In Transit

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Novos Ordo, the transition had been made the means
In which manner, the world now, in newest way spins
Everything, each being, must be given the chance and means
To deceitfully proceed with lies, errors and sins
Let all the innocent suffer, teach them false freedom
So that they can reverse, their true existence
And by their ‘own’ godless, programmed choice falsely become
An alchemic essence; substance of false existence
Make him feel good and cosmetize whatever’s evil
If he’s a boy, make him a girl; whatever he likes
Shepherd him into this transit, as if it’s his will
Subvert everything that is true; unleash! Leak the dikes
Finally the Alta Vendita is bought wholesale
Let the horns grow longer then, the scourge of the tail

– Daniel Santos

I’m using the sonnet above as the jumping board of this essay. The modern world is characterized by dynamic movement. Modernism has inculcated ideas, both ancient and radical, both customary and revolutionary to meet the needs of modern mankind.

In man’s quest to be godlike, he is no longer content with what has given him. He must find something greater as he wants to prove that he is greater than God.

Henceforth, nature as providential is not worth keeping. Modern man must add up to something that would show his godlike abilities. For this is now how the world must operate even if the addition is based on the untrue, on an apostasy or a heresy. For him, it will only be an opportunity for creative communication, being an influencer or receiving accolades for providing hearsay.

In the spiritual battles being fought as it grows into a war of attrition, the collateral damages are expendible. It is easy to copulate and populate. Let the children suffer from a helluva existence. Make the belief that every child is so beloved that he is given an angel be trashed and let her well-being be crushed. Therefore, modern man must pervert his innocence. Provide him with preternal rights such that even if he would deserve some human rights, he would be left to enjoy the experience of a demi-god. Let him choose his food, let him order what he likes using the gadget that is his first toy and let him enjoy the world as much as he can so that no heavenly idea would deceive him from his satiated nature. Then taunt him of his God-given looks. Make him aspire to change it, so that he can experience freedom. He may even cut organs if he wishes and be a transable or change his sex and be a transgender. Let him mutate to what he wants to be. For what is important is his exercise or freedom.

Then welcome him to the brotherhood of men wherein he will be accepted for what he has become. Only because he has chosen to be this and that, he can only play the role of this and that. Even as a child, his whims had been respected and now he must respect the whims of the collective brotherhood and serve as a footstool or a sex toy or whatever the new world order interprets his essence for existence.

But then, if there are others who do not belong to the programmed devices and remained straightforward and true to their birth, the let them weirdos be persecuted for they are rebels against the cause. These are the men and women who refused to be godlike. These are the men and women who believe and are afraid to go to hell. Then give them hell here on earth and let them suffer for their pride.

Even the church they once believed had been in transit. It is now more functional and responsive as a church can be. Everything has gradually changed because of the Transit, and yet, this propel did not budge; they didn’t care to change. Then prosecute them, and punish them for subverting and rebelling against their own kind. Exile them to where the suffering is greatest and never allow them any economic stability.

Everything is changed, the New World Order had emerged victorious. Now, if someone needs some fun, there’s anarchy, transformed as games, or there’s immorality to pretend somebody cares for you and perversion if you wanted more intimacy.

There is no more church where one can call on God. God has been outvoted and outmoded. Now, there is only the temple of man where man has replaced God. But there are growing rumors between the gods themselves. There are some hearsays that this god is not a real woman but is just a transgender. This is some hearsay that this man is just a mutant and was originally not that powerful. And there is a troll info that this man-god is not a real man but a real demon and does not deserve to be worshiped in the temple of men. Then let there be a revolution again!

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