On Teaching Godliness

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

In the U. S., particularly in secular schools, teachers allow a few moments of silence for their students to, perhaps, pray. Prayer is no longer prescribed in public schools because there is too much respect for what a person believes. If a person therefore comes from an atheistic family, he must therefore won’t be compelled to pray, hence, the silence.

Such that say, in the secondary or tertiary schools, even a self stylized atheist, is given due respect and freedom. The next of the class who believe in God, must give in to his right and just be silent about it lest he trample upon this right.
America, the bastion of democracy; the epitome of freedom, has done it. Like what the statue of Liberty represents, Liberia, the Vestal Prostitute she has made her children free to forget God.

Unfortunately for the American children, the few moments of silence may just be wasted time. Said moments may simply be used to think over the assignments for the day, what will be done as soon as class ends, what to anticipate in his gadget, what food would be served during recess or how does one parry an intrusive teacher, etc., etc. Gone, indeed were the times when the short time before class was, in communion, used to call on God.

In fact, The obstinacy of freedom has given the student instead evil options. In this short time, one could imagine if the sexy classmate is wearing an underwear, or what could be the best way to acquire drugs as soon as class is over, or if a student is an adept use the time to hex the teacher, or curse a rival classmate, or plan seduction or any petty crime for the possibilities are so many. The empty mind and heart indeed are the devil’s workshops, planning stage.

In the Philippines, the students are more blessed, especially if they are given godly teachers or teachers with positive values. In this country, at least we are still free to call on God unlike in communist countries which havoc are about to return. This is why the U.S.A. is a wasted democracy, indeed, though a superdevelop country is a cradle of falsity and heresy. For why should it maim itself, from being Godly even as its own dollar pretends “In God WE Trust”, which God is that? For why should it enable itself from belief over a contentious theory which could not even produce its mess-ing link to sanity?

Today, and everyday onward the theory of evolution continues to evolve, mutating endlessly as more fossils occur and are tested in laboratories. The endless evolution is only proof of its falsity. And natural selection as a process couldn’t deny a supernatural design if there was indeed a selection.
And so, my dear teachers enjoy your lives as teachers while you are still free to teach that there is a God. We do not ask you to teach religion or proselytize. The simple gesture of allowing your students to pray is enough blessing. You may suggest the Our Father if they are all Christians, or the Hail Mary if they are all Catholics, or you may ask the other students of other faith to pray their own prayers to God so that his studies are blessed by Him.

The best way to teach is by doing it. Let your class see that you are a teacher who knows how to pray. Learning is by doing; let each member of the class lead the prayer but respect the wishes of one who does not want to do it. There is a time for everything under the heavens and perhaps his time is still not at hand. Let the poor student pray in God’s time, in his own time.

But do not rush the prayer. Set a good example. Say the words clearly and reverently because you are speaking nit just to an authority like a superintendent or your principal. A prayer is a manifest communication between an average person and a judge, according to the legal parlance, and you are not speaking to a mere judge here but the Real Judge. So be respectful and reverent so that your students will find in you the best role model in school.

And please, when the prayer is sung as in doxology tell your students not to clap their hands no matter how wonderful the choir has sung because the doxology is a prayer and like the author to the flag, not for entertainment.

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