Perverting the Sign of the Covenant

Karam Mazinger Zingh

Proudly and grandly, they unfurl
The obnoxious multi-colored flag
Damning indignities they hurl;
Real straight ones they vex and nag.
Demiurges, they protest loudly
Concerning their dire sexual rights
As if they’re oppressed totally,
Pushing, generating fights.
But look who’s cruelly bashing
The now truly marginalized
Other’s rights they trample truly,
Let all the truths just be denied.
      And make the children grow horny;
      Let the world be disorderly!
          Look Who’s Oppressing?!

— Daniel Santos

The poem is too serious with its theme. I couldn’t help being sad. But this is just a matter of consequence. Take me for instance, people here in Manila will always refer to me as “Bumbay” although I did not come from Mumbai. They would even come to if they could have a loan, in 5-6 terms but I’m about 5’9” and I don’t have money. I’m no loan shark, I don’t even have fins. And though I am very well the best description that had been given me was that I am Sikh. Back in my home country, we have a great book which is a collection of golden nuggets of wisdom. Which is why I have a great respect for the bible and the stories contained therein. And while both men and women have long hair, we believe that men are still men and women are still women. Amen.

We follow our God-given gifts as male and female should both be proud. That’s why we will think it absurd if our women would bright orange turbans or sport beards and moustaches or that if we, men would wear skirts and veil ourselves modestly. And that is the reason why we carry daggers oftentimes so as to protect our women.

And so, I remembered the story about Noah who was also our father and the many land animals who may have been the father of the others. It’s because I saw the proliferating flag of the rainbow coalition. And thus, I recalled God’s covenant after the great deluge wherein only Noah, his wife; their three sons and their wives survived. The impure of mankind had been purged and those who remained were told to multiply all over again. I did not understand until today why mankind prefers the three other fundamental operations. They prefer to divide the two sexes into many more unkind kinds. They prefer to add silicon and botox and other paraphernalia just to look different from their original created selves. And they prefer to subtract actual organic evidences so that they can fool even themselves.

Thus, I suddenly have this inclination to read the bible I have so long neglected. I suddenly abandoned reading it when a pastor who has just attended bible college for three months were suddenly imposing on us to believe as he does. He was telling us to rumor about the Virgin Mary’s not being virgin anymore after giving birth to Christ because she had other children as Jesus had other brothers. This stupid preacher after telling us to have a personal relationship with Jesus as our Savior wanted us to gossip against His Mother and their family. But I don’t like the idea of gossiping as a man. I don’t know about him but I really think that Jesus will really have issues against this brother who is earning his daily bread using His very name. What would Jesus say about you, brother pastor? So, I read: (Genesis 9:12-16) God said,” Here is the sign of the covenant I make between Myself and you and every living creature with you for all generations. I set my bow in the clouds and it shall be the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds, I will recall the covenant between Myself and you and every living creature of every kind. When the bow is in the clouds and call to mind the lasting covenant between God and every living creature of every kind that is found on the earth.”

Now, this could be the very reason why mankind is already too confident that no such punishment could be made by God again for it would be against His goodness if he would renege on His promise. I’m not a theologian but I believe mankind must not be overconfident. Witnessing the fact that members of the rainbow coalition are doing worst than the times of Sodom and Gomorrha and their suburbia, I am inclined to believe that these people are provoking the Almighty to become a renegade to His own words.

I could not bring myself to believe that right now, in the schools which are supposed to be where children are to supposed to learn goodness and even in their own homes, they are taught to lose innocence and learn depravity instead. I do not understand why a biology teacher can be fired from work or a teen-ager student could be arrested because they said there are only two sexes. Is it prohibited now to speak the truth even just academically as teachers and students should?

Now, let us examine the quoted covenant above and study its provisions. I am afraid that we, people are the ones provoking the Almighty into punishing us once again and that despite our source of confidence which is the covenant, we might rethink our position. Yes, it is true that God by this covenant He has given an implied promise that the great deluge, or specifically the great flood. If you miss the key words, just remember that clouds are actually water in the gas phase as already taught in elementary science. And the rivulets of water serving as the prism for the spectrum of colors are water in liquid form already. The promise therefore only focuses on the element water and not on the other three other elements. Fire and brimstone that happened to rain on the Sodomites consist of the three other elements and may be used again in a greater scale because they are not part of the covenant.

Furthermore, I am not comfortable with a “lasting covenant”. If I were to trust in the translation which reached our generation, I would have preferred an everlasting covenant instead. The sacrament of matrimony can be said to be a lasting covenant “till death do us part”. The Real Presence in the consecrated host however is an everlasting covenant which is not only true on earth “as it is heaven.” We are just beggars in this bargaining contract and therefore the Benevolent King can repudiate any one provision especially one that concerns about the element of time.

The use of the rainbow colors, inspired by the bow of God, to represent the specter of perversions present in the LGBTQ+ spectrum may be ingenious as some Satanic inventions are but it is injinnious (wrong spelling deliberate) in the sense that jinns are influencing them. And because jinns are present in them, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow may just be a just a snare for creatures that are never contented for what God has given them.

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