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The Placement of the Qibla and the Kaaba may prove some alterations in Islam


The Placement of the Qibla and the Kaaba may prove some alterations in Islam


As far as I see it, no alteration in the practice of Islam had been made. Islam still provides the purest form of worship since its inception. The difference between the Sunni, shiite and Wahabi practices are no more but incidental to the attempts to arrive at the purest devotions. One may have resorted to the caliphates and to the waiting for the Mahdi or one may have resorted to the purest compliance to what practices Mohammed, the Prophet instituted but then again, Islamic worship is uniquely its own and devoid of any essential alteration.


Yes, the traditional definition of the true religion is acceptable in its being unique and devout but sad to say, the centuries may have produced variations in practices such that one is no longer sure if all Islamic expression of the one true faith would still lead on to the Islamic heaven or paradise. For example, Al-Wahab may be correct in saying that the other Muslim practices were never practiced by the Prophet Mohammed himself and consequently are not acceptable to Allah.


The niche placed in the Qibla wall instills in the muslim mind the coming Mahdi or Savior of the muslim world. In fact, it may ever be a symbol for where Allah is coming Himself come judgement day. The placement of the niche therefore is essential in Islamic worship as all Qibla must face the most sacred place of worship. Parallel in importance to the Qibla belief is the belief in the sacredness of the Kaaba stone which is enshrined on the square pilgrimage sits of the Haj. All muslim pilgrims go around the Kaaba seven times and are even most fortunate to touch the blackstone attached to it. It is only upon completion of this recite that a man becomes a hadji, a successful pilgrim to Mecca.


But Mohammed himself before his return to Mecca used to worship facing Jerusalem. When he rode the Burq, he also went to Jerusalem where he led Jesus and even led the prayers there. There in the stone of the Rock he went up to the heavens to be more blessed as a prophet. Thus is a conflicting Umayyad and Abassid account of the real center of Islamic faith since Becca renamed Petra used to house the sacred black stone. Corollary to this, there is different treatments of the black stone as an object of worship or as part of the pre-Islamic idolatry. Hence, there was an account of a bloody battle between the Umayyad and the Abassids in Petra where allegedly the blackstone was smashed and a part of which was saved and taken to Mecca. So that Mecca replaced Becca as the center of muslim worship.

But we say that archeology shows that in the first hundred years of Islam, Becca or Petra is where the Qibla was oriented and therefore muslim masjid or mosque have quiblas facing this historic place in Jordan. Later on after a century, all qiblas faced in the direction of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and this was attributed to the fact that Mecca had become the center of worship because the Kaaba was retreated there after its black stone was smashed by the attacking forces who believed that whole they are also Muslims keeping the stone for worship was idolatrous and contrary to the Prophet’s pure teaching. But the center of Islamism which had become controversial was also vital to the new Islamic converts, i.e. in Spain wherein, and owing perhaps the Arabic philosophers inclination to mathematics, a midway between Mecca and Petra were identified in their parallel such that those newer mosques have their qibla facing the midpoint of the parallel to the Mecca. Petra parallel such that bath are recognized as sacred sites of pilgrimage.

Perhaps, it was a smart solution to the object of worship problem left by the Prophet. But then again, we ask, why did the Prophet Mohammed exclude the black Kaaba stone from the objects of worship which he asked to be removed or even destroyed from the Kaaba? Aren’t those who found it to be an object of worship or idolatry correct in assuming that such practice, in fact, violates Islam for muslims are worshiping just a piece of rock? Or are those men cursed for violating an object so divine? Perhaps only Mohammed, peace be upon him that or the future Mahdi would.

But for the meantime, we say, the Qibla has moved along with the Kaaba stone and something terribly has gone wrong. And this we observe as we take note that Becca pronounced is almost similar to Mecca when uttered except that one must have some harelip problem or a tongue-in-cheek utterance. It must also be that some gnostic problem since Becca is the secret name of Shaitan – Tariq Suleiman

Alystic parallelism is alas at work here since Petrus and Petra are both derived from the Latin word for rock. Must he coincidental that Jesus Christ or Isah, for Muslims had renamed Simon as the rock, on which He would establish this church (Peter) and the historic site of Petra whom other muslim have assigned the center of faith is also Petra where allegedly Mohammed established the seat of the faith he taught.

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