In Trance

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

While the Advocate has His holy outpouring

Spiritu Mundi itself had its own inception

In trance, possessed modern man perchance progressing

Boasting, lusting, seducing; in deep deception

He hooks modern man in the alchemy of drugs

And preys on him through cosmetology, changing

The face of crime, sanitizing the mummy rugs

Introducing fallen stars, for worshipping,

Body is bound and soul is made captive, and so

His dream-like trance’s in multiverse rising,

With the tips of his fingers, like God, he would know

Everything and woe, he will join the uprising

Entranced he’ll dream a life but – forever?

Virtual reality bites, the fire dousing never.

– Daniel Santos

I am using the sonnet above as a springboard for this essay. If i were to paraphrase the first two lines, it simply implies preparations of a spiritual warfare. While the Paraclete who will teach the complete truth has His holy outpouring, the spirit of the world itself had already made preparations. In fact, his preparations are more vicious and pernicious as they begin with a covert inception, like the insidious growth of a parasite or a virus.

The way that the spirit of the world campaigns of its presence is loud but deceiving using the vices of modern man and altering his mind through the use of drugs, which was once called witchcraft, and making beautiful what is ugly when he still had the perception of reason. But even the by-products of death are now clear before his eyes for he has fallen into a new kind of idolatry. He now worships a different set of stars, from politics to entertainment, from entertainment to science and a combination and some unholy additive to all these.

With all these proddings, he continues to live his dream-like trance. He is awed by the unreal provisions of the multiverse and all the pleasures for his mind and heart are provided for as a god could command through his fingertips. Such as the power of the internet and the gadgets that have cursed him to think this way.

Given the predilection and the power to be like God, even feeling secure with the numbers of souls afflicted as he is, and creating a programmed universe of his own; he is now willing to join the rebellion against God. Fed with the numbing qualities of both diabolical and technological foods for the soul, he regales in his newfound experience of power that is absolute.

The Illuminati, after all, are correct in their discernment. With the nascent rise of modern men as early as the Renaissance and the expression of a newfound freedom expressed in the French Revolution, he now realizes that there is no need for a God.

The communists, after all, are correct in their ideology. It is only in a classless society where there is still freedom, equality and fraternity. Classes only bring about superstition and religion, the opium of the people. And so, why is there still a need for a God?

But each trance is only temporal. There will come a time when the trance will end. All man-made works of art despite the use of technology could not stand the test of time. The magic of parallel universes and their portals of seduction do not last forever; as their inhabitants are not really immortal. As also are the controls of a programmed multiverse where one plays god to his own creation.

Woe to the mystical Frankenstein for he does not even have the real gift of reason to ask why? Woe to the mystical golem for it does not have the real spirit to be alive. They were just in trance as many of mankind are.

And when many of mankind if not most are living in trance, they will feel the fire and could not even pray. They are used to be living in trance and thought that the experience would end. But no, hell is a reality that goes beyond being just in trance.

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