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Rico del Sol

Benedict XVI died as a resigned Pope emeritus on the last day of the year leaving just one dominant shepherd to feed the flock. In terms of Roman mythology, the two-faced god Janus must be in operation leaving Francis I the only one who must now be responsible for pasturing the flock. But Zeus Jupiter even when Benedict resigned as Pope, must have observed its significance because out of some Olympic premontory he caused a lightning to strike the apex of St. Peter’s basilica.

By some signs the beligerrency of power struggle over Rome is being manifested. The spark must have been meant the start of some mechanical operation and the death of the German Shepherd must be the signal for the end of times’ advent with a new ecclessial dispensation.

But what I am writing about may easily be dispensed with by the modernists who hate praxis using mythology unless they are the ones using it in their so-called demythologization. I therefore, for purposes of engagement, will refrain from Greco-Roman mythology for the meantime and rather use the bible and history for the meantime.

I would like to start with Pope Francis’ doves which were set free in St. Peter’s square. One was attacked by a raven and the other one by a seagull. Perhaps, the Pope’s plan was meritoriously decent as the doves were symbols of peace and harmony but all kinds of raven and the seagulls are considered unclean (Deut 14:14) Then why should the unclean spirits of the air hovering over Rome prevail over the Vicar of Christ, unless he is just as he “humbly” calls himself just the Bishop of Rome, who in some egalitarian sense is on the level of some Bishop of Rome during the reign of the harlots.

But no, the conciliar popes beginning with John XXIII were very cautious people operating on a plane that could justify the pleasure of humanity before the altar of God. They are cautious enough not to disturb the modern Pax Romana adjusting to the demands of the St. Gallen Mafia and the popular will of the modern people. For isn’t it true that vox populi, vox Dei? And so as a precautionary measure before opening the Vatican II, he opened the Third Secret of Fatima earnestly although Our Lady’s instructions made it premature for him to do so in 1959. He must be expecting that the Blessed Virgin Mary may have reference to it and even call it the New Pentecost, as he would like it envisioned. But rather, in utter disappointment he declares it is not referring to his pontificate and assigns the secret which is not only meant for him but the whole church, to oblivion while calling the visionaries “prophets of doom”. But by this description alone, what did the visionaries actually say so that the “sailor-navigator” would call what “they” have revealed as “doom”. In fact, only one visionary was involved in the revelation; Lucia dos Santos.

And wasn’t Paul VI more cautious as he shepherded the Council into completion assigning Bea to take care of ecumenism and Bugnini to take care of liturgy? And yet he was the one to admit that by “some crack, the smoke of Satan entered the Church”. He must have been oblivious as who have caused such crack for the floral designs were obvious.

John Paul I’s caution was explicable. He was wondering with the Vatican’s expenditures. He had accepted extraordinary embassies into his chambers trying to explain away the mysterious expenses until his expiration of one half moon to another.

The labors of John Paul II had given hope for the Church, but as he got older, his kind heartedness was abused and enabled the part of sinister curia to hoodwink him. He was almost convinced that the rite of exorcism was almost unnecessary and that the canon law needed to be relaxed and that the Traditional Latin Mass priests are to be blamed for Church disharmony. The labors of the sun no matter how well meant the rays were eclipsed by modernism, as his caution fell to darkness.

But Benedict XVI came as a saving grace. He gradually regained his traditional outlook to keep the Truth of the church intact but the glory of olives is in the way they are pressed to obtain their oil. The German Shepherd had to contend with so many wolves in the shadows of scandals and in the full sight of rebellion and thought that perhaps only contemplative prayer can contain the disobedience and with someone younger and with a stouter heart. He was banking on Cardinal Schola but the St. Gallen Mafia outwitted the humble plan; the precaution was not enough.

Such that when Francis I took over, he simply replaced the ban lifted by the Pope Emeritus for the sake of the Traditional Latin Mass. And now the present pontiff has the appearance of a suffering father trying to reach out to her children scattered widely, even wildly, into the world.

At the cost of his personal sacrifice, he was there meeting with leaders of the world’s great religions to ensure ecumenism. And despite the misunderstanding, he has made some headway paving the way for the people of the book and especially the Abrahamic descendants to find unity; and for the gentle people of the rain forest to express their spirituality with him.

With the phraxia of an uncondemning rabbi, he musters inspiration for the “misunderstood” LGBTQ+ community and assures them his love as a spiritual leader could not condemn them. And in a similar way, he gathers the wealthy and scientifically-sophisticated technocrats to address problems in universal health and environmental protection.

These sacrifices are calculated gestures to unite not only his flock but the people of the world as a whole, cautious about possible wastage in the number of human resources and material resources, as well. And seeing sometimes the necessity, he is willing to offer the holocaust of his fellow priests who are keen in resisting modernism. And yet, overcautious as he is to bring displeasure to the world and in consonance to materialistic gains for the church, he fails to see the evil of cavorting with evil.

King Saul, considering material efficiency, held himself from harming the evil. Amelekites further and saved a lot including its king. And then the prophet spoke against such disobedience, guised as kindness and frugality; easy to mistake as uncondemning love:

Is the pleasure of Yahweh in holocaust and sacrifices
or in obedience to the voice of Yahweh?
Yes, obedience is better than sacrifice
Submissiveness better than the fat of rams
Rebellion is a sin of sorcery,
presumption a crime of teraphim
Since you have rejected the word of Yahweh, He has
rejected you as king.
-1 Samuel 22-23

If God defines a sin as such no Francis nor Sul have the right to override such condemnation of an act. For Francis and Saul have this affinity for divining prevalent in science. Before, it was called the urim and the thummim but now it’s the process of elimination. “Who is to be blamed, is it the people or the leadership? If it’s the leadership, is it me or the college of cardinals or even the curia.” Or let us see what the fleece says, “But first, remove the wool from the sheep and observe the moisture like Gideon did. It doesn’t matter if we fleece the whole flock, for they can be holocaust. What is important is for the goal to be achieved, the battle to be won”.

And yet even with Gideon, the Lord showed that a large number is not necessary, First those who would like to go home were allowed. And then there was this sign of how a man drinks from body of water. Those who still needed to use their hands were eliminated and those who lapped the water like dogs were Gideon’s 300. And that was enough to win a war over the Midianites.

And so Francis, dear Pope, what do you think among the faithful being superficial? Those who receive the Eucharist by their hands in Novos Ordo or those who receive the Eucharist by their tongues in the Traditional Latin Mass?

I believe that those who receive by their tongues prove that they trust in Divine Providence more. But those who receive the Sacred Bread in their hands, had to see it first, and feel it’s light weight before placing the hostia in their mouth. I believe that those who directly receive them from consecrated hands believe in He’s Real Presence more. But those who handle the sacred Bread, no matter how careful they are, have already used their own unconsecrated hands. Those who used their tongues are in full reverence to His Majesty’s presence as the Sacrificial Victim but those comfortable to use their hands consider Him only a meal. I would rather have the few who use their mouth directly to receive Him in the militant church. I’m sure we will win the battle.

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