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It seems that Allah in revealing himself through this prophet made some blunders concerning hi identity.


It seems that Allah in revealing himself through this prophet made some blunders concerning hi identity.


As far as I can see it, for the good of Islam and therefore for the good of all muslims, the revealed ninety-nine Names of Allah are indeed beneficial for the faithful in that they can contemplate more on his godly attributes and therefore truly submit to his will.


It is sad to see however, that there seem to be some flaws in the manner that some of his names are chosen because they seem not to refer to a benevolent God but rather to a malevolent diety. It is hoped by this representation that this matter be clarified in this forum for the benefit not only of muslims but also for all mankind.


Since Herod is sometimes considered an Idumean or Nabatean, I would like to take this opportunity to defend his greatness and therefore his cultural greatness. As some of you may have known already his city port of Caesaria-Philippi should have been one of the wonders of the ancient world except that some stupid civil engineers and artist considered only the beautry of some constructs of architecture.

But setting that asside, as a real scion of Esau and Ishmael, and since Becca now Petra, used to be important if not the most important Nabatean city as it is caused a decisive battle between the Ummayyads and the Abbasids points to the fact that Mohammed’s lineage is Nabatean. I therefore undaunted, could rightfully claim that Isah (Jesus) being only a scion of Jacob and Isaac is inferior to Mohammed who spang form Esau and Ishmael. But yes, there is no denying that the two prophets are from Abraham but Mohammed for sure is the superior one as the Quran is superior to the Bible. And therefore, as a muslim, never influenced by Hellenism like the Jews, I declare that it is unquestionable decision of Allah if he wants to delay or postpone things hence the names delayer or post-poner or to retaliate against those who do not submit to his will and therefore the retaliator.


Now, however since you mention that Herod as a great builder is Idumean or Nabatean descent, I as a Zealot would like to expose him as a usurper who is not a real Jew and therefore not from the House of David and therefore, why was he seated as King of Israel and Judah? This is because he patronized the Roman emperor to be made King and was therefore, too insecure about Jewish boy being born from the House of David to take his place!

And now since you angered me like a Palestinian muslim who is too selfish to sshare our land of inheritance too, I dare ask why is Allah called All Maker, Al-Muzil or Muzill, Al-Fattah, Al-Mutakabbir or Ad-dharr? Aren’t these names mean the Best Deceiver (Al Makir), the humiliator (Al-Muzil), the Mischief Maker (Al-Fattah), the arrogant (Al Mutakabbir) and the Distresser (Ad-dharr), respectively? Now, don’t tell me that Isah being a Jew being born in Bethlehem, the city of David is inferior to Mohammed. Your Mohammed was the one telling everyone that this Jesus was magically or miraculously replaced by someone on the cross to fool the Jews so that he didn’t die. Wow! So, he was like Elijah taken up and didn’t die. Therefore, it follows that he is a greater prophet than Mohammed because God or Allah rescued him from death by crucifixion but allowed Mohammed to die painfully and slowly because of some poisoned meat offered by a retaliatory Jewess! Some prophet your prophet is that he couldn’t tell whether he is being poisoned and some god your Allah bening the Delayer as he delayed the toxin’s effect on the prophet on the Retaliator because he allowed a retaliation by an oppressed woman? Or was he retaliating because he accepted the food coming from the Jewess, undetected by prophet or god as a muslim convent
planning a make for a possible massacre!

But we rather say, as brothers that we thank the Zealot so much for deconstructing the Herodian argument considering the fact that the blackstone destroyed in Petra as an object of idolatry as opposed to Islam during the Ummayad-abbasid war, had a piece savaed and is now the object of reverence in Mecca as part of the Ka’aba. Sharp observation on the cause of Mohammed’s death, two, we would say but accusing Allah as the retaliator. We believe in gross, because after the woman confessed to the poisoning, Mohammed retaliated by having her killed. Allah therefore is exonerated in this case, and need to confess. As for the delay of the toxins to take effect, we also find Allah blameless for alas, Aisha was indeed too loving that the prophet asked the other wives for him to stay with Aisha till the end. Here, we can see that his being prophet has already returned to him because he knew that he was dying. That indeed is very hard to foretell because Allah can still rule against it!

But let us go back to the issue at hand and avoid the Ad hominems. Let us establish first the fact that if we are speaking of a Deity it shouold always be on the superlative and if not then it is unworthy as an attribute of God necessary and possible true. Therefore, ontologically we posit our analysis of the particular questions, the Zealot ask and declare:

Al-Makir-of course, the Best Deceiver, but if so, how can Allah be the source of all truth if he is the best deceiver? This attribute for us best to apply to Shaitan of Satan. For example, who could have possibly inspired and oppressed Jewess woman to have such cunning? We dare not say Allah. And who’s cunning enough to divide the world as a dwelling place for muslims and infidels and for the muslims to gradually take over, even by force? 

Al-muzel-of course, the Best Humilator, but if so, how can Allah exercise deifed kindness, if he is the best humilator? In fact, how can he exercise being Most Merciful when he has given the order to behead all Christians and Jews who wouldn’t want to convert? Or was the Prophet capable of misrepresenting him? Mohammed also showed kindness particularly for women who he distributed as was booty and kept some for himself. Mohammed showed special kindness to Mary, the copt which he couldn’t marry because she won’t convert. Was the death of Mary’s child as act of Best Humilator because she is too stubborn so as not to convert to Islam or the act was for the Prophet because he fell for her. Or was it even humilation for both for it was alleged that the boy was not really Mohammed’s son? David lost his first child with Sheba, too but he was humbled not humilated as was given glorious Solomon after his repentance and penance. But the Prophet’s humilation was terrible, he had to tacktlessly implicate someone’s guilt in his eulogy for his son. Which was akin to how the conquered tribes were humilated and dound some solace in their expressed submission, in spite of the grief.

Al Fattan-of course, the Best Mischief Maker can not be an appellate of God or Mohammed would be a false prophet if he is the source of fitna (mischief) which brings about disharmony his children, even wars! Incidentally, this might also refer to the interrogation made by the angels Mukhir and Nakir who torment men in their graves; a departure fron other islamic judgement teachings but also from the same source. This must be a bad fitna joke!

Al Mutakabir-of course, the Most Arrogant. But the one known who is so steeped in pride is the Christian bible is again, Shaitan. He led the revolt against God and has a present emnity with the Virgin Mary who is highly esteemed by the prophet Allah doesn’t really show such arrogance as He is not jealous about the idolatry being given to the blackstone I the Ka’aba. Or is it his? But then he is arrogantly teaching idolatry himself?

Adh Dorr-of course, the Best Distresser or the one who causes distress. Wait a minute, are we saing that Allah is the cause of distress? Doesn’t distress bring about paint, suffering anxiety, even despair. Isn’t that the job of Shaitan too? The God of Jews and Christians giving relief, healing comfort even hope.

Now, whose fault is all these misunderstanding? Could it be te prophet or could it be the one who sent him? We can’t doubt on seven out of ninety-nine holy names of Allah. May be for an imam, the number is insignificant but for a nourishing solution even one percent toxin can already kill.

I, Icarus Leido being a pleasure-seeker prefers the almusal at Almanza. And I, Platitus Mythos prefer the company of nobodies, those whose names don’t count.

And of course, I, Tariq Sulayman will join you for I’ll be at the Madrassah School financed by the US and Saudi Arabia. May they forgive one for having converted.


Icarus Leido
Platitus Mythos Toorinkaya
Tariq Sulayman

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