The Saints Who Were Removed from the Liturgical Calendar

Jude Missa

In the coming feast of All Saints, we, as Catholics, should honor all the Saints instead of participating in evil costume parties like wearing nightmarish creatures. These Saints are holy men and women who are already in Heaven with the Lord. However, most of us do not know that there are Saints that was removed from liturgical calendar and the media called them downgraded saints. Some of these saints are very popular in the Church in many centuries, including St. Christopher, St. Ursula, St. Nicholas (popularly known as Santa Claus), St. George and St. Philomena.

Why these Saints are removed from the Liturgical Calendar? 

During the Vatican II under the reign of Pope Paul VI in 1969, these saints were removed because of lack of documents about their life and treat them as a myth. Except for St. Cecilia, who was not removed from the Calendar because of popular devotion to her. The Vatican II was influenced by the protestants who rely only in the scriptures and not in the Sacred Oral Tradition. Though this saint has lack of documents about their life, their story lives in Sacred Oral Tradition. 

Is it true that these Saints never existed? 

No. They really exist. One of the proofs of their existence is their tombs like the tombs of St. Nicholas, St. George and St. Philomena. Another proof is the apparition of the Fourteen Holy Helpers in Bavaria Germany, where the Saints removed from the Liturgical Calendar are a member of the Holy Helpers such as St. Christopher, St. George and St. Barbara. 

Are these Saints not Saints anymore? 

No. They still venerate as Saints but the celebration of their feast day is now optional. It doesn’t mean that they were removed to the liturgical calendar means they are no saints anymore. 

Jesus said to St. Peter, the first Pope “And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.” Does it mean that the Pope has a power to remove the Saints in Heaven? 

No. The Pope is just a man and not a God. He cannot remove saints from Heaven if he removes them from the Liturgical Calendar or from the list of the venerate saints. God is the only person who makes a person a Saint and His knows us very well, even the Saints so He knows who are worthy to be with Him in Heaven. 

Are there Catholic Churches that still celebrate the feats day of the Saints that were removed from the Liturgical Calendar?

 Yes, there are. Most of them is the Traditional Catholic Societies and churches who have this saint as their Patron. 



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