The Ten Horns of the Beast

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Incredible as it may seem, the ten horns of the mysterious beast found in the Book of Revelations have already been identified.


Incredible as it may seem, the ten horns of the mysterious beast found in the Book of Revelations have already been identified.


Yes, because as far as I can see, at that time the Apostle writing the Apocalypse he in Ephesus which is now part of Turkey but was part of the Roman empire then. He was particularly given prophetic insight about the continent then, where he took care of the Woman who was referred to by the crucified Christ as His mother, “behold thy son”. The prophecy therefore is focused on the actual continent of Europe as Rome was the capital of the empire.

Closer to the Turkish people and their land, we can cite the Suevi of Portugal and the Visigoths of Spain both in the Iberian Peninsula. The Suevi or Swebi kingdom in what is now known as Portugal is only short-lived after its capital of Bracara was destroyed by the Visigoths. The Suevi in fact, was a Germanic tribe which had roots and relations with those who settled in the Danube and elsewhere. Suevi is related to Ebe and Swabia cultures. On the other hand, the Visigoths were a wandering Germanic people who later settled in Gaul and expanded to what is now known as Spain. Its Arian king Euric was later defeated by Clovis and the Visigothic kingdom which had its capital in Toulouse declined because of the Franks. Now, these two horns could be the first two horns of the beast which will rise in Europe to give rise to the or become two horns of the apocalyptic beast.


It’s sad to say that the Anglo-Saxons of England and the Franks from France could make up for the two other horns which will wear crowns during the time of the beast which will rise from the sea. These early inhabitants of England were polytheistic heathens whose belief system have gods such as Woden, Thunor and Tiw. They are people who could catch you with their artful wiles but are also warriors with knives. Franks comprise the people etymologically-speaking which meant “free” or “fierce” (Germanic-javelin). They are the people which brought about the Merovingian and Carolingian empires.

These two peoples who fought the hundred years war among other wars are actually related to each other having only the English Channel as their definitive divide. Distinct but distinguished, the Anti-Christ would not probably lose them as European assets. The gradual Islamization of France and the unique independence of the Anglican church (Anglicanism) could probably contribute to their being assets.


As a builder, I would like to focus on Burgundians of Switzerland and the Alemanni of Germany. If one notices, Germanic tribes seemed to be always interrelated with the groupings we have made as in the case again of the Alemanni which even stabilized the Merovingian as well as the Carolingian empires. The Swiss cantons in fact are small Alemanni governments. While Burgundian means high and mighty, Alemanni means all men or to be more particular “All men of the Germanic tribes in a confederacy”.

I therefore focus on high and mighty men who influence worldwide financing possible only in a very pronounced neutral state where no entity is supposed to lay hold on monies protected by Switzerland’s historical neutrality. And now possibly, with the presence of the Sankt Gallen Mafia there. The warlike disposition of the Germanic federated states is in itself a reputation which the future beast can depend on.


As a Roman, I would insist on Lombards of Italy. This Germanic tribe originated from Sweden and made a name for themselves in history by conquering most of Italy and making it the Kingdom of the Lombards or the Langobardus (literally long beards). They are also related to the Swabia and have also settled in Pannonia (Hungary). Since Rome would be the place where the Beast would seduce mankind as the anti-Christ, it behooves that Italy, and therefore, the Lombards’ roots will be utilized. It is therefore very possible that the tribe rooted in Italy will be the one which will be used by the anti-Christ. Incidentally, the old name of the Lombards is the Winnili which means wolf people. This could be related to the legend of Romulus and Remus, feral children who were raised by a she-wolf and according to the legend are the founders of Rome.


Despite their being uprooted, I earnestly believe that any one of the three tribes could possibly the one which could be used by the anti-Christ someday. I am referring to the Herule, Vandal and Ostrogoth tribes. These three are the most oblivious groups of people and their roots are the hardest to trace nowadays. However, their migrations are traced to a land near the Danube and also by the Sea of Azov. Also called Heruli, they are the etymological source of the title earl (Eruli, Erule) and associated with the raiding Scythians. They were expelled by the Danes from Scandinavia a troublesome people.

The Vandals on the other hand refer to the Germanic people who were first thought to have occupied Southern Poland which also had Scandinavian origin. They are known to have crossed the Pyrenees into Spain and occupied its northern parts Their sacking of Rome and pointless destruction of the places they conquer made their name associated with pointless destruction even of valuable and beautiful things.

The Ostrogoths were Gothic people who were made distinct from the Goths of Hispania. The Ostrogoths or Austergoths were once Roman federates who later on fought against Rome and formed their own kingdom. Having settled in Spain and also being partly instrumental to the fall of the roman empire, the Ostrogoths left a legal code which no longer distinguished between Romani and Gothi. They called their own subjects Hispani, the precursor of Hispania or Spain.

But we, brothers would rather say that when we speak of the despicable anti-Christ, we should expect the unexpected. There are so many groups of people which may still qualify as the one from where the anti-Christ could hail from. Let us take the Scythians, for this people are also marauders having defeated their equally raiding rival, the Cimmerians. And both aside from their military prowess are likewise materialistic. And why are we leaving out the Phrygians whose caps capped the religion of Mithraism and was definitely a rival to Christianity with its mysterious brotherhood? The Phrygians have their kingdom with what is Anatolia and was geographically located in central Turkey where the Beloved Apostle warned the seven churches of Asia. Turkey is both Middle Eastern and European and would qualify as the root of the said beast. Then there were the Huns who once controlled some of the tribes mentioned above until Atilla died. We would therefore even consider the Urdu-and Hindi-speaking peoples {Indo-Persian culture} being Middle Eastern in origin and quite mysterious in their stance such as the Pakistani and the Hindus.

Even the geopolitical factor can be considered as a factor in the probability. Yes, Rome qualifies very well as the center or the stage where the anti-Christ is to hold sway because it has seven hills and is drunk with the blood of martyrs. But our brothers have found out that it’s not just Rome which could qualify because there are many cities with seven hills. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that Washington, D.C. is also drunk with the blood of martyrs, that is the blood of aborted children and Moscow has done it earlier so that the Muscovites can work in collective farms and factories. Tehran is a metropolis with seven cities within and had its share of bloodbaths in the days of old. And perhaps because the Saudis contend that so many prophets are buried in Mecca, it is also a contender with it seven jubals.

Of course, we do not want to confuse you but prophetic language is so mysterious that so many possibilities could occur. However, one can limit it down to some delimiting factors inherent in the prophecies concerning the anti-Christ. For instance, it is said that the person is from Arab stock which is why we say, he is a middle easterner. The present exodus from Arab countries into Europe particularly France makes a possible candidate to easily be in Rome as Italy is also a place of migration. Then the prophecy says that he is the product of an incestuous relationship and was conceived in a place which had to be desecrated. The parents are a bishop and a nun and the progeny is from the tribe of Dan. Therefore, we have churches with existing bishops and nuns as candidates including the Orthodox churches and even the Anglican, Maronite and Coptic churches. There are many places of worship which were once places of worship but are now abandoned because of political reasons and as in the case of the Catholic Church, afflicted by the winds of change which followed Vatican II. But the cryptic phrase from the tribe of Dan may also be interpreted as something like having been expelled by the Danes as a troublesome people not necessarily indicative of the racial stock.

Concerning symbols, Constantine the Great made use of the chi-rho wherein the XP combined are symbolic of Jesus Christ. This was also used by the Kingdom of Galicia or the Regnum Suevorum (Suevi or Suebi) as its official symbol from 409 to 585 when it was conquered by the Visigoths. The Lombards also used the chi-rho as a symbol of Regno Longobardo before they were defeated by the Franks. Perhaps, this can also be of used in solving the puzzle.

— Icarus Leido and Dale St. Oz

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