Bishop Takes Knight

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Have you ever wondered in the game of chess, why the bishop is quite powerful? Well, in this series of essays, I will be explaining the matter in a manner by which the layman, the simple chess player on the street would understand.

Historically speaking, especially during the medieval times, and in fact even in the ancient times, high priests were regarded as the best advisers of the Christian King, or anyone allowed by God to sit on the throne for that matter. This is the reason why the archbishop is usually the one that crowns the king upon enthronement.

Reciprocally, the bishop is given temporal powers by the Monarch because in spite of the theoretical and sometimes practical separation of Church and state the rule of the people is coursed through the government and the church. For practical reasons, the Pope, himself is a monarch who obviously rules only a small city (Vatican) within a city (Rome) but through the different bishops of the Catholic Church may also be said to be in governance of nations where these bishops seat.

Now, in the covert spirit of Vatican II, the bishops were taught, perhaps and hopefully not by the popes recently canonized, but by the sly cardinals, to promulgate gradually an “updating” of the liturgy which mirrors the soul of the church. This revolutionary modus operandi is the novos ordo Mass in place of the Tridentine mass.

And how was this done on the militant church chessboard? The operation was the simple Iscariotal move; Bishop takes knight. Who are the ones representing the Bishop? Apparently the bishops themselves, the princes of the church, the cardinals; some if not all are active high priests; archbishops and sadly some popes who in their steep pride, would like to modernize the church.

And who would represent the Knight? These are our priests who are the ones mediating God and us, His people. They are the ones who should still keep the esprit de corps of the Church; they are the heart of the militant church. The devil would like our Church to die, and so what better way is there but to thrust a spear into the Church’s heart.

Am I saying that the devil is using our own bishops to bring death into our Church? Yes, I am and not without a good reason. However, I am not saying that all the bishops are involved nor that all of the cardinals are involved. For example, I still believe in the integrity of those nine cardinals who were involved in the Ottaviani Intervention which allowed us to see that John Paul II was not really forbidding the saying of the Latin Mass. And I believe that there are heroic bishops around who will not get involved in such apostasy such that they chose to retire to contemplative life and pray for those who kissed Jesus only to turn Him over to the temple authorities.

What are my proofs against these bishops, who are supposed to be the ones who succeeded the Apostles for the continuity of the Church? Let me enumerate some that will fill you in for the average reading time for I am myself, too lazy as a laity, to write a volume:

