Pope Francis: Apostle of Ecumenism

Dr. Ricardo B. de los Santos, PhD

Ecumenism is such a big word. I do not know how all mankind as brothers are going to fit in. But if you are elected Vicar of Christ, perhaps you would know how the charism given to popes must be so special that things unfathomable for us would be possible for them.

Ecumenism among the apostles is already a constant and a given. Any race, social position and circumstance wouldn’t hinder one’s becoming a Christian. The apostles take each one as their brothers and being universally inclined to spread the gospel; a disciple, St. Ignatius of Antioch, the same child placed by Jesus on his lap when He rebuked the apostles for not allowing the children to come into him; are the original practitioners of ecumenism.

Ecumenism as it echoes through the ends of the church bespeaks of many ways and means by which mankind can worship God universally preaching on His love and never discriminating against the most simple means of adoration. Pope Francis therefore has the most cherished vision putting forward a global worship of God unprecedented through the millennium and so what is more Catholic than that which he espouses.

Augustin Cardinal Bea, in his reforms for ecumenism upon instructions of Paul VI and through Gregory Baum, Nostra Aetate allows the Catholic Church to examine more closely her relationship with non-Christian religions. As seen modernistic ally in our lifetime, it explores the beauty of world religions as having the same end as Catholics have; the worship of God.

For example, take Islam, the fastest growing religion at this point in time, this ecumenical document recognizes the muslims with high esteem for “adoring the one God living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and powerful, the Creator of Heaven and earth, who has spoken to men; they take pains to submit wholeheartedly to even His Inscrutable decrees, just as Abraham, with whom the faith of Islam takes pleasure in linking itself, submitted to God.”

And in consideration of the Buddhist religion, It says that “Buddhism, in its various forms realizes the insufficiency of this changeable world; it (teaches in the) by way which men, in a devout and confident spirit, may be able to acquire the state of perfect liberation, or attain by their own efforts or through high help, supreme illumination.” And also of the hindu religion where “men” believing that Atman is Brahman “can contemplate the divine mystery.”

Needless to say, all Christian religions, other than Catholicism, may be treated as equals. Had I not known that two Lutherans took part in the deform of our Liturgy, Martin Luther is of no consequence to me. These periti were the Lutherans, Friedrich Kunneth and Eugene Brand. Others involved were the Anglicans Ronald Jasper and Massey Shepherd. Then we have A. Raymond George (a Methodist) and Max Thurian (Reformed Community of Taize), a protestant professor in liturgy. As such, alongside other so-called Christian churches, they deserve utmost respect from the Catholic community who needless to say, are also expected to do the same for non-Christian religions.

Having said all these and seeing how Pope Francis is implementing all that has been set forth especially with Dignitates Humanae Personae which reframed Catholic teaching on religious liberty which asserts a Divinely granted right to believe a false religion. American Jesuit John Courtney Murray rushed to write this in time for the closing of Vatican II by Paul VI. Thus, from the brainchild of Paul VI’s deputy engineer, Cardinal Bea, Murray illustrated that even false religions can contribute greatly to human worship of God such as perfect liberation by the Buddhists, supreme elimination by the Hindus, and submission to unscrutable decrees by Muslims. Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani has justly warned against the tendency of priests like Murray to espouse “new moral Truths” that undermine the patriarchal system. Leo XIII, in fact, has condemned such Americanism, which finds western thought to have fuller truth as heretical. “How beatific” of Bea to see the new light in him! This Murray eel has, in fact, found the Vatican II pronouncement still insufficient!

But even a common Catholic layman could discern the evil of this proclamation because Yahweh is “a jealous God” and couldn’t have any other god beside Him. It is therefore a mortal sin for a Catholic and a Jew to have another God before them in their belief, except of course, the fact that Jews do not believe in Jesus. If God were to accept a divinely granted right to have other gods with Him or before Him that would be reductio ad absurdum For how can God contradict Himself?

