Pope Francis: Apostle of Sexual Revolution

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Thanks to modern psychiatry and psychology and the new interpretation of the social justice system; today’s sexual revolution is unparalleled since Sodom and Gomorrah and the days of Noah. Christian countries have so long frowned at Islamic child marriages where children die under the weigh of lustful men, family-initiated vendetta rape in India, mutilations of private parts in animistic tribes and by the selling of children by their own parents to pedophiles.

But with the advent of the LGBTQI+ communities right in the heart of super developed countries moral decadence within Christian countries is overwhelming that straight and/or binary people who believe only in heterosexual relations are now the ones backed and ostracized in modern societies where the norms of social mores have been made to fall dramatically. One would expect the Christian churches especially the militant Catholic church to at least speak against it or rally against its social onslaught but nay there is nothing that these churches would say.

Instead, the social activist espousing lesbianism, gay practices, bisexual pragmatistism, transgenderism, queer and intersexual profanities are all showered by understanding and compassion as if they were the ones exploited, poor or oppressed. Always drumming up, their so-called marginalized plight or discriminated social standing, they are always heard claiming for gender equality respect for their rights and the stoppage of valid claims against their abuse of such rights.

And since the GAD-focused governments, influenced by freemasonry and communism have given them all the rights, such as access to restrooms and even sensitive positions in governance meager in left for those whose sexual integrity is true their persons since birth.

The Roman Curia is no different as it is being led by the ever-compassionate Roman Pontiff. As early as 2020, the rainbow coalition flag should have been flown in Vatican City as Gaypride should have celebrated Pope Francis’ statement that same sex couples should enjoy legal rights protection for they are also God’s children and therefore of hope, and must have a right to a family. He even stressed that nobody should be thrown out and be miserable because of it.

In an interview released recently by Disney+ with very young people as audience, the Pope was quoted on sexuality, “To express yourself sexually is richness. So, anything that detracts from real sexual expression and depletes the richness”. He even finds it amusing that young people are focused on sex and complimented their openness about it, “It’s funny, young people have an eagerness to meet and that’s a good thing.”

One must remember that the rainbow, was God’s ominous promise never again to punish mankind mankind as He punished them during Noah’s time and so may be the spectrum was not meant just to symbolize the many facets of human sexuality but a firm reminder to God that, “ Wait, you already promised never again to punish us.” But who are they kidding? Yes, true that a Faithful God doesn’t renege on a promise made but they must have forgotten that yes, the water deluge will never be repeated but there are three other elements more aside from water which can be utilized by God if He would like to be just and go ahead with a punishment worth mankind’s flagrant sins today: earth, air and fire. An obliteration of sinners with a combination of the three is very much possible in the climate change we wrought in His wrath.

And with such a complimentary comment, a young person can easily assume that he could give in to his full lasciviousness rather than “deplete the richness” of his sexual expression. Then what can be said of the richness of experience in committing rape. Or for a young lady to submit herself to the fullness of a rich sexual expression and have several men at the same time. Or for a teenager who has already the lewd attraction to molest children. What spiritual advice is this?! And to say that a gay couple has the right to a family, and just how? By mere adoption, and when they adopt what is there to teach their child(ren)? Encourage them also to have very early sex gender choices that would affect them their whole lifetime, such a selfish inculcation of wrong values to defenseless minors who have yet to understand the rudiments of life.

Only very recently he stated that criminalizing the acts of gay people is itself injustice. He even defined that the sexual act out of marriage is a sin but is not a crime. So this pope as the apostle of today’s sexual revolution finds no crime in fornication which involves sexual exploitation nor in child molestation. No wonder that Carlo Maria Cardinal Vigano accused him of repealing sanctions imposed on Theodore Cardinal McCarrick for child molestation and homosexual acts on defenseless people. For him expressions that must never be depleted since “sex is a great gift of God”.

Mc Carrick was an original Sankt Gallen resident and so how do you think Francis could say “no’ to the Sankt Gallen Mafia if they wanted McCarrick to be made “clean”.  Anyway, they were the ones who subverted Angelo Cardinal Schola’s possible papacy and worked for the eventual election of Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio to become Pope Francis. The quotation about gay sex outside marriage is not a crime, only a sin, and therefore is only bothersome to society if criminalized. Which is also a clever for Sankt Gallen theologists since now gay marriage as a church agendum to be worked out since it will no longer be a sin within such marriage. How adamant and evil these cardinals are concerning sin.

Our Pontiff in a dramatic underacting role which might rival Jesus Christ’s non-condemnation of the sinful be stoned even asks: “Tell me, when God looks at a gay person, does He endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject, and condemn this person?” Of course, Pharisee or Saducee, Catholic or Protestant you can not consider God, being Love Himself, as rejecting or condemning. But wait, this blatant ad hominem is self-serving and used only the generic gay person. Are we too naive to go only into superficial definition? We are not only speaking of effeminate or tomboyish people here but those who practice same sex sexuality, and therefore its homosexual practice. Then, we say, the person He may continue to love, if he refrains and condemns his gay acts. Didn’t He tell the woman to sin no more?! Rather, it is this hypocrisy of staged compassion that would, in accordance with his analogy,” the edifice of the church is likely to fall” like a construct of playing cards.

But meantime, Francis is basking in the delight of pro-gay people praising his “magisterium-like” pronouncements of love and acceptance for LGBTQ+ with the likes of Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel, Faith Work Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who calls the Pope’s attitude as a ”dramatic shift in the ‘to be’ justice and love” for all God’s children. Francis de Bernardo (hair raising enough if Francesco Bernardone), Executive Director of New Ways Ministry who finds it allegorically as a “new dawn of hope”; and Dr. Mary Z. Hunt of Women Alive for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) who finds Francis’ pastoral words and gestures concerning “pelvic zone issues” like refreshing water compared to the outdated and unhelpful issuances of past popes.

The message of Pope Francis was clear when he said that God is the Father of all his children and no one is to be “condemned and thrown out” because they express themselves differently, even sexually, at that. The church therefore must not interfere spiritually. In all humility, he said, he does not have it in his heart to condemn anyone. As such, and even as Vicar of Christ, he is not bent on observing “a disjointed multitude of doctrine to be imposed insistently.”

Now, who can beat that? Even the Christ knew the distinction when He commanded the forgiven women, “sin no more.” And here is His vicar who takes them only as “disjointed multitude of doctrines”. If we are to believe the tenets of this sexual revolution then anyone who feels the urge should try to express its richness or its richness will be depleted, even as a gift from God?! Let the bisexuals then take on both sexes as he is still capable of and enjoy its richness! Or let the Queer and the Intersexual experiment the richness of their sexual desire! And let the pedophiles and bestials prowl some more preying on the defenseless. And marry the way you want, inconsiderate of the Sacrament of Matrimony, even if you in both belong to the same sex and sin no more!

Pope Francis, Apostle of the Great Sexual Revolution, we pray for you.

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