Who Are The Saints?

Jude Missa

As Catholics, we often encounter the word “Saints” – in the church, in a Catholic website, from priests, nuns, people who serve the church or from religious people. In our generation, we often hear about some well-known saints like the Blessed Virgin May, Saint Joseph, Saint John, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Rose, Saint Therese and Saint Padre Pio. But what are “saints” really? Who are they? Let’s talk about them and how does one become a Saint.

Who are the Saints?

The Saints are ordinary people who lived holy, obedient to God and who are now in Heaven with our Lord. The word saint is from the Latin word “Sanctus” which means Holy. Even though the Saints are now in Heaven, they still care for the people who still struggle here on earth. They pray for us to God.

Does the Bible say anything about the Saints?

Yes, the Saints are often mentioned in the New Testament, including the Acts and the Epistles.

Is the Blessed Virgin Mary a Saint?

Yes, she is not only a saint but also the Queen of all Saints.

Are the Saints dead?

The earthly body of the Saints died, but their souls lives in heaven. This becomes an argument by the protestants and some other Christian sects because according to them. we cannot pray to the saints because they are dead. We cannot Ignore the fact that the saints are alive in heaven. Remember, “God is not the God of the dead, but of the living” (Mark 12:27).

Is there a Saint Living on Earth?

Yes, maybe they are not proclaimed yet but the Church is a loving church which have living saints. These saints are living their life in holy, like the apostles and the evangelists. And living saints who performed miracles during their time like Saint Martin de Porres, Saint Joseph of Cupertino, Saint Pius X and Saint Padre Pio.

Can one become a Saint if he or she was Canonized by the Catholic Church?

A Saint will never call himself a saint if he or she is a living saint. But once his work is done on earth, that is the time to evaluate him or her as one. The Catholic Church beatify and canonize a person in order to recognize him as a saint, so the church will declare an official intercession to this saint. Take note that the Catholic Church does not make or create a saint. This become a argument by the other Christian religion because the Christians who are living on earth are saints, not the ones who died. Yes living person can become a saint but, they become holier in heaven.

If a person was not canonized by the Church as a saint, does it mean that this person is not in heaven?

No, there are many saints that only God knows. The church recognizes some individuals as being saints after thorough study and investigation. But it doesn’t mean that a saintly person who is not yet recognized by the church is not a saint. God’s recognition is utmost.

Does the Saints go through the Purgatory?

Yes. The saints also go through the purgatory. The souls in purgatory can go to heaven but need to be purged because only the holy can see God. That is why the souls in purgatory are often called the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Who can become a Saint?

Everyone is called to become a Saint. It is up to us to answer that call and try to live this world in holiness. A Saint is not necessary a priest, a nun, an altar server or a pope. He can be a soldier like Saint George, a lawyer like Saint Thomas More, a doctor like Saint Joseph Moscati, a parent like the parents of Saint Therese, Saint Loius and Zelie Martin. Anyone can become a saint, even the criminals. Sinners can become saints. So while we are living in this world, we must push ourselves to be holy. If it is difficult for us to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, let’s ask the Blessed Virgin Mary and the other saints to help us, so we become the Saints for our Lord.

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