And it is obvious in our own lifetime, despite Nostra Aetate that a perfect liberation such as Nirvana boasted by Buddhist saints and monks is unattainable in just one lifetime and therefore, reincarnation is a prerequisite for such a human achievement. And yet, how can this be done if there’s only one lifetime and after that comes judgment?

As an alternative, are we to take then the Hindu stand that supreme illumination is possible as we contemplate in Divine Mysteries hidden through different transmigrations and in the presence of so many gods? Or shall we marvel at Islam’s way of submission to God’s unscrutable decrees even if such a jihad will involve the senseless murder of so many lives or a fatwa that would sanctify the murder of innocent lives?

This diabolical apologies which as Augustin Bea designed has made a Murray eel provide enough slippery gel to allow Catholics to work for the religious freedom of false religions to be in the same and sane footing with Catholicism. So, using a false religion, one can now work for the perversion rights of the LGBTQI+ community, the abortion rights of women, the right to assist in a suicide or practice euthanasia, or even worship the devil. This slime produced by the Murray eel can easily bring about chaos to that apostolic dragnet.
Then going back to Nostra Aetate which was drafted by Fr. Gregory Baum, left the priesthood and married a close female friend, Shirley Flynn but she was only a prop for he was openly homosexual who was involved with another former priest in the 1980s. Before his death in 2017, he was an advocate for the LGBT rights and now, you already know why he was inspired to write this declaration.

The Diet of Worms was poorly defended by Catholic apologists who took the cudgels for a hierarchy which was indeed corrupt and did not take the Truth as the real reason for upholding the faith. This tendency to consider titles and ranks more than the real issue fed the parasites of power to address the real issues raised by Luther. The same thing is happening now, as we adhere to titles and ranks rather than the Truth of Transubstantiation. Consequently, the Augsburg Confession provided the civil authorities, sovereigns and principalities; more leeways to make valid protests, but actually, gained more temporal powers at the expense of the empire’s twin formulae which the two Lutheran periti saw again in the Bugnini overhaul.

The Methodists periti, on the other hand, simply applied the long time formulae of adherence to a system; a method, in fact already present but only needed truncation in some parts and the allure of music to cover the Wesleyan injection. Methodists, right now, have a sharp divide concerning acceptance of the LGBTQI+ community. Could it be telling us that one method of true theology is popular practice? Senator Elizabeth Warren seems to be vacillating here as a popular methodist.

And aren’t Anglicans, in the similar way of Cranmer, experts in transitory provisions. In fact, Sarah Mulally, Bishop of London, is one with Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of york, in their efforts to ruin the chance of Calvin Robinson in becoming an ordained Anglican priest because of his adherence to the fact that a marriage can only be made between a male and female.

But the seal of alteration was from the periti Max Thurian of the International Brotherhood of Taize which would involve around a hundred nominal Catholics. This monastic mutation was engineered after the ravages of war. As a peaceful solution, Max Thurian’s admonition for the protestants to remain protestant even after the Novos Ordo reforms clearly shows this master liturgist’s real intention: to undermine the true nature of the Mass as a sacrifice.

All in all, Pope Francis’ ecumenism would like allow more “charismatic” fall-out within the church. Somebody has introduced the Japanese style novos ordo using a low table just like in the tea ceremony. It’s good that this priest is already gone out of the church. The “charism of experiments” is incredulously long. The “prosperity doctrine” has been spelled out in banquet “feasts” and those “slain by the spirit” are increasing along with rastafari drums and superstitious artifacts.

So, may I ask, are these new expressions of faith part of a plan to substitute a new “Catholicism” for us to cater? Are Catholics even aware that falsehoods are substituting subtly the Truths we treasure? What are the limits of this false ecumenism wherein Catholics are made to serve as tourist guides for people of other faiths to journey with in spite of our creed and understanding of sacred liturgy.

Pope Francis, Apostle of Ecumenism, where are you leading the Catholics as a shepherd? What are you doing to the Catholic brotherhood?

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