Defending the Sacred Tradition Part 7 – Covid19, The Traditional Mass and the Pope

Jude Missa

Traditional Catholic societies have suffered in the past because of their brethren in the Church. They condemned the movement of these societies because they believe that the traditional way of life is not fitting in with the modern world, just like the Vatican II taught. Though many Catholics, including those who did not experience the Tridentine Rite, treat the Novus Ordo Mass as the Traditional one. Even though the Novus Ordo Mass started out as solemn, it has gradually introduced more Protestant gestures that remove the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

This generation today, including the modernists, hates the traditional rite because it is boring and it does not make them feel happy. They also defend that the Novus Ordo Mass is in the original form of the mass that our Lord Jesus Christ celebrates in the Last Supper. Because it returns the original form which is a meal, a banquet, that is why many people and the priest do many things that offend God and His Holy Mass, like the Clown Mass, dancing and clapping, and the latest one is a DJ priest. Because of Vatican II, many people do not know that true essence of the Mass, it’s a Holy Sacrifice. Not knowing this, in the sacred scriptures, early Christians in the time of the apostles offended our Lord when they got drunk during the Holy Mass, which St. Paul Apostle rebuked, and reformed by St. Peter with other apostles by removing the meal/banquet.

In 2020, when the Coronavirus or Covid19 became widespread, businesses, schools, offices, and even the church closed to stop the virus from spreading. The faithful, who were suffering from anxiety as a result of the pandemic, wanted to reach out to God, so many of them went to church outside. While the church followed the trend of online meetings and held an online Mass, the people wanted to be close to God now that there was a deadly virus roaming around. Until the SSPX opens its door for the people to confess and attend the Mass, which one of its churches made a legal process to continue. Traditional Catholic faithful who do not attend the SSPX’s Mass went to their own churches, including the popular Catholic author and YouTube commentator, Taylor Marshall. Since it was the only church open for confession and Holy Mass, many faithful who did not know the Traditional Mass discovered this Holy Mass and began to attend it. This pandemic has given us suffering, but it is also becoming a blessing in disguise because most of the faithful are discovering it and loving it. They are also learning the true nature of the Mass, its Holy sacrifice.

Because the Traditional Mass becomes the faithful’s center of attention, it also caught the attention of the Papal Office. Our current Pope, Pope Francis is not a fan of the Traditional Latin Mass. Unlike his predecessor, the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, where he allowed the Tridentine Mass to be celebrated under the name of the Extraordinary Mass. He restricted it and assign the Traditional societies to celebrate the Traditional Mass in a place that most people will not able to attend (except for SSPX). That is why some traditional societies voice their right to continue this Holy Mass like the YouTube page Mass of the Ages and Taylor Marshall.

We may live in the contemporary world, but this does not mean we have to follow in faith the same way as others. There is only one person to follow, and that’s Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life. We can learn about him from the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels, and the saints, and this includes receiving Holy Communion in the Traditional Holy Mass in a way that honors and respects him the way he deserves.

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