On Man’s Being Gay as Part of Culture

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It seems that being a man’s being gay or being addressed as wife, concubine or female sex partner is part of human culture and civilization.


It seems that being a man's being gay or being addressed as wife, concubine or female sex partner is part of human culture and civilization.


As far as I can see, The phenomenon of a man being treated as a female sex partner or female sex object is inherent in human history. Man as a sexual object is easily proven in cultural history such as in the case of Catherine, the Great. Russia’s czarina who enjoyed a long line of men as her lovers in her imperial lifetime. The same is true with Wu Zetian, herself a former concubine who rose to power as an empress in China and had a retinus of male concubines to her calling. But this does not prove anything yet for those who promote the LGBTQI + community’s push to rationalize the existence of gay men. In fact, what is only proven are the heterosexual prowess of some women which is remarkably acceptable in the affairs of the world .

Even the story of Queen Nzinga of the kingdom of Ngola (new Angola) who succeeded her brother to the throne, though unique does not show man being treated as female sex partners. Funny, because the only reason why their male concubines of her are called “wives” is because she has assumed herself to be the equal of man when she sat on the throne and therefore became “husband” to “all of them. Not really a lesbian act, shall we say. This is the story of what the Portuguese call as the chibados or Quiambades.

But what really stood out as an argument for gay men’s toleration are the Inca male concubines, the yanaconas. The bisexual Inca emperors kept both women and male concubines. Apparently, in the Inca civilization of South America, it was acceptable for an Inca emperor have his concubinage of gay men. In fact some of these men actually held position of power and influence and are used to opulent life.


It is sad to say that the Dalai Lama of Nepal while he is against the maltreatment of gay men consider them as people when still need to lead a life of good speech, attitude and behavior or actions that follow the Buddhist precepts. Otherwise, they would continue to suffer in lives where they have to pay karmic debts in their reincarnations. 

However, in the Shinto practice of Edo shogunate, young men of Japan especially
during boyhood pass a coming of age stage of life when they dress up as young Japanese women. Later on, they decide to become real men even of the samurai class. In fact, the women on the other hand may become the female equivalent of the samurai which is the onna bugeisha. The young men who were objects of homosexual acts before become bushi, followers of the code of conduct for the samurai class, the bushido. Therefore, in the empire of Japan, being a homosexual may only be temporary. In fact, geisha sometimes dress up like these young makes to attract elder samurai who prefer boys.

Moreover, in Thailand the ladyboys thrive. They even entertain foreigners who come as tourists in Thailand. Before the 1800 when Siam opened its doors to foreigners, the Thai people do not have distinct clothing for men and women. Fashion for male and female only became differentiated due to foreign influence. However, in the land of free, Buddhist monks consider the Kathoey or members of the third sex pitiful because accordingly, they are only behaving like that because of the law of karma.


Members of the third sex in India are called tritiya prakriti and are quite acceptable because they are also treated with respect in the sacred book of Hinduism, the Mahabharata. In fact, their special talents are already recognized in the book because Lord And Arjuna lived as Brihannala, the song and dance teacher in the court of King Virata, whose feminine skills are edified. This is why even today, the tritiya prakriti are
recognized for their special powers and skills


But transgenderism among men is more remarkable in Southeast Asia because of shamanism. In Burma, the Nat Kadau is possessed by spirits in order that people can be cured and their problems solved. The Nat Kadau are shamans whose ways are effeminate!

The sida-sida of Malaysia are also like this. The Bugis and Iban tribes show shamanism of this kind. The former in fact have shamans who not only dress up as women but also take up husbands as well. They are in fact so powerful that they develop kebal or having skin which could not be harmed by blades. Thie bissu as they are called can not have any heterosexual relationship because such violation can make them liable to being boiled in tar!

But rather we maintain that yes, we know that these occur in some cultures. In fact , the babaylan of the Philippines used to be only for the female sex but has evolved into shamanism which the grown parent with transgenderism. In fact, even if they wear women’s clothes, the babaylan; also called, almost in a similar manner, in other Filipino dialects shown also the male aspect , as he also girds himself with a sharp blade used for sacrificial ceremonies.

However, the fact, is that their presence in other cultures and their existence in our cultural tradition does not warrant transgenderism or male homosexuality as reasons for undiscerning acceptance in our society for in fact, what is only provencso far, is their doubtful benefit to civilized life.

For instance, Inca and Indian acceptance of this phenomenon may in fact, show their very detrimental nature for the Inca civilization had stopped from flourishing and fell consequently to foreign domination because of demonic human sacrificies while the recognition of the tritiya prakriti in India has actually contributed to some of the subcontinent’s backwardness.

Finally, may we manifest the fact that the presence of Diyan Masalanta, a spirit who may sometimes be male or female, wasn’t able to help the native against the colonizers. Either the God of the conquistadores was in fact, invincible enough to defeat the local deities who inhere or possess the local shamans, or the spirit which animate the local woods and rivers betrayed the cause of babaylans because they have little to offer. 

So what could the spirits of the present transgender generation offer?

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