The Liturgical Colors Used at the Holy Mass

Jude Missa

During the Holy Mass, you will notice that the priest’s and the sacred vessels’ color changes during an important feast like the Holy Week and Christmas. The Catholic church has liturgical colors that has been used during the Holy Mass. These are not just colors; they also have meanings and symbolisms. It is very important for the Church to use these colors on important feasts, which serves as a reminder for the faithful about the current season.

WHITE – Symbolized Purity. White was used during the Feast of our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saints who are not martyrs.

RED – Symbolized Love. It was used during the Feast of the Holy Spirit, Precious Blood of our Lord and for the Saints who are martyrs.

VIOLET – Symbolized Penitence. It was used during the season of penitence including the Advent and Holy Week.

BLACK – Symbolized Mourning. It was used during Good Friday and often used during the Funeral Mass or Requiem Mass.

GREEN – Symbolized Hope. Often used during the ordinary days. It also symbolized the Holy Spirit.

ROSE – Symbolized Joy. It was used during the third Sunday of Advent and fourth Sunday of Quaresma.

BLUE – This is for the Dioceses of Spain during the Holy Mass for the Immaculate Conception. It is also used in other countries like the Philippines which have the Blessed Virgin Mary as their patroness.

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