  1. The communist plan to infiltrate the Church. Russia has sent its boys trained to become agents that will destroy the Church. Some of them are now bishops, and even cardinals.
  2. The Alta Vendita plan of Freemasons to gradually take over the Church again by sending their covert Demolays(young Freemasons) to become agents of destruction in the Church. In a similar way, they are now bishops, and even cardinals.
    But these are conspiracy theories, one would say, and not proofs okay, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg which could sink the Titanic ship; the Catholic Church. Now, these are the more concrete proofs.
  3. The instructions of bishops to use only the Novos Ordo Missal. The Bishop takes Knight procedure here is the imposition of the new mass under the pain of obedience. As successor of Apostles, they would argue, the instruction must be followed or the knight is disobedient. Their reasons for this are as follows:
    a. There is a need for the updating of liturgy because the Church is now in modern times
    What is there to update when the mass is supposed to be a perpetual sacrifice? The protestant periti (expert advisers) of Vatican II protestantized the mass so that protestant beliefs can come in. This serious flaw is undetected by the laity.
    b. There is a need for a more active participation of the lay people
    Who are you kidding? Are not prayer responses not ACTIVE? Are eucharistic ministers even necessary? Are not church committees in fact usurping the roles of the priest?
    c. The novos ordo missae will usher in fresh converts from the other sects because the mass is now more responsive and more understood.
    Unfortunately, this is not the case. Others even treated extremely ecumenically will not enter a church which dogma is compromising. Only the dumb ones may convert and we don’t need them in our church. Quite the opposite is now happening because even our religious would prefer to retire or resign rather than take part in this tableaux. If I were a protestant,, why would I will convert to Catholicism when even its mass is already protestantized?
    d. The novos ordo missae of Paul VI has made the priest more friendly, more responsive to the people because he now faces his audience. In fact, this can be felt very well by the people because he associates with them more because of the committees and social programs of the church.
    Oh yes. Th eJudas bishops have succeeded here. Now, that the priest is no longer A SACRIFICIAL PRIEST, he becomes a counselor, facilitator, and in fact, is now, just one of the boys. In fact, he is now just an actor for a Sunday show, who must greet everybody, even hug and kiss them and show a smiling countenance while the show must go on. He is now just the president of a meeting, a gatherer of people who would want to enjoy a celebration or simply, a meal. What’s the big deal in TRANSUBSTANTIATION? Even these bishops don’t believe that.
    e. The new mass is more responsive and understood and therefore could influence the people more.
    Influence to what? To sin? The reverence to the Eucharist has greatly eroded especially when the Bishops of Kerioth started the rumor that communion using the tongue is already forbidden being unsanitary, etc. The responses of the people therefore is sin because of the irreverence you engineered, removing the communion rail and spreading the malice that communion in the tongue is already forbidden. And the understanding they now have is this, that the mass is no longer a sacrifice, that the Eucharist does not have the Real Presence, so why kneel? That the mass is just an ordinary celebration, where one can dance, kiss and do what you want since the King is not really present. So enjoy the meal called forth by the Errant Knight and then greet everybody in the mess hall which the church has become as presided by the mess sergeant who is contemplating on what bread or drink to use the next time.
    f. The novos ordo missae is recognized and authorized by the post conciliar popes, some of which are already canonized. It is therefore valid and unquestionable.
    Please don’t talk to me of canonization to me as if it its argument. The new canon law has made the proclamation of a man’s sanctity easier. But I’m glad to say that using just a kind of camera would already qualify one to be called saint. Yes, we know, it’s valid and authorized. Did you know that the black mass may be considered also as valid, in the sense that, no matter how disgusting it is for the Lord, the act of sacrificing Him is still there? Except that this time, Satan is the one being honored. And now, that the new mass is not anymore a sacrifice, may we know who we are honoring.
    Consider the offertory, there is no more mention that the things brought will be for a sacrifice. It’s just Jewish Seder blessing of the meal. So from the very start of the novos ordo, you have removed the plan of sacrificing deliberately. And you traitors have even used a prayer of those who do not recognize Christ as the Messiah.
  4.  The threats made on priests who still use the Latin or Tridentine Mass. Yes, the next Bishop takes Knight modus is more atrocious. These are actual threats made and cruelly so, even implemented when the Knight of the Immaculata; that is the faithful, unblemished knight stood his ground for sound tradition.
    a The threat of being declared schismatic
    This is only psychological projection. They themselves are the ones who apostacized by their deeds and they would like to project the loyal traditionalists as separating themselves from the Church. Are you blind, dear bishops? These are the men who are loyal to the cross. By your deeds, in fact, you are the ones who abandoned Christ and His Cause. He still wanted to dwell with us, His people through the Eucharist and you messed with His Mass.
    b The threat of being excommunicated
    Yes, in fact some of the knights, in terms of their calling, were excommunicated. However, the effects of such action are not seen in their lives thereafter. In fact, they grow in faith, holiness and charity (even towards their punishing bishops). This is an engagement question, does an act of excommunication have any value at all if it is based on the untruth. My Lord, our Catholic Lord, said He is the Way and the Truth. Now, you men of Kerioth, is this your way of imposing you will? Then the excommunication was never valid! Because you have done it against His Will and He is the Truth.
    c The threat of Apathy and ostracism.
    There were bishops in fact, who practiced these against their own priests. So what? Loyal priests can find joy in their dark night of the soul. What is to be hated and humiliated on earth to be loved and recognised as a citizen of Heaven?
    d The threat of removal of pension and welfare
    Now, these bishops are even guilty of a more perverse simony. How could you claim yourselves successors of the Apostles when you are using material comfort during old age as a leverage for your lowly impositions on your own brother disciples? Is this how you discipline your flock, by enticing your sheep, to turn into wolves for some comfort within the corral? The threat of material support, even when applied, did not cause any problem for those who remained loyal to Christ. In fact, no one had been heard yet to have starved to death because they were provided for by the people of God. For if not, even the birds could bring them bread or if the birds are out of commission, the angels would.
    e The threat of removal from parish or any spiritual assignment.
    Now, these bishops whose chancery had made them megacephalic could only go down to this wanton abuse of power. This perverse ego trip has made these bishops deaf to scandals in their diocese and blind to the gradual distinction of the Church. The removal of loyal stalwarts with mere puppet novos ordos men can only mean one thing. These bishops are not really working for Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church. They are, in fact, working against him.
    f The promise of more money.
    Yes, in fact the thirty talents principle is at work again. If a bishop has more money with the savings made on those who retired and resigned despite their being too early to do so, he can now pay for more legal silencing of homosexual scandals haunting his diocese and yes, for his hidden vices, too. The puppet priests on the other hand can have more freedom to do what they like much as fund raisings for more opulent “lifestyles”. But Our Lord said: I am the Life; the Resurrection. So, who are these cabrones kidding? They’re just a bunch of puppeteers and zombies. There’s no life in them even when they jump and prance around like hill goats.
  5.  The novos ordos is the culmination of hundred years of the growth in faith and the flowering of truth and love which led to its fruition.
    Yes, we understand that it is indeed a fruition but what kind of fruit because “by their fruits ye shall know them”. Thanks to Cardinal Hanibale Bugnini, a Freemason and his fellow traitors, including their six protestant periti; the Church now if unchecked is on its way to self-destruction.
    Consider the Prayer of Consecration and how they mutated it; first, they change the words, “for many” to “for all men”. Why will they change that? That is of course, to accommodate all including the protestants, the Buddhist, the Satanists and perhaps even the demons projecting themselves as men, the progenies of demons. Then the feminists complained and they have to accommodate them; “for all men and women” were placed instead commemorating the union of the nephilim (the sons of God) and the “daughters of men” but of course, the bishops are at least holding a patriarchal office and they intervened and that’s how we got “for all men” in the prayer.
    If it’s a culmination at all, it should be the Alta Vendita culmination where the inference of Freemasonry for the church’s destruction is now in place. St. Thomas Aquinas’ theology was the guidepost of Vatican I and Trent. Why was Thomism silenced?
  6.  The Latin Mass is no longer relevant to the Modern Church as it is a dead language. In the future, it will just be a footnote to all church references because it’s a thing of the past.
    This is a diabolical assumption. We find Latin, the living language of our Church and the Latin Mass the perpetual sacrifice which the Devil and the Anti-Christ are trying to undermine and suppress.

The present use of vernacular and dialects have, in fact, confused the faithful because even for starters, there are already Latin words which could not be translated properly in English because the meaning in its original aspect is lost. For us, the novos ordo missae simply followed the Tower of Babel syndrome. Now there’s more confusion and abuse in liturgy such as the presence of dances, pop music, use of uncanonical materials, such that the parish is being readied to perish. The mass is now simply a mess.

And so you see, it was an elaborate diabolical plan. Remove the sacrifice and there is no more need for a sacrificing priest. The Knight is unhorsed, he has no longer access to his liturgy and can only fight on foot. And the loyal knights are doing just that.

Sometimes, these loyal priests could no longer stomach the new religion being imposed upon them but they manage to try. And some can not stay and fight anymore because they were unknighted and thrown out of the battle lest they prevent the traitors from doing more damage. Some have to hide their sacrifices so as to continue being priests.

And when they engage openly as in a joust, they try to get the Indult to say the Latin Mais. Yes, an indult for something canonically sound like the communion received with the tongue. Of course, the Indult may be given by the Bishop, but in a manner learned from the Mafia Boss. He may be offering something hard to resist or yes, go ahead say your Latin Mass but please Never on Sunday, or any holiday of obligation, or during weddings, or funerals and not in cathedrals or big churches where he is boss, but in secluded places, far from the maddening crowd… in other words if you are not so dumb in understanding. DON’T DO IT!

And so Bishop takes Knight. He will try to remove his armor, his breastplate, his helmet, his shield and his footwear, his gird and even his weapon. He will of course be nuts to continue fighting for the church militant as he used to.

But he will still do it. He will defend the Queen and He will do all these for his King. I mean the real Queen and King, not just those we push on the chessboard.

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