What is Feng Shui?

Jude Missa

This February, many Chinese are preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Initially, only the Chinese celebrated it, but some countries, including the Philippines, began to celebrate it as it was recognized as one of their holidays. Feng Shui masters are being hired by many individuals, including entrepreneurs, to seek assistance and bring prosperity to their businesses. But the question is, is it safe to use Feng Shui for Catholics?
Let’s begin by discovering what Feng Shui is.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui means wind and water, and it is an ancient Chinese art of placement. This traditional Chinese concept pertains to the fate of humans and their environment. It has connections to other religions such as Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Shinto, and Vashtu Shastri. It was documented in 960 BC and it emerged during 770 BC under the Zhou Dynasty.
In Feng Shui, there are two schools: the Farm school concentrates on visuals, while the Compass School concentrates on direction. It also has three components, Yin, Yang, and Chi. And they used items to identify where the positive and negative flow of energy was. Which Feng Shui masters are used to help entrepreneurs and ordinary people have more luck in their businesses?
Is it Okay to practice Feng Shui?
No. It will pose a threat to our soul. Feng Shui Masters advocated for a spirit or chi that is not derived from God. Father Jojo Zerrudo, an exorcist and well-known Priest who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass in Quezon City, explained that practicing Feng Shui is a way for the devil to attack us. He stated that the first commandment is directly violated by Feng Shui and other superstitious practices that bring good luck.
Why is Feng Shui directly against the First Commandment?
Because Feng Shui is not from God and Jesus never taught us about it. Even the Apostles or their disciples did not teach it. The Chi or energy that the Chinese believe is not from God. God can perform miracles and any impossible tasks, such as making the Saints fly in the air and performing bilocation. The Devil also possesses power, and this Chi from Feng Shui is their means of accessing your soul.
Why is it dangerous for our souls?
Feng Shui or any good luck beliefs will lead us away from God through this. The devil uses Feng Shui to make you not believe in God. Your sole focus will be on the good luck that Feng Shui will bring you.
Is there proof that Feng Shui does not work?
Yes, and actually, one of the proofs happened recently, which was the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a Feng Shui Master on TV, 2020 will be a year of good fortune for many businesses. But what happened is the opposite. Due to the virus, numerous businesses were halted and some were shut down for good, resulting in many job losses. Even though he was criticized, he still stated that the Year has not come to a close yet. But the situation remains unchanged until 2021. Feng Shui originated from China. Ironically, China is also where COVID-19 originated. Many entrepreneurs and ordinary people have proof that it works, including the Chinese, which is why there are people who believe in Feng Shui. They were unaware of the fact that most Chinese are skilled businessmen and have the ability to handle money efficiently.
Can I place Feng Shui items in my house?
If it’s for decoration, you can do it. If it’s for the purpose of Feng Shui, it’s not advisable because it will attract energy or spirits that are not from God. Just like Yoga, you can practice it as a regular exercise but not as a ritual. Buying an image of the Saints to be blessed in the church is a better option than buying or decorating Feng Shui items or items for good luck. These items are not meant to bring good luck, but rather to commemorate Saints, particularly the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom we can ask for God’s help.
Brethren, our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us the way through His Apostles and the Church. Feng Shui is a Pagan ritual that should be avoided. To succeed in business and make money, it’s crucial to work hard, be smart, and trust in God. He will never abandon us. If we fail to do something, it means it’s not for us. Or God wants us to fail so that we can learn not to give up and have faith in him. It’s important for us to trust God because He also trusts you to believe in Him. If you have achieved what you desired, make sure to thank Him by attending the Holy Mass and lighting a candle to express gratitude.

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