The Two Holy Masses

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Now that the word about the Traditional Latin Mass or the Tridentine Mass has spread all over the world including the internet. There are questions that were frequently asked about these two Holy Mass, the Traditional Latin and the Novus Ordo Mass. Many were confused because of the information that was posted on the social media. As the Traditionalist such as Taylor Marshall and Archbishop Schneider explained the errors of the New Mass, the modernist such as the Vatican and some of the Priests defend the Novus Ordo Mass and criticized the Traditional Mass. We’ve been posting articles about the Traditional Latin Mass to educate our readers, but let’s look at the point of view of some Traditionalist, modernist about these two Holy Mass and what is our view.

But before we started, let me explain about Traditionalist and the Modernist. We will not include the sedevacantist which we were focused more on the Catholics that recognize the Vatican II popes as the supreme pontiff.

Traditonalist (we divided it into two types):

Type 1:  Traditional Catholics that only follow the Traditional Teachings of the Church before Vatican II Council and only attend the Traditional Latin Mass.

Type 2: Traditional Catholics that follow the Traditional Teachings but attend both two Holy Mass.

Modernist: Modern Catholics that follow the teachings of the Vatican II council. And believe that most of the Sacred Tradition Teachings are not fit in the modern time.

Is the Traditional Latin Mass valid?

Traditionalist: Yes, it is. Because it continues the tradition of what the apostles and previous centuries priest saints celebrate.

Modernist: No, because it contradicts the teaching of Vatican 2.

We believed that the Traditional Latin Mass is valid with a similar reason like the Traditionalist. One of our reasons is because it gives more reverence and adoration towards the Eucharist. Its form shows that the center of the Mass is our Lord Jesus Christ, and it gives more grace. According to the Papal Bull Quo Primum by Pope St. Pius V:

“We likewise declare and ordain that no one whosoever is forced or coerced to alter this Missal, and that this present document cannot be revoked or modified, but remain always valid and retain its full force.”

Is the Novus Ordo Mass Valid?

Traditionalist Type 1: No, because the Holy Mass was reformed according to the likings of the protestants and the modern world.

Traditionalist Type 2: Yes, it is valid as long the Holy Eucharist is still present in the Mass.

Modernist: Yes. Because it is still under the Catholic Church and was codified by Pope Paul VI.

For us. It is a Yes. Same as the Traditionalist Type 2, as long as the Holy Eucharist is still present. But the grace that we received is now reduced in the Novus Ordo Mass. When we received more grace from the Holy Mass, it strengthens our Faith and adoration to God. It also helps us discern what is good and the truth. But sadly, we received only little from this New Mass.

Is God’s presence still remain in the Traditional Latin Mass?

Traditionalist: Yes. Because it is still the Holy Mass of the Catholic Church. Even we have the Novus Ordo Mass. The Traditional Latin Mass

Modernist: No. Because it contradicts Vatican II.

For us, it is truly a yes. Because this Mass is a valid Holy Mass and it will never be invalid. Even Vatican II popes, Pope John XXIII and Pope Benedict XVI stated that the Traditional Latin Mass has never been abolished.

Is God presence being in the Novus Ordo Mass?

Traditionalist Type 1: No, because it is not a Valid Mass.

Traditionalist Type 2: Yes, it is, because it is still the Holy Mass under the Catholic Church.

Modernist: Yes, it is.

For us, the presence of God is still in the Novus Ordo Mass because God never abandoned His faithful. Since this Mass was widely celebrated, God allows His presence remained in this New Mass. But the grace from it has been reduced and some Modern Priest does not consider the Sacred Host as the Victim. Because of this, the faithful also considered it “just a loaf of bread”, that is why they have no second thought of receiving it using the hands.

Is the Traditional Latin Mass a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Traditionalist: Yes, because it not only commemorates the Last Supper and the resurrection, but also the passion, crucifixion and the death of our Lord.

Modernist: No, because it is an invalid Mass.

We also agree to the Traditionalist as it is truly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is not only for the Lord’s sacrifice but also for the Priest and the faithful. As the Priest celebrates the Mass with the Tradititional Garments that gives weight and heat is truly a sarcifice. And as for the faithful, kneeling and offering themselves to the Lord during the Mass is also a sacrifice.

Is the Novus Ordo Mass a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Traditionalist: No, because they only commemorate the last supper and the resurrection. Which only makes it a joyful celebration.

Modernist: Yes it is, but we must also celebrate it in joyful way.

For our answer, we are also agreeing with the Traditionalist. Yes, it’s true that the Last Supper is a banquet, a meal. But it is not a joyful one because this is also a pre paration for His passion and death to save us from our Sins. During the time of the apostles, the Corinthians celebrate the Mass in a joyful way that they forget the true sacrifice of the Mass. As they were rebuked by St. Paul, St. Peter reformed the Holy Mass, removed the banquet but retained the sacrificial rite. And also, made the Priest to face the altar which is the origin of the Traditional Latin Mass. The modernist will defend it that the Lord was facing the people. Yes, He is because He is the Lord, the priest is not. That is why the Priest is also facing the altar as the apostles did in the Last supper because the Altar is the Altar of the Lord where the Blessed Sacrament is. But some Priest and Churches celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass in Solemnity because they still believe that the Holy Mass is a Holy Sacrifice, so let’s pray for this priest who still maintains this belief.

Now we indicate the two points of views and also ours, we must discern what is the truth. The Traditional Latin Mass is the true Holy Mass, if it is not, it will be immediately abolished. But as we have seen it, no Popes under Vatican II have tried to abolish it. Even Pope Francis who is not a fan of this Mass only restricts it. We are encouraging you to attend the Holy Traditional Latin Mass because it gives us more graces to us. If it is far away, think of it as a small sacrifice, as the Lord sacrifices Himself, by walking to the mount Calvary wounded while carrying the cross. We must offer ours.

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