition college of cardinals gave him too much pressure and embarrassment. How is he going to rule a hierarchy which is bent on thwarting every move he makes to keep Church Traditions. As early as his election, Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini, sought his resignation if he will not or fact, implement the Sankt Gallen Mafia’s agenda. This is the cardinal who has the gall to reject Humanae Vita and its defense of a fetus or a baby’s defenseless life. He was also lenient to euthanasia and even advocated the ordination of female deacons. For him, civil marriage for homosexuals is not bad because it is better in terms of stability rather than having casual sex. “I thought they were going to elect Cardinal Scola, because he is a popular traditionalist,” he said to himself. But with the failed succession he had to accept it as the will of God to test His church some more, allowing the devil some more time to fully implement his plan. But there is glory in the garden of olives when his Master was arrested being handed over to temple authorities by apostolic kiss of betrayal.

And so he writes in Italian, for many of those hoodwinked are Itaians; not in Deutsch as the Northern European cardinals are primarily responsible for the subtle revolt, the Rhine gently flowing into the Tiber. And he notes that more than half of the priesthood and even the seminarians are avowed or closet gay men. With so many queens in the church and cardinals and bishops like Martini in support of them the church is bound to become emasculated and worst, effeminate. How is he to account himself before the Lord?

In his mind, he has done his best parrying the most deadly blows injurious to the Church. He respected his earthly teacher Karl Rahner, S.J. so much that his objections were still gentle reminders. In fact, out of the thirteen that influenced Vatican II as writer theologians, many considered him as the lscariot to the Spirit of Vatican II. But has he done enough? Perhaps the future glory of the church is no longer in its papacy but in its laity with the likes of Michael Davies, Taylor Marshall and Julia Meloni. With so many undoings done by Paul VI to the detriment of the Church faithful, he the Iscariotal one was able to revere decisively the option to celebrate the Latin mass for all priests in his Summorum Pontificum in 2007. He even lifted the so-called excommunication of the Traditional Latin Mass priests.

But the onslaught of the St. Gallen Mafia wouldn’t stop even if the champion of the Traditionalists is already dead. The church is now only turning effeminate; its femininity is not yet fully charged. Some churches have already women priests, why not the Catholic Church? Benedict XVI died on New Year’s eve, is this ominous enough for the Eves to have their cardinals and bishops to the offensive. Has the patriarchal age of the church indeed come to an end already. No, we don’t think so.

The Holy Family from Nazareth came as poor folks to the Temple of Jerusalem. They only have two turtledoves to offer as sacrifice.

But the holiness in their midst is so pleasing to God. There was no doubt about it. But modernist that he is, Francis set two white pigeons freely aflight over St. Peter’s Square. One was attacked by a noisy seagull, the other ambushed by a raven.

What now, in the name of freedom, is this pope going to let his flock free to be preyed upon by birds of prey. Would he let his laity be prevailed upon by cossacks wearing black cassocks and white slavers and supremists suited in white sutanes.

Is the lighting that struck St. Peter’s basilica during Benedict XVI’S resignation an omen in itself? Why would a shepherd abandon his flock during clear and present danger. But no, perhaps since no one dares to obey him, he would in rather resort to a life of prayer as a contemplative.

Indeed, the Church is called the bride of the Groom. And being a bride it should be feminine, a receiver of grace and a vessel of honor and devotion. But if the clergymen especially its hierarchy becomes gay or homosexual in contrast to Christ who de masculine, how can it complement the bride. Are they going to do make-up together always freshening up as in the aggiornamento program of the flower of flowers or dress up re drag queens during feasts which are no longer memorials to a redeeming sacrifice?

Or if the clergy turns really feminine how shall it behave before the bride? Shall it overcompensate by exceeding masculinity or teach more cosmetology to the bride; and seductive behavior such that the bride acts like a whore?

The church is not designed as patriarchal by some incident or accident. It is designed essentially to be Holy and worthy of Her Bridegroom. So if the foolish virgins give more attention to their lamps, than Him who is the source of all light, then the gates will be shut to their face. And if the grooms are joined by those who sway more than if they have the femur, then wont these disguised ones rather be taken to the dungeons where there is gnashing of teeth? Handing over the church leadership to feminism even if artificial or all natural will be fatal to the life of the Church. And no one, save the Devil, is motivated enough to cause Her demise.

And now I can fully see why they value the cult of Pachemama so much. Patch up big mama there using ecumenism and the protection of nature. How can you do this, you ordained priest!? You speak not a word while they insult the Theotokos and heap gossips upon the Mother of Jesus and yet you salvage a nature spirit from the South American jungle to make her your goddess! But you need Pachemama, you feminine men, your kneel and prostrate before her Imagining you can suckle from her big breasts. She even looks like a man, this Pachemama(w) monster and only a diseased mind will look upon her as feminine because sumo wrestlers have also big breasts.

And no wonder, it’s the Amazon synod. Amazons are not Indian nor South americans. The river was named after Greek mythical fierce warrior women who do not like masculine rule. Their name implies that they can mutilate themselves to perform better in battle. Now, we know what you are preparing for, Pachenama and the Amazons combined, it’s the femme fatale which you want to bring to the church, you monster- loving perverts!

And yes, I know now why you wanted communion in the hand, you touchy lascivious lot! You prevent the reverential men who do not like your communion in the hand but allow unconsecrated hands of your so called eucharistic ministers to touch the Eucharist. You won’t admit it but your lewd designs are even there as you contemplate malice against the Body of Christ.

And since modernism actually does not believe in the miraculous, at least two of those who perverted the Perpetual Sacrifice are now canonized saints even without the former required number of miracles. You have undermined the miracle of transubstantiation and had Satan called on the day you were canonized. I am sure he will reward you for your miraculous ways of making men women and visa versa, especially making something holy, profane and disgusting.

You are indeed wizards! The best magi ever. Alistain Crowley and Jimmy Page should be canonized, too.

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