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The alleged archeological locations of the temple presents a controversy in Judaism


The alleged archeological locations of the temple presents a controversy in Judaism


As far as I see, since the start of the state of Israel in 1948, the traditional site for the location of the temple is on the Temple Mount where three world religions (Judaism, Catholicism and Islam) agree that the site where the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim Mosque, now stands. Apparently, three great traditions could not possibly make an error so great. In fact, the three faiths revere the Temple Mount as site so great that all three have shown respect for each other’s belief system therein. In fact, the wailing wall is believed to have been part of the ruins of Herod’s temple during the time of Christ which was destroyed by Roman conquest in 70AD.


It is sad to say that the Romans have destroyed the temple built by Herod which was the one visited by Jesus Christ during His lifetime. Herod, the great, in fact, have built it apparently on the same spot where he and his experts, including Jewish priests, believe the Temple of Solomon was built. Hence, we have the tradition that both Jerusalem temples were built on the same sacred spot where God visited during the time of King Solomon.


Herod, the Great is called such because he know the importance of places. For example, he built the port of Cesarea to make Israel a great mercantile center for the whole of the Meditarranean. Moreover, he built his palace in the lofty plateau of Masuda to historically recognize the last stand of the Jews there against the Romans to appease Jewish sentiments. In fact, being a usurper, he needed Jewish support and therefore, rebuilding the destroyed Temple of Solomon weas indeed a worthy undertaking.


However, we Zealots know the working of a tyrant’s mind. The lofty palace in Masada is of course an architectural marvel and the port of Cesarea could well be on of the ancient wonders of the ancient world if we consider also its well-planned function of harboring the ancient merchant shops. But of course, Herod had to flaunt all these and especially the Temple in Jerusalem to win the hearts of the Jews for he was only a Roman puppet and not a scion of David.

Moreover, there are only two well-known cities of King David for the Jews. The first city of David is the one he established and where Jesus Christ was born. The second is that ancient city where he established the seat of his kingdom and where he designed his son Solomon to build the temple dedicated to God for he was no longer worthy to build it. And this is Zion which does not include the Temple Mount but rather the sprawling land seen when one is atop the Temple Mount. This is therefore the city where the original temple was built and not the one which Herod placed on top of the mount to flaunt his achievement!

And thus we say, is correct because according to prophecy there will be no stone upon a stone which could be found when it is laid to waste as a punishment for the sins of Israel, one thing is obviously untrue concerning the wailing wall for there are so many stones still upon the rocks in the remaining structure revered by Jews.

For we say too, that we can not rely on traditions concerning the temple in question but rather on the word of God. This our claim however, is problematic because the Jews like the Muslims see only in Christ, a minor character and not the Messiah.
The claim by the Herodians is unreliable because it would have been easy for Herod to bribe priests to authenticate his plan. He would therefore, necessarily choose a higher place so that the edifice he will build will be impressive on full view. One should also consider him, the intent of this king whose only claim to greatness are his buildings paid in blood and tears of the poor Jewish people. One must recall that not even the Temple of Solomon survived the atonement for his sins of prostituting his faith with the beliefs of his wives and concubines.

One should also take note that when the Muslims came to conquer Jerusalem, there was no mosque built or mentioned by Mohammed which led his sacred party which included Isah whom he led in praying in the sacred mosque. Perhaps even that mosque on the Temple Mount was already destroyed when the Caliph’s army came or the prophet must have been dreaming riding a wined horse with the head of a man (Buraq). His ascent to heaven from the Dome of his rock in this fantastic gives credence to the Muslim presence on the Temple Mount.

But alas, the newly formed Sanhedrin of the state of Israel is already perfecting an unblemished red heifer which would be sacrificed on the Third Temple on the Temple Mount which needed to be built.

May we offer the wise men of Israel a necessary advice. Please do not force building the Third Temple of Jerusalem on the Temple Mount as it is the wrong location. Down Zion, the ancient city of David in Jerusalem and build it there. Your efforts will therefore be more blessed and appreciate and you don’t have to start a world war and the prophesied Armageddon.

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