Humanity and Mythology

Col. Icarus Leido (Ret.)

Although modern man is said to be stripping the bible of its mythology in order to arrive at the truth, mythology seems to thrive on and perhaps, unwittingly, he is even applying it to its most comprehensive intent. Funny that it is singling out the bible in its process of demythologization.

For instance, why aren’t the modernists concerned with the myths concerned with Islam. There are only two possibilities. One that it is already in compliance with the hidden agenda of modernists, operating in accordance with Shaitan’s diabolical plan of the submission of the human will to the Anti-Christ and two, that they are afraid of repercussions because the Muslims are violent in their retaliatory activities. Anyway, the Muslims, in one way or another are already helpful to modernism by threatening the Judeo-Christian populace. This logic follows along this line:

The myths of Islamic literature are against Christian values.
Modernism is only against Chjristian values.
Ergo, there is no need to demythologize Islamic literature.

This is apparent because they are both anti-Christian and are obviously against the bible as we know it. Hence while Muslims reject the bible as inferior to the Koran, the modernists leave the Koran alone because they both deify man in the person of Mohamed and denigrate Isa or Jesus as just a human. Of course, the Muslims will deny this as they would claim they recognize isa as a prophet, too but to claim Mohammed as having existed before mankind and to claim that every Muslim decision has to be coursed through Mohammed is simply deifying him. And our logic simply defy this. Hence:

Mohamed has cursed the Jews and Christians who revered the dead.
Muslim revere the tomb of Mohamed.
Ergo, Muslims are exempt from the curse specially in the case of Mohamed.

Or corollary to this;

The tomb of Mohamed in Medina is preserved for all time.
But the graves of about 300 prophets and patriarchs are alleged to have been
located in the vicinity of the Ka’ba.
And megaconstruction in the Mecca will surely bury these graves into obscurity
In the the future.
Ergo, any archeological attempt tinto knowing about the truth of these graves is already easily prevented.

What these expanded syllogism means is that any scientific study to authenticate the claim of Muslim scholars that Adam, Abraham, Ishmael, Noah and the like can never be done any more when the giant plans to concretize the city has materialized. Islam therefore is not interested in authenticating these mythical claims or are simply avoiding embarrassment over such a dubious claim.

Why are we confident to call them myth? Consider the following: Adam and Eve were sent out from Eden where the Euphrates flowed. The Islamic account differs in the fact that Adam and Eve, literally fell from heaven and were only reunited in mt. Arafah. Hence, they actually fell very far away from the fertile crescent where the garden was logically more hypothesized because of the presence of the rivers. Moreover, the story of Abraham’s sacrifice was radically changed by replacing Isaac with Ishmael; a clever ploy to return the pre-eminence to the exiled patriarch from whom the Muslims try to attach themselves despite some evidently grave problems in the genealogy. And of course, the problem of Noah’s being closer to the Ka’ba despite the distance of the ship’s landing in Mt. Ararat.

Arguably, the myths allowed by modernists or at least, with which they are too mysteriously silent perniciously are retained to this very day. As a Greek archetypically attached to these myths, let we walk you through them so that you may bring them out from your mythically-laden subconscious. Then let me relate them at once to the modern archetype.

Caeneus (Caenisdis), the Amazons and the inhabitants of Lesbos: These stories in Greek mythology which crept into the Jewish society and hellenized and therefore made impure the Jewish monotheistic faith, foster transgenderism either in actual sex change or gender roles. The first one was a girl change into a boy by Neptune because of human whims. The Amazons and the Lesbians are known as woman warriors. Amazons are even known for removing one of their breasts so that they can shield themselves better allowing only one breast to remain for suckling their young. They only allow men in their society to replenish their generations of only women. Now, you know how perversely ancient this thought is.

Atlanta and the three golden apples: Atlanta was abandoned in the woods by her father who have wanted a boy instead but just the same, having grown in the wild, she grew up tomboyish. Many men courted her but she said she can only marry a man who can defeat her in a race. She in fact, killed them when they fail until Melanion (Hippomenes) came with the three golden apples from Aphrodite daring her. During the race, Melanion will drop one apple every time that she is about to catch up. Thus, Melanion won and married her. She even enjoyed a blissful life. This story is focused on feminism and the dictum that what men can do, women can do it, too and sometimes even surpass them.

Centaurs and other half beasts. These are accounts of gods transforming themselves into animals for certain lewd motives. This is especially true of Zeus who will change himself into a beast in order to abduct and rape women. Their progenies are half-humans who also resort to mating with beasts. This is true about the centaur which mated with wild mares of the mountain. Now, you are no longer clueless about why some poor Arab men who can not afford the dowry on women had to do it with the camels. This is called bestiality!

Pygmaleon and Galatea: Pygmaleon sculpted on ivory the visage of a beautiful lady. He called this Galatea. Pygmaleon fell in love with his own creation and a god took pity on him and made her a real woman and thus, they became man and wife. Now, consider the fact, that the AI robots have gone a long way and are becoming the love interests of some men especially some who were involved in creating them. Unfortunately for us, some robots who are actually able to seduce real men are becoming sentients. What demiurge or god has made them so?

Mythical Monsters: I am not going to make an enumeration of Greek monsters. I will simply describe them as great in size and able to do great gargantuan feats. I would like to make an analogy between them and the great achievements in robotics. The inspiration of these monsters to mechanical industries may not be obvious but cannot be denied as some smaller versions of robotics are used stealthily in modern warfare and espionage.

Narcissus. The myth of Narcissus concerns a man who saw himself in the pool which mirrored his great beauty on which he fell in love. This mythical tale may actually become an analogy for AI robots who may become sentient, and in the end finally, fall in love with themselves. This is apart from the psychological problem of narcissism.

And so what are the implications of these myths in accordance with modern attempts with the demythologizing process and tolerance to them? Simply this, that the true church and the Christian faith would be subject to the onslaught of modernism. But anti-Christian faiths though they are obviously worshipping demons are convenient for modernists. Guess why? Because they are simply both working for theses entities.

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