5G and Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

As I write this for you, clever men and women of the internet-telecommunications industry are already deploying smaller 5G towers and cell sites across the world. This technology will indeed make uploading and downloading of information much faster than it already is. This must be wonderful news. However, studies from 3G to 4G technology allude to the fact that there is a great danger to humanity already exposed to them, how much more if we use 5G technology?

5G means fifth-generation technology. No one would, however that the G refers to gigabytes, as a measure of gravity.  When I say gravity, I just don’t mean the magnetic pull of the Earth which makes us grounded or fall.  I mean that the greater the gravity, the closer it brings the person exposed to the grave. Oh, yes, I must be exaggerating but that is the luxury of freedom just to elicit an analogy with remembering.

In 5G technology, they will be building small towers with much smaller ranges.  Hence, in more developed countries, one would see fewer taller towers which are akin to the Eiffel Tower progenies. There will be these troll-like facilities and yet these dwarves will be more efficient in bringing about or receiving around communications.

In the latest research, believe it or not, as the G always grow one generation to another, the following ailments are found to have been caused by the G’s: visual problems, fatigue and vertigo, infertility, headaches and dizziness, congenital disabilities, heart diseases, cancer, brain tumors, negative sleep patterns, and much more that already sounds familiar.

But you will be surprised! I am not going to name these telecommunications companies or attack them.  For all you know, they can just dismiss it as another urban legend, or a mere conspiracy theory of people who relish in technologies. And let me surprise you indeed, that there is another set of 5G that causes anxiety disorder for the modern man.

Tah Dah! Let me introduce to you my other set of 5G more damaging than any telecommunication or electromagnetic field radio interference to mankind.  Let me enumerate them as Gravity, Gunderson, Greed, Gluttony, and Galivanting.

Galivanting is so easy to identify.  Galivanting can simply be galvanized to include persistence in one’s comfort zone or aversion to challenges, especially work.  In its worst form, it is procrastination and sloth.  Its beginning indicators could be hesitation, immediately, and resisting waking up and reporting to one’s responsibility. The galivant will give you a lot of reasons for his resistance but, later on, he will be too anxious to catch up on something or grieve over his inability to take action.  He may blame you for not facing him into doing it.  And now, he is anxious about life for not doing what should have done.

Gluttony is also easily identifiable.  Too much intake of food and drinks are marked symptoms of gluttony.  It is psychologically gratifying for one to consume goods that were not readily available to him before.  Besides, the heresy of consumerism gives him enough reason to take them all.  The eat-all-you-can habit can bring about anxiety later when one gets sick.  The human intestines are not cans, they were not made of tin.  Too much booze makes one ooze involuntarily. Drunkenness and intoxication easily bring about anxiety when one wonders what he has done before he wakes up to reality.

But greed is not only focused on food and drinks.  Greed teaches one to be preoccupied with ownership.  Hence, there is greed for fame and power which affects prominent people, especially politicians.  Aside from material greed which enables them to amass and collect many properties they do not need, greedy people also need so much attention that they would resort to envy and jealousy if they feel suddenly deprived.  They have large monstrous hearts that would crave for more when they have already so much.

But then, fostered by envy and jealousy, greedy people have redefined gender.  Genderism is preoccupied with sex, its roles, functions, and nuances. Today, we have to contend with the gender equality fallacy as if it were the greatest good for mankind.  It has come to a point wherein straight men have become a minority and homosexuality the “in” thing. I had to correct a mustached supervisor telling teachers that the DepEd is still discriminating against the influx of gay teachers.  I sit on the selection board and so I had to expose his lie for DepEd had never placed it as a factor for disqualification and told him point-blank that there are more of them in the successful candidates.

But por vida, a psychologist cannot expound anymore to a practicing lesbian about Freud’s penis envy, for she is just living a lifestyle.  It was even harder for me as a child protection specialist to define gang rape made by male homosexuals on a very young student who misbehaved against his gay teacher.  And because of man’s greed the LGBTQ community needed to add a + sign because they may be other types of genderism that may still be discriminated upon.  I am afraid a day will come when this queer conviction will allow a daughter or a son with a complex to make it out with her or his parent because living the complex was only a lifestyle.  And God forbid for the bestial to live his life copulating with animals in the open because anyway it is his “human” rights dictated lifestyle.

And so, proud as these men are for their “God(?)-given” rights, you know now the gravity of the world situation.  And all of these are interconnected on the internet of human behavior tapestry which can only be seen as gravity.  Gravity as in, not only severe or urgent, in the SUG test of potential problems.  There was a time when a neurotic personality was simply defined as someone with an aberration but can still function very well in society.  Well, that classic classroom definition is well applied nowadays for those with aberrations are simply told that this is their lifestyle. Lifestyle my foot, because they are still causes of human anxiety, and to label them as simple lifestyle are living a lie. These so-called lifestyles are sources of human anxiety disorder, no matter how we dress them up.  The gender icing will simply melt when the truth is left in McArthur Park.

For me, gravity is not only about spoiled gravy. It is vice that leads us to the grave, believing that one’s chosen lifestyle is the greater truth.   There is no greater truth, there is only one truth.  Any form of gravity is anti-life because they are forms of vice made to appear virtuous.  That is why it can only orient a practitioner to its grave consequence.

AIDS is severe, even if one has the means to buy his maintenance medicine. The telecommunications 5G is an urgent concern, it would make millions of people sick upon worldwide installation. But the 5G I  told you about is grave and its effects are 6 ft. deep.


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