On Transaggressiveness Around Us

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

It was the turning point in school, too, when the students were taught about the sexual urge as they begin puberty. And curiously enough the teachers were not told to instruct them from experimentation or how they should avoid the abuse of sexuality.

In the Genesis account of the Nephilim, the watchers did not consider teaching human beings proper sexual conduct. They were simply in rebellion and took the daughters of
men as wives not only disobeying God but even asserting their “right” to enjoy the flesh. Therefore, instead of being watchers that would warn mankind from evil it was them that taught perversion. Their act was the trans aggression of angelic beings into demons. Having started the evil act up of transgression, the watchers couldn’t stop themselves from teaching men more evil things such as alchemy, cosmetology, astrology and the art of warfare.

Perhaps, one may say that I am unfair in drawing some analogy here between the teachers and the Enochian Watchers. Yes, admittedly, some teachers who were instructed to teach sex education didn’t know how to do it well. That is enumerating
the hazards and risks of knowing too little. A few years back, Dep Ed has started pouring a large amount of money to Gender and Development, and almost immediately tolerance to perversion became unstoppable. So many teachers have been hired who would be using trans aggressiveness under the guise of teaching students their right to self-fulfillment. These trans aggressors will be the first to exhibit transvestite culture; transgender dressing cosmetology and ornamentation. These acts started the demise of the respectable school uniform.

Generation Z has feebly woken into an over tolerant society and could not tell anymore what aberrant and perverse behavior is. We have come to a point in time when teachers as well as their students are coming up with researches that can be used for evil conclusions and purposes. There are NSAT statistics on the number of gay persons who are enrolled or are hired in a certain company. If there is such a little number of them present, then it is proposed that the school or company better have more of them or it may be concluded that the school or the company is oppressive to LGBTQ + rights.

The problem with the Philippines is its slavery to the educational system being imposed upon it by the financial dictators. We have to do this or that because our government continues to incur debts from other sources. This therefore implies that whatever the U.S. does with its educational system or others like Australia, etc. who are aiding us in our education efforts will also be done by us.

In the U.S.A. gay pride is a societal dogma that has not only gained ground but has dominated the socio-economic scene. Hence, the many rainbow flags that are flown in economic zones especially the skyscrapers. In America, therefore, being straight is to be marginalized and belonging to the fossil age of the oppression of rights. This woke phenomenon is an offshoot of excessive social justice efforts of giving the LGBT+ community too much respect for their so-called rights.

And now even in this blessed country, they are coming up with more expenditures in infrastructure building powder rooms for gay men, so restrooms exclusively for lesbians and whatever one may come up with. Slowly but surely even churches and denominations are opening their doors for members or even religious leaders who may have these trans aggressiveness. I wonder how cunning they can be as they mutilate the bible and misinterpret the word of God.

I am afraid of the time when a visitor in the city, a straight one, will be the demand of a throng of men to the host that he be sent out so that they can abuse him. This could be a déjà vu of what transpired in Sodom. Except that the throng of perverted men there mistook the angelic being as mere men.

The Philippines being predominantly Catholic is a bastion for Christian ethics. Our politicians should strive to have this spiritual wealth remain with us. I also pray that our educators awaken into a crusading campaign against this evil which is upon us. We straight people also have our rights and these rights should be respected especially by our educational system which was begun by straight people and therefore no program like GAD nor trans aggressiveness should threaten our blessed being.

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