Accusing Jesus

Karam Mazinger Zingh

I always wanted to be in. To be in nowadays, as a modernist, is to accuse Christ of anything. Anything at all. And I , someone who has found immortality has found youth, through witchcraft, and filthy wealth as my lasting inheritance. My name is not important for you but I would sure be remembered by those who somehow, for any reason at all, like the modernists, in order to attack Christ, will endeavor to remember. I am the young rich man who has approached Christ and told Him that I follow the commandments. And yet, what did He do, he even insulted me by saying that the rich will have a hard time passing through the eye of the needle. Goodness, after following all the commandments, this is all I would get. For some, Jesus, the rabbi may be such a gentle person but even more than 2,000 years ago, all I have in my recollection is the pain of being rejected. For how would you feel if someone tells you to leave all your riches behind in order that I could follow Him.

How is it possible for me to honor my parents, if I were to abandon all the wealth I have which was my inheritance and the wealth I myself has accumulated and entrusted to me even as a young man whereas I have done the best, increasing the talents that was left to me to manage, for prosperity’s sake. This so-called Messiah has indeed haven’t read Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman of the World” and therefore I would rather assign His fate to “The Christ Commission”. Having been insulted like this, I now relish on the fact that he has now fewer adherents and that mean like me, who defy Him, are destined to be deified. I thank therefore, my brothers who have painstakingly worked through the centuries that which he has established and now find Him a culprit of dubious tradition which I could now accuse for worst.

I therefore stand before you now and point at Him Who had mercilessly made us look so bad before the multitudes as I accuse Him of the following;

  1. For Portraying Himself as King
    Who in his right mind would believe that He is King when:
    a) He is just the son of a carpenter, even if some take this man as a tekton?
    b) He is just the son of a woman who is just an expert on clothing and mantles.
    c) He has only done humble jobs such as carpentry, shepherding and fishing.
    d) He is not recognized by Rome, unlike the Herodians.
    e) The family line of King David had already been long uprooted.
    f) And so, where is His kingdom?
    g) Even the Jews never acknowledged Him!
  2. For Portraying Himself as Messiah
    Who would believe Him as Messiah when:
    a) There were Messiahs before Him and were easily defeated.
    b) He does not have an armed following such as the Zealots.
    c) He has never been known as a warrior.
    d) He didn’t even have a horse to ride but an ass.
    e) He could not even save his cousin, John.
    f) Rather than setting people free, his followers were imprisoned, even killed.
    g) Even the Jews did not recognize Him as Messiah, and are still waiting.
  3. For Portraying Himself a Healer:
    Who would believe Him to be a healer when:
    a) He has blinded so many people into following Him.
    b) He is stone deaf to deaf to Pharisees, Sadducees and people like me.
    c) He had made a swineherd lose his job.
    d) He had made Pilate’s wife anxious about a dream.
    e) He snubbed the Syro-Phoenician woman.
    f) Only one of the nine ex-lepers thanked Him.
    g) The one he told to be quiet about his being able to walk again made noise.
    h) He used spittle as cure.
    i) He practiced illegal medicine, as He had no license.
    j) He engaged with dead prophets like Elijah and Moses (Spiritism!)
  4. For Being Portrayed as a “Wonderful Counselor”
    How can He be called a “Wonderful Counselor” whereas:
    a) He made dignified and well-placed people suffer anxious guilt.
    b) He encouraged breaking the Law of Sabbath, Mosaic law on stoning, etc.
    c) He broke the natural law when He raised Lazarus from death.
    d) He counseled people against prosperity such as myself.
    e) He wasted expensive perfume just for His feet which is too opulent.
    f) He encouraged strange behavior like using hair as foot towel.
    g) He abandons many just for one which is undemocratic.
    h) He encourages sloth because Mary wouldn’t help Martha.
    i) He played favorites among fishermen with two catching more.
    j) He said sinners will enter heaven first!
  5. For Portraying Himself a “Ladies’ Man”
    He must have been a Lady Killer because:
    a) He made the women of Jerusalem cry.
    b) He could cleverly save an adulteress.
    c) He would find time talking to a woman fetching water from the well.
    d) He made Pilate’s wife dream about Him.
    e) The Syro-Phoenician woman was obsessed to touch Him.
    f) He didn’t even marry one showing that He does not like commitment.
    g) He prefers a widow’s mite over the one from the Pharisee.

Now, I can give you more arguments because I felt myself humiliated by this Man. What a waste, for could have voluntarily given Him funds for His movement but no, he was too proud to accept me. It doesn’t matter now if I belong to the Freemasons or the Eagles or the UHAW (Union of Husbands Afraid of Wives) Condom Minions or even the Columbuses of the Nights. Actually, you can contact our movement and organization presented below which are the Feasting Love Organization for Prosperity (FLOP) and the Kauravas and Pandavas for Unity in Society (KAPUS) which is under the umbrella organization , the Kurutsheva. Our motto is “Defy God, deify man!”. He applied on me that ‘Eye of the Needle’ parable and pricked my pride. Now, see Who gets crucified!

Richard Wansah Youngman, Esq.
C/O Mahindra Singh Zingh
Kurutsheva Organization (K.O.)
13 F/B Sahib Raj Condominium,
616 Vikata, Rd., Amritsar, Punjab, India

I am writing this for the rich young man who was denied and snubbed by Jesus. May Peace be Upon Him despite what he did to him.

-Sir Richard W. Youngman

Karam Mazinger Zingh
President for Life
Perla del Mar Fans Club

President Emeritus
UHAW Party List
Philippine Chapter

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