Truth Inconvenienced

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

The die in cast. Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin. The handwriting is on the wall and the cryptic graffiti is warning us about the new world order that is coming. First there was the sad truth about a boy being arrested because he spoke the truth that there are only two sexes: the male and the female. Then there was the inconvenient ban on the use of urinals. Then we have now a speaker being arrested for exposing a great philanthropist who he said is actually pushing for the gay agenda. A long time ago, an American politician, former Vice-President Al Gore spoke on how we must urgently try to save our planet through his widely-acclaimed “The Inconvenient Truth”.

We here in the Philippines are still safer from the Trolls-Enterprise of combining True and False = Trolls. The trolls are imps not expected the whole truth. Devils can allow 10% of truth so that 90% of falsehood will be accepted. That is enough toxin to promote evil and consequent death. And that is what is happening in America.

I’ve also been in the U.S. twice. During my first time I have directly asked a U.N. education official why “developing” countries like my own are being imposed upon by super developed countries like the U.S. to imitate their educational systems. And why is the United Nations helping out in this usurpation of culture. He left me abruptly without any real answer.

But the ideals of American democracy had been shattered by these recent events. Educators therefore, of these islands should beware of the impending doom: that falsity would be required of you by those who dictate upon what is moral and what is just in society. The day may be coming when the usual definitions of good, true and beautiful are already compromised by modernitic relativism.

Consider the facts I have mentioned in the opening paragraph. We all know that the boy was speaking the truth. There are only two sexes and to the reasonable mind of the species, Homo Sapiens, the rest are only hexes, even if they call them the sophisticated label lifestyles. Laws are supposed to empower the defenseless, this is exactly the reason why laws are created, not just to empower the already powerful; that is inconveniencing how we apply truth. With Truth Inconvenienced, expect the passing of immoral laws. Sed lex, dura lex. Yes, but you are oppressing a child now, for telling the truth. This may be legal but it is obviously the Devil’s law.

Then you ban the urinals because they blight application of gender equality? What could have been most convenient to male leakers becomes a longer take to answer the call of nature because there is now the opening and perhaps, the closing of the cubicle door. And consider
how these clever people have gored the Gore green use of water. There is more water needed to flush the male’s urine. But now, the more progressive homosexuals have more access to attack the adolescent male or the straight guy because the cubicle door can cover their crime. How clever Asmodeus inspires them.

Poor Peter Flaherty, he could have made an attack on American gay bishops and pro-gay chanceries but he chose an icon of technology, business and philanthropy. He could even have chosen to attack the Bishop of Rome, for he was too humble to admit he is pope, and too unassuming and kind to condemn perversions of lust, and still go Scot-free!

But speaking of being scot-free, there was Al Gore speaking of the visibly obvious tip of the iceberg and getting the publicity for his green enterprises totally and worldwide-free. What Al Gore didn’t speak about in his stirring documentary was the meager action of super developed countries against worldwide pollution especially pollution from the fossil gases. What these super rich nations are doing is use this truth inconvenienced to stall the development of poor countries in favor of continuously being dependent upon the rich countries. Very harsh conditions are given these poor countries for them to limit their development productions so as not to pollute the atmosphere, lithosphere and aquaspere they are in.

Actually these are ceiling parameters for their economical growth. The super rich countries, in fact, under the pain of lesser or no aid at all; have put these up to control these countries from reaching a developed status because if they do, they will stop from being milking cows by these dairy owners. Such scheme, in fact, has condemned them into the pyrosphere or hell. The last statement is a hyperbole and not a troll statement because the sentences preceding it are true.

Wonderful scenario, isn’t it? Because in the future, the lots will be revered and him that scrape for scraps of bread from the table will be in the bosom of Abraham while the rich greedy man who may be keen on feeding his pet dogs more than his poor neighbors will toast in hell?

Philippine educators should stop motivating their students to study just to go abroad serving foreigners, that is junk mentality. Even in an advanced democracy like the U.S. the oppression of foreigners can be felt. And why? Because they are doing it to their own people who try to speak the truth.

Rather Filipino teachers should make students realize that they should industrialize the Philippines more rather than depending on multinationals. If the black Americans are capable of integrating dignity among themselves, and so can you. You belong to the first republic of Asia whose constitution, though patched up from other constitutions, was blessed enough to have been written in the abode of God, the Barasoain Church.

Except that it was marred by the Biak-na-Bato republic with almost the same protagonists at play. For me, Biak-na-Bato conjures the breaking of the Stone Tablets of the Decalogue from Mt. Sinai which broke when the Patriarch Moses hurled them into the throng of Golden Calf worshippers. And as a mystic, conjures to me the outlet of the taong bayawak (lizard man) into these islands, the first recorded mention of reptilians into this part of the world.

So, then let us stop our students from competing with the ladyboys of Thailand, or becoming japayuki in Japan. I don’t see any dishonor in being a maid in London, Los Angeles or any other place in the world but remember how we reacted when we saw “pinay” in the dictionary and was defined to be a maid? Reptilian or not, these are seductions that delimit the Filipino spirit. For Filipinos are capable of being anything they want under the sun.

But if the dreams of our students simply remain to be as servants of foreigners for to slothful to clean themselves and too pervert to look upon us as objects of lust, then the aliping saguiguilid and aliping namamahay remain in our archetype and would not let us go free; then Philippine education must have miserably failed.

And if the Filipinos join the Les Miserables then they can easily be manipulated. Their idea of the good, the true and beautiful are compromised. Therefore their morals, which is now even under attack in the novos ordo church will be loose; their sense of justice is challenged by the modernist; and appreciation of beauty, as mutilated by profane craftsmen, turn diabolical and ugly.

And yet this has nothing to do with being wealthy. The American Protestants and the English Anglicans as well as the European Reformists are all wealthy, but their morals are loose, their sense of justice is blurred and their aesthetics turning ugly. These even as a Catholic country like Brazil has turned loose, unjust and decadent. Recall how it has turned up its carnivals, with depictions of Christ being tormented on its streets again and now horned devils and demons dominated street dancing and fluent displays. Remember how the Christ of the Andes got struck by an ominous lighting because they have turned it into a post where the government can advertise. Surely, you didn’t also miss the aftermath.

But I would like us Filipinos to turn to the Virgin of the Poor: her education was simple and humble but worthy enough to raise the son of God by doing whatever He tells you. The acceptance of His will.

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