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There are many reports of alleged flights which were lost while travelling in mid-air but we want to report on two very distinct flights. This is because they seem to manifest the truth about the presence of wormholes in the mysterious air space which we refer to as the atmosphere.

The first we would like to mention is the reported Santiago Flight 313 of a DC 50s model from Aachen, Germany to Porto Alegre in Brazil. The flight should have lasted only from 18 hours but it seemed during that time that the plane was unable to make it. After an ardous task of search and rescue operations, tracking the logical flight plan even across the seas, it was simply abandoned and assumed to have been lost somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Flight 313 was supposed to have left Aachen on September 19, 1954 and then considered lost after the reckoned time of flight duration, fuel capacity and standard operating procedures. And then suddenly, decades later in October, 1989 after a period of 35 years the missing plane was reported circling around Porto Alegre, and without the proper channels of communication for a landing craft descended uneventfully on the airport.

Given the fact that the landing was unexpected and no S.O.P. communication was made before the landing, the control tower was caught unprepared. The unauthorized landing may be a hijacked plane and for any other reason made an emergency landing. The proper protocols were then ensured as behooved any emergency and sirened vehicles from airport security to firetrucks swarmed into place. And when nobody from the plane opened, the emergency unit decided to open the plane’s door. To their amazement, the plane was full of seatbelted skeletons. On the cockpit, was Captain Miguel Curry, as was identified later, already the skeletal remains, with the engine still humming till it died later on empty. 92 skeletons were accounted for with 88 of them in the passenger manifest with the remnants comprising the crew.

How in the world, was the aircraft landed by the skeletal frame left of the pilot was astonishing enough? Where has the plane gone for more than three decades? Then came this attempt of explaining the event with a wormhole in the atmosphere which enabled the plane to travel in time. With the time warp explaining everything paranormal investigators seemed they have something to pontificate on.

And then just a year after Pan Am or Entesa Flight 914 where a Lockheed Tristar was involved also got lost between New York and Caracas, Venezuela. The pilot and passengers thought they were just transiting normally during the duration of the flight but their descent from nowhere after three decades again made them wonder why everything has changed in the airport from what they have been expecting. But despite their astonishment, they were lucky to have landed as they have explained and not just as a heap of bones individually.

Accordingly official reports of these flights were kept secret by the governments of the airlines concerned because officially reporting them as actual aviation events will be bad for the market. Eventually, the unofficial reports coming for instance from the tabloid, in the first event actually spelled doom on said airlines, analysts said. Why, passengers fearing these stories as not mere urban legends made the airlines unpopular to passengers who did not want the experience of being lost, especially like the first one where all the passengers landed as graveyard remains.

Such occurences however serve as a nourishing platter for time warp theorists. According to them, it seems that like portals that run through parallel universes or another earthly dimension, these can also occur in the atmosphere as time warpholes where the navigating airplane flies within a different time reckoning of space being travelled. Perhaps in 313 the protein of the passengers experienced aging and death as expected in under nourishment through three decades or more or as in the case of Flight 914, a different time speed which did not alter the passengers so much; or more swiftly as in a blackhole which did not extend matter related to the plane was surmised. In fact, our psychic investigator Ramon Ramoncito Capito became interested in these fantastic flights because of the recently missing Malaysian Air Lines MH 370 bound from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China. He said something like this may happen.

However, Sanhedrin editorial staff easily debunked these fantastic flights since no link to the truth can be found. For instance, the official list of air lines and their alleged missing flights can not be substantiated even as there are names involved and researched. In trying to meet lost expectations as missing flights I have no recourse but to focus on another fantastic flight. In fact, Dr. de los Santos believes that 313 and 914 are so related as to be within the same conspiratorial set of minds as 300 x 3 = 900 and 13 is simply followed by 14.

This alleged flight is the Buraqh Flight from Mecca to Jerusalem and involved a fleet of flyers which include Mohammed, the Founder of Islam and Isah, one of the Islamic prophets but better known among Christians as Jesus Christ.

This flight which is not among the missing flights of aviation history is important in that it gives credence to the pre-eminence of Mohammed as the sealing prophet of Islam, the bond that links Islam to Christianity and the existence of Heaven, in muslim terms; among other things. Let me therfore consider them one by one as a former muslim and as a convert to Christianity:

  1. The pre-eminence of Mohammed as the Sealing Prophet of the True Religon. Isah, though also a prophet flew with mohammed to Jerusalem on this same night. However, Mohammed alone had the prestige to ride Buraqh, the winged horse with the head of a human person. In fact, the temperamental Buraqh had been rebuked first and reminded how important his passenger would be before Mohammed rode him and had to behave first. Arriving in Jerusalem, Mohammed led the prayers with Isah (Jesus) only being part of the praying retinue. Surprisingly, although Mohammed took the effort to climb up to heaven, he also meets Isah there.
  2. The bond that links Islam to Christianity. It has long been established that Jesus and the Virgin Mary are well recognized even by the Quran. But this flight provides vital insight into another great link. Islamic literature would show how Mohammed revered Jerusalem even before establishing the pre-eminence of Mecca in his gesture of facing even it in some of his personal activities. While some Islamic scholars may dismiss the Petra (Becca)-Mecca link, the record of Mohammed’s night journey to Jerusalem makes an indesputable link of Islam to Judaism and especially Christianity. Take note however that after the destruction og Jerusalem in 70 AD establishes the fact that there was no structure of reknown there specifically on the Temple Mount until the Caliphate which also recorded no structure during the Islamin conquest decided to build a Musjid and the Dome of the Rock which the Islamists decided was where Mohammed started his ascento to Heaven. Then, to which mosque structure was Mohammed referring to when he led Isah and the others into prayer. The muslims haven’t conquered Jerusalem yet when the flight was made? And then also, the Temple of the Mount was still in the utter state of rubble!
  3. The Existence of an Islamic heaven. Allegedly, Mohammed climbed the layers of heaven starting from the promintory now within The Dome of the Rock. I would no longer take the pains here of elaborating what he saw and who he met in heaven. Precise to say that by all appearances, he was most welcome there. But Isah in Christianity redeemed all men from sin by His singular sacrificial act of dying and being resurrected. He had to die on the cross. But Mohammed scoffs at this as just a deception made by Allah for Jesus never died on the cross. Hence now we have Muslim jihadist meriting heaven and the 70+ naiads who would await each terrorist-martyr to give him sexual pleasures. This is heaven according to Mohammed.

But my studies disclosed something more. Mohammed was actually trying to meet his old flame cousin who fled from Saná and has returned a widow. But Mohammed was discovered while waiting at the chance and therefore had to make up a story why he had to be there. This was how the fantastic flight to Jerusalem and back was explained by him to the mob that has gathered. Thanks for the lovely inspiration of an unrequited love, Buraq flight from Mecca to Jerusalem and back completed Islam’s theology.

Now, enough with the missing flights that reappear after more than 30 years. We have now a flight completed, even with a side trip to Heaven, and back from where it all started, an air strip in Mecca built on sand and a fantastic flight which did not lose any one but could cause the loss of a countless number of souls.

Tariq Sulayman
Fancy Kite Flyer